New street lights coming to Cossitt, Scribner after residents’ petition

A map of Scribner and Cossitt
A look at the plans to add lights to Cossitt and Scribner

More than 15 residents of Cossitt Road and Chatham Road petitioned the city to get four new lights added to the road, particularly near Scribner Avenue.

“Basically there are no street lights in the area today,” Paul Sotnik, a senior engineer for the city, told the Public Safety and General Government Committee of the Common Council. “The only existing light that’s there today is at the entrance ramp to I-95 northbound.”

The petitioners asked for the street lights as part of an effort to “improve our neighborhood.”

“We have been experiencing a vast amount of illegal activities in our neighborhood due to the lack of lighting,” the petition reads. “We are seeing illegal transactions, drug use, loitering, immense amounts of litter on a daily basis, and speeding traffic.”

Sotnik said they’ll be putting in four new lights—one across from the intersection of Cossitt and Scribner, one midblock on Cossitt Road near the bend, one halfway down the road between Chatham and Scribner, and then one on the sidewalk at the corner of Cossitt and Scribner.

The Common Council unanimously approved two contracts with Eversource to start this process—a $10,000 contract to install the four poles and then a recurring monthly cost of $100 for the electricity.

“It’ll light up the intersection,” Sotnik said.  

Sotnik said they’re hoping to have the lights installed in a few months, but definitely before the end of the year.

In addition to the lights, Sotnik said the Department of Public Works is also working on a curbs and sidewalk project in the area that will be completed by the end of the year.

“There will be an intersection improvement project done on Cossitt Road at the intersection of Scribner Avenue, where the intersection will be realigned through the installation of new curbs, ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, and a crosswalk across Cossitt Road,” Sotnik wrote in a memo.

Sotnik said the goal of the project is to help slow down traffic with curb bump-outs added near the intersection and said the realignment aims to make the intersection safer.


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