News 12 anchor rips Foley for dismissing debate

News 112 CT anchor Tom Appleby
News 112 CT anchor Tom Appleby

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – News 12 Connecticut news anchor Tom Appleby wrote a frustrated post Monday on his Facebook page. He titled it, “Dissing the district.”
“In the 30 years I have worked at News 12 CT we have always been the producing station of one of the gubernatorial debates during an election year… until 2014 that is.

“The campaign of Republican candidate Tom Foley refused to participate in a debate proposed by several area business organizations (the standard way we operate in this corner of the state). They gave no reason save that it was not part of their plan. Given that he agreed to seven debates with the incumbent (and dropped out of one of them), I’m hard-pressed to determine what the plan is that omits the region that fills the state’s (and the candidates’) coffers.”


5 responses to “News 12 anchor rips Foley for dismissing debate”

  1. Oldtimer

    Maybe Foley has figured out he does not do well in debates with the Governor and decided he was hurting his campaign by showing up.
    Maybe he is conceding he has little or no chance of winning against the Governor. He might have been rehearsing a concession speech.

  2. One and Done

    Please. This guy is to the left of Rachel Maddow. Hardly a credible source.

  3. Ray

    one and done above, open your eyes and move to the left also.

  4. Mary Reilly

    Well, Tom, there ARE three candidates running for governor and to have a debate, all you need is two of them to show up. So, by not inviting Joe Visconti, you have no one to blame but yourself.

    Visconti has been excluded from all but two of the seven scheduled televised debates. I’m sure NBC is still going nuts about how good their ratings were even if Foley chickened out. I hear CPTV was also very happy with what they broadcast as well.

    Frankly, Tom, you totally blew it by not inviting Visconti, so quit whining about Foley blowing YOU off. Just sayin’

  5. Norewalk Lifer

    The reason for this is that whole “going rogue” snake oil that the Sparkle Moose from Wasilla sold this crowd.

    So not debating means you “rage against the machine” but that machine is feeding Foley’s coffers; he’s one of them .

    Norwalk Lifer

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