News Junkie: Budget stalemate begins to take its toll

HARTFORD, Conn. —  House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said Thursday that if the Senate votes against the labor agreement “then we’ll never have a budget.”

The Senate is expected to vote Monday on the $1.57 billion in savings provided by state employee unions. The House voted earlier this week to approve the package 78-72, with only one Democratic legislator joining Republicans to vote against it.

There are three Democratic Senators who have not decided yet if they are voting for the union deal and with the Senate tied 18-18, it means just one of them could kill it. A spokesman for the Senate Democrats confirmed Friday that they still plan to hold a vote on Monday.

If the union deal and the $1.57 billion in savings is approved in the Senate, then Aresimowicz said they are fighting over about $200 to $400 million that’s left in the budget.

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