News Junkie: Malloy says lawmakers need to ‘check their egos at the door’

HARTFORD, Conn. — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said it’s time for lawmakers to check their partisanship and egos at the door and pass a temporary, 90-day budget as they work on a two-year spending plan.

“It’s apparent to me that we’re not going to have a budget in a matter of days,” Malloy said Monday following a discussion with families concerned about their loved ones not able to receive services through Harc, a nonprofit supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Malloy is currently running the state by executive order, which means nonprofit organizations that provide services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are looking at a $44 million cut in funding. For Harc, it means their staff have had to take furlough days. And when that happens the clients who rely on those staff are not receiving services.

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