News You Can Use Norwalk: Westport Ave. Wifi

A computer displays my family’s other website, Englewood Edge, Tuesday at Five Guys in Norwalk.

NORWALK, Conn. – Need a Wi-Fi connection in Norwalk? You might try the Five Guys on Westport Avenue.

We fled the nearby Panera Bread because it was much too crowded for us – some people came in behind us and quickly grabbed one of the only visible tables while we dutifully waited in the rather long line and we said “Uh, no,” or something like that.

There was much more space at Five Guys, but the store does not advertise a Wi-Fi connection. The manager had news: sit close to the eastern wall and you can get free Wi-Fi from the Staples in the plaza.

I guess you could also sit in a car in front of Staples and surf the Internet.

There you go! News you can use!




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