NewsMatch: Every donor makes a difference

Your help is needed for NancyOnNorwalk to cross the finish line.

Tired of our fundraising appeals? Yeah, so are we. We really don’t like to ask for money.

But the truth is, we need the support of all our readers. (Yup, that’s you, too.)

We are reaching the end of an aggressive (for us) fundraising effort that could net $20,000 in matching funds and provide most of our operating budget for 2020.

With less than two weeks to go, we need to raise another $3,000. And, we need to increase the number of individual donors if we are to qualify for a ‘more unique donors than last year’ bonus.

NancyOnNorwalk reports with tenacity and integrity. Every morning at 6 am, we deliver local news to your inbox. News about what’s happening in government, education, and land use in Norwalk. News coverage that holds our elected officials accountable by shining a light on how your tax dollars are being spent.

Your support enables us to continue to achieve our mission, “to inform and engage Norwalkers with watchdog journalism and a digital town square.”

Please help us get to the finish line so we can continue to provide you with the groundbreaking, truth-seeking journalism that we all value in Norwalk.

Thank you and best wishes for the holiday week.

NoN Board of Directors

  • Claire Schoen, President
  • Jonathan R. Gage, Vice President
  • Steve Mann, Secretary
  • Gerard Werner, Treasurer
  • John Levin, Director
  • Moina Noor, Director
  • Eric Chapman, Director
  • Nancy Chapman, Director

Prefer to send a check? You can mail it to: NancyOnNorwalk, Box 525, Norwalk, CT 06852

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