No baloney: Norwalk Police seek deli burglar

Norwalk Police have released this photo of a suspect in the Jan. 18 burglary of Marinello’s Deli.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – The image of a young man who stole cash and deli meat was captured on surveillance video, say Norwalk Police, who are looking for help in capturing the suspect.

The suspect took a cash drawer, uncut deli meat and deli bread Friday from Marinello’s Deli, located at 300 Strawberry Hill Ave., police say. He is described as a white or light-skinned Hispanic male, about 25 years old, 5-foot-8 with a medium build, wearing a black North Face fleece jacket over a black hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans, and white sneakers.

Suspect Jan. 18 3
Norwalk Police have released this photo of a suspect in the Jan. 18 burglary of Marinello’s Deli.

The suspect fled in a red or maroon 4-door sedan, Sgt. Thomas Roncinske said.

Anyone with information can contact Det. David Orr at (203) 854-3190 or [email protected].

You can also call the Norwalk Police tipline at (203) 854-3111 or leave an anonymous tip online. Anonymous text tips can be submitted by typing “NPD” into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to CRIMES (274637).

Norwalk Police have released this photo of a suspect in the Jan. 18 burglary of Marinello’s Deli.
Norwalk Police have released this photo of a suspect in the Jan. 18 burglary of Marinello’s Deli.


8 responses to “No baloney: Norwalk Police seek deli burglar”

  1. Tim T

    Just how did the NPD determine that this suspect could be Hispanic? If this doesn’t sound like racial profiling I don’t know what does. The suspect looks like a white male, not Hispanic, not Irish, not Italian not Greek……A WHITE MALE…… It is because of racist issues like this that the community doesn’t feel comfortable supporting the NPD. I can honestly say that as a NON-Hispanic I even feel offended by this. The NPD owes the community an apology.

  2. LWitherspoon

    In the wake of this burglary, Norwalk PD are asking “Where’s the beef?”

  3. Joanne Romano

    Mr. T (aka bully), since you are always at the ready to criticize the NPD did you ever take into consideration that there may have been witnesses? Perhaps that was the desription that was given to the NPD? Since you are so learned of the ways and means of police business perhaps that may have slipped your mind?

    get a grip, it wasn’t racial, it was most likely an observation from someone who saw this person pull out of the driveway or something? Give it a break I can’t wait til you run for office so we can all see what a fantastic job you will do in not only running the town via the Mayors office but also teaching NPD their jobs…any other hats you are planning on wearing? Council maybe or Fire chief…hell we should be in good hands then!!!

  4. Tim T

    I will not lower myself to your level and reply with sarcasm and insults such as you have, which I would add is very typical of your party in Norwalk.
    If I remember correctly I read that this happened around 730 PM and as I am sure you are aware it is dark out at that time. Ok with me so far Joanne????? So if the suspect doesn’t look Hispanic in the video still which clearly has some lighting, just how did someone determine that he looks Hispanic in the dark outside. Joanne now do you see just how ignorant you sound with you lame attempt to justify the racial profiling of the NPD.
    Please Joanne explain to us how this individual looks to be Hispanic in this picture.
    I have spoken with several people and all agree that The NPD owes the community an apology.

  5. Joanne Romano

    “white or light-skinned Hispanic man”.
    Please tell me where there is any racial profiling in that statement T!!! You won’t lower yourself to my level? You’d need a step ladder to higher yourself my friend, all anyone has to do is follow your rants all over internet media to see you hate NPD, you hate the mayor, you hate Republicans and you hate anything or anyone who does not agree with you. As far as your stupid comment about my party, apparently you haven’t taken much time to get to know me because I’m as Independant as they come! Let me explain my political as well as personal position to you since you have such a hard time comprehending…I am about as fiscally conswervative as they come and as socially liberal as there is in any one person…so take your little monikers and use them on someone else! Besides the fact that Marinello’s is well lit since I know the place and the owners for the better half of 40 yrs I know they are very careful with their property and obviously have rather good video camera’s that caught a rather good picture of the subject albeit a bit shadowy for a place that is supposedly dark, and if you can honestly tell me that the person in the video is as you say as white as they come then I certainly hope you aren’t proven wrong in your never ending attempt to trash the NPD! I just wish you would tell everyone what exactly caused your hatred of our Police officials…obviously something has stoked your hatred!

  6. Tim T

    Once again Joanne proves my point. Please keep posting as you look more and more foolish with each post. Actually we are here laughing hysterically at your posts. Have you ever considered being a standup comic? PLEASE POST AS WE NEED ANOTHER .

  7. Joanne Romano

    Not sure what you found funny about my post butI’m willing to bet if you and your imaginary friends go back on your meds things will look better in the morning!

  8. Tim T

    You are very funny. I am telling you now that you’re not on the counsel you should do standup. We think you are very funny.

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