No matter how you voted, you made an informed decision

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The election’s over, the results are in. No matter who you voted for, as a NancyOnNorwalk reader, you made an informed choice.

Why? Because unlike many, many communities, you’ve got a hyperlocal news source focused on government, education and land use.

Think about it. In the past two months, NoN brought you interviews with candidates; video conversations with both mayoral candidates; plus, coverage of events and news stories related to the election. And, of course, comments from all sides.

NoN brings you stories that would otherwise go untold.

But we cannot do this without your support. We rely on donations for the majority of our operating budget, to cover everything from salaries to software.

Between now and the end of the year, all donations will be matched, thanks to NewsMatch 2109, a national, grassroots effort to support local journalism.

Please, help us continue to deliver the watchdog reporting that keep you informed.

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Claire Schoen and the NoN Board of Directors

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5 responses to “No matter how you voted, you made an informed decision”

  1. David Muccigrosso

    Actually, I couldn’t.

    Back home, there was a free comprehensive voter’s guide that all candidates, even for the lowest offices, submitted. Would have been nice to have that here.

  2. Elsa Peterson Obuchowski

    Absolutely. If you look around the country, you’ll see that very few cities our size (or bigger) have a local news outlet that covers what’s happening in city government. If they have local news at all, it’s likely dominated by crime, real estate, and high school sports.

    To be an informed citizen in those cities, you have to sit through hours of meetings or comb through countless pages of minutes. NoN does this so you don’t have to!

    Norwalk is fortunate in many ways, not least the in-depth news coverage we all enjoy.

  3. John ONeill

    Kudos to Nancy on Norwalk…

  4. Kathleen Montgomery

    Agree with Elsa…thanks NON!

  5. Audrey Cozzarin

    Thank you, Nancy, for bringing us the city heart-beat and opportunity for all of us to dialogue. The “voice of the people” (the press) is key to an open and fair society, and you are providing a valuable service to Norwalk. I’m a real fan!

    The comments area at the end of each article is teaching many of us how to speak with courtesy and respect, even if we disagree on specifics. I would like to see more of us choose our words carefully, and speak from the heart—loving our neighbors as ourselves. Again, thank you, Nancy!

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