No surprise candidates, but ballot jockeying is underway

Petitioning for a second line (from left): Bill Dunne, Bruce Morris, Fred Wilms
Petitioning for a second line (from left): state Senate candidate Bill Dunne, Bruce Morris (D-140), Fred Wilms, GOP state rep candidate in the 142nd District.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

NORWALK, Conn. – With time running out for people to petition their way onto the ballot for the November election, there appears to be no surprise candidates in store for Norwalk.

Prior to the Aug. 12 primary, there was some talk and a few rumors about petitions being circulated to add candidates to the ballot. One of the most prominent rumors was that, should five-term incumbent Chris Perone (D-137) lose to challenger and two-term Common Councilman David Watts, the Republicans would offer their reserved ballot spot to Perone.

Perone easily won the election, however, making it a moot point.

The Republicans still have a placeholder on the ballot in the 137th – Art Scialabba’s name is on file – but Scialabba has not conducted any fundraising or campaign activities, and Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Torrano said there is no one on the horizon to take the spot. There will apparently be no challenger to Bruce Morris (D-140) either, meaning the four-term incumbent can cruise into his fifth term.

There is some strategic jockeying going on among the candidates to secure multiple ballot lines, though.

In 2010, candidate Dannel P. Malloy barely squeaked past Republican Tom Foley, and Foley said it was Malloy’s second ballot line as the Working Families Party (WFP) candidate that put him over the top. This year, Malloy will have his two lines again, but Foley secured the Independent Party line to give him a second chance.

Locally, Morris has filed a petition to secure the WFP line in the 140th.

In the 142nd District, Fred Wilms needed 113 signatures and got 122 to secure the Independent Party ballot slot to go with his Republican line.

In the 25th District Senate race, Republican-endorsed Bill Dunne has taken out a petition for the Independent Party slot. According to the Secretary of the State’s office, Dunne would need 404 signatures to gain the line, but, as of Thursday, he had not filed the papers. The deadline is Sept. 3.


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