NoN boat ride II: Seaport Association provides a good time!

Former Mayor Alex Knopp, left, and Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Fred Wilms.

NORWALK, Conn. — NancyOnNorwalk fans headed off into the sunset Monday to enjoy the good weather in Norwalk Harbor and learn a bit about what’s out there, while enjoying diverse conversations on the Seaport Association boat.

Capt. Al Kapuse pointed out ospreys nesting on a piling off Manresa Island while first mate Cadey Mettler, a rising Brien McMahon High School junior, pointed out that Greens Ledge Lighthouse tilts.

Greens Ledge Lighthouse.

One of the worst superstorms this area has seen hit the harbor in 1938 and lifted the lighthouse’s cast iron base, she said, adding that the rocks surrounding the lighthouse came from New York City.

“In 1933, more than 30,000 tons of protective rocks from the excavation of Radio City Music Hall were added to the riprap foundation,” the Greens Ledge Lighthouse Preservation Society says on its website.

Ken D’Arinzo, left, and Cadey Mettler, right.

Cadey described the Preservation Society’s work when she said, “The inside is all renovated as well as the outside, so it just got a paint job, which is special for our lighthouse because they normally don’t get painted (for) 100 years.”

Lighthouses were regularly replaced and decommissioned, in Cadey’s telling of Norwalk history.

It was NancyOnNorwalk’s second annual cruise. Attendees included Luis Estrella, Republican candidate for District 137 State Representative, who said he’d never been out on the water before. Looking at Sheffield Island, former Mayor Alex Knopp reminisced about work he did as a State Representative many years ago, allowing citizens to direct money from Long Island Sound license plates toward the beneficiaries of their choosing.

“What a night on the water!” Board of Education member Mary Ellen Flaherty wrote the next day. “The weather cooperated and the conversations were lively and fascinating. Thank you for all that you do to uplift the Norwalk community through information!”

We thank the supporters who came out for a cruise and thank the Seaport Association for providing the opportunity!

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The view from Golden Hill. (Mike Mushak)

Waiting to board the boat.

Ospreys off the defunct Manresa Island power plant.

A man fishing off the defunct Manresa Island power plant.

The defunct Manresa Island power plant.

Capt. Al Kapuse leads Monday’s Seaport Association cruise.

Ana Vivian Estrella and Republican District 143 State Representative candidate Nicole Hampton chat Monday on the NancyOnNorwalk cruise.

Sheffield Island.

Heading back to the dock.

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