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NORWALK, Conn. – Someone asked if I’d been joking when I said I was headed for Hawaii, given the stories I posted about what’s happening in Norwalk. No, I’m here! Visiting a friend from way, way back when. And here are photos to prove it!

Above, please meet Jimmy, a Maui native, who was warning newcomers away from the water Tuesday. My friend, who moved here decades ago, said he’s a fine example of democracy in action, describing him as successfully leading a campaign to stop visitors from using sunscreen that damages the coral off Hawaii. Jimmy confirmed that account and said he owns the land people were walking on.

The walk down to meet Jimmy.

The dirt trail down to the beach, through a lush tropical forest, was marked by handmade signs asking folks not to venture off it, lest they walk on the many graves of ancestors.

Muddy waters just offshore were created by strong turbulence, my friend said. This brings predators closer to the beach. Swim out there and a shark might find you tasty.

A few folks went in anyway. The young couple I saw Jimmy talking to walked back up the trail.

Anyway, my friend is a great tour guide. She’s shown me the remnants of the sugar cane railroad, closed years ago, and I’ve been told there used to be pineapples growing all over where now there are homes. Obviously some homeowners are outrageously wealthy and then there are the homeless people on the streets, some of whom work here but can’t afford the rents. The guy who was apparently sleeping in a truck in a dog park may have been one of them.

This little guy was leashed to a parked truck. It appeared that his human was sleeping inside.

We saw a whale on the way from the airport. She said it was the first one she’s seen close to the shore this year and assured me that when we go out on a whale watch, it will be good because there are more whales than usual this season.

I enjoy the many chickens. (Aren’t they on every tropical island?) There are bird sounds all day and roosters make a futile attempt to wake me up before I’m ready.

Unfortunately, those danged government types put a road in behind my friend’s condo years after she bought it, so there’s vehicle noise, too. Maybe we’ll all switch to electric cars this decade and then the condo will be peaceful again. She doesn’t think so but if we do, it’ll be up to the roosters to make a racket.

We visit the chickens. Not hard to find some.
First day: checking out the surfers.
Everywhere you look, great scenery.
Jimmy’s territory.
Interesting walk down to the ocean.
Yet another community cat.
I’m told this species of tree was planted to provide masts for sailing ships. The trees are everywhere.


I love it when the accommodations come with pets.
In Lahaina, the reconstructed walls of an old fort.
Everywhere you look, great scenery.
I think the people off this reef are new to surfing.
Everywhere you look, great scenery.


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  1. Paul Cantor


  2. Stuart Garrelick

    Hi Nancy,
    ENJOY and when you return, please check your fund-raising banner that constantly crosses my screen.
    It says once I get rid of it, it will not come up again on the same computer for thirty days but that is not the case.
    Thank you and tell your friend I am not using any sunscreen.

  3. Brian

    Just an observation: Jimmy’s signage also includes 2 no-smoking signs – there is one directly above the sunscreen one in the photo of Jimmy himself. However, in his left hand is a lighter, the right hand holds a cigarette, and there is actually a small amount of smoke coming from the cigarette. Maybe Jimmy should practice what he preaches? Lol. What’s next, a secret shot of him applying spray-on sunscreen? Makes one wonder if he is sincere in backing the messages he promotes!

  4. Taxpayer

    Invite Jimmy to Norwalk

  5. Aloha Nancy! I saw this a bit too late, I hope you are still there! I lived on Maui for 6 years, 2010 – 2016, and yes it is amazing! It is so ironic that I broadcast Maui, HI Police and fire, and Norwalk Police Dispatch simultaneously 27/7! I hope you made / make it to Little Beach on a Sunday=)

    1. Aloha, Jednet! No thanks on Little Beach!

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