Nora King’s DTC nomination speech for Ed Camacho

Nora King, former District E Common Council member, current Zoning Commissioner and a DTC member, nominated Ed Camacho to led the Norwalk’s Democratic Town Committee. She forwarded us her speech:

“Good Evening.

“I am very excited about being able to nominate Ed Camacho for our district chair.

“When I first started hearing his name, I will be honest … I didn’t know much about him. But when everyone talked about him they described him with all positive comments. I found that very intriguing.

“I then decided that I wanted to get to know Ed on my own without any influence from anyone else. So I spent some time getting to know him. What I discovered was a smart, articulate, fair and extremely calm individual. I was impressed. He is a father of two grown boys, the husband to a very charming yet strong wife Dede. He has been a successful attorney since 1984. He currently has a successful law practice in Norwalk, which he started in 2009. He also has strong democratic principles.

“I feel very luck that a man of Ed’s character will take on the challenge of District Town Chairman. As we all know in this room, that is not an easy task. We have an amazing group in this room. We are diverse, smart and most of all opinionated. Though that makes this an interesting group of folks that isn’t always easy to manage. I think Ed has the intelligence and the personality to be our leader for the next two years. I think under his leadership we will have the best opportunity to unite and stay focused on the task of helping our new democratic mayor steer Norwalk in a better direction.

“We need to unite together and stop disagreeing the different districts we live in and our nationalities. What we need to do is unite and start fighting for the democratic principles that our important to us: better schools for our children, safe neighborhoods for us to live in, healthcare for all, fair wages, affordable housing and a city that is growing in a better direction. I believe confidently that Ed Comacho is the man who can unite our party and remind us in a calm way that this is what we all should be fighting for! Please vote for Ed tonight.”

Camacho won the DTC chairmanship by a single vote on the third ballot.


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