Norwalk – and Connecticut – needs Fred Wilms

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Two years ago, voters gave Democrats yet another super majority in our State legislature. Unfortunately, this lack of balance quickly erased the progress that had been made during the prior session where Republicans had held enough seats to be meaningful participants.

That session, the legislature passed a bipartisan balanced budget based on the Republican proposal, with real structural reforms. It included no tax increases, a spending and bonding cap, mandatory legislative votes on union contracts, protection of the Medicare Savings Program, and over $1 billion into the Rainy-Day Fund. Also, legislation allocated the car sales tax to increase the Special Transportation Fund, and the much-maligned Education Cost Sharing Formula was adjusted slightly.

That session, Fred Wilms was our State Rep representing the 142nd district and as a key member of the Appropriations Committee, he was a contributing force behind all these accomplishments.

In contrast, the last 2 years have seen the return of an anti-business legislature pushing for tolls and forced school regionalization as well as raising taxes by nearly $2 billion – even on food. Most recently, they stood by as State Employee Unions received lavish raises, instead choosing to rush an anti-police bill.

This is why is it so important to change course this year and elect Fred again.

The Independent party endorsed him because they respect Fred’s thoughtful, bipartisan approach and understand the value of his background as a small-business lender. Norwalkers should vote for him because Fred is a Norwalker who will vote for Norwalk first. He knows tolls and taxes hurt our struggling middle-class families and take jobs away. As a former chair of our BET and board member of the Carver Center, he knows the State must do better in funding our schools and ELL kids.  As a  parent of NPS graduates, he knows that maintaining local control of our schools is paramount to their success. As a Norwalk homeowner, he wants to protect Norwalk neighborhoods by keeping local control of our zoning. And as a long-time Norwalker, he knows our dedicated police force has earned the right to be respected and heard as we consider needed reform to law enforcement.

Fred Wilms proved his worth once before and he is the advocate Norwalk needs again in Hartford.

Isabelle Hargrove



Jim Kahmann October 14, 2020 at 6:10 pm

I agree 100% with Isabelle. Fred Wilms is the best. He is a classy gentleman and a sincere and effective legislater. I don’t believe he missed a single meeting in his four years representing us in Hartford. We need him now more than ever!
Jim Kahmann, Norwalk

Diane Keefe October 15, 2020 at 8:29 pm

As a Norwalker, I support Lucy Dathan. We need tolls because 40% of the money charged comes from out-of-staters just passing through. That’s why all the other states between Maine and DC have tolls already. It’s backward to not fund our transportation spending with user fees on those who use cars.

Lucy Dathan is practical about budget decisions( as a former Chief Financial Officer of a private sector company). However, she will not balance our budget at the expense of the poor or struggling working families. We need a representative that will not vote to cut the social safety during these Covid times. Please vote for Lucy. She deserves our trust and support.

Isabelle Hargrove October 15, 2020 at 9:35 pm

@Diane… if 40% is paid by out of state (assuming we collect, which other states shows sizable uncollected), that means 60% is taken from us and we are already one of the most taxed in the country. I am less interested in tit for tat, than making decisions that will benefit hard working families. Also, tolls are highly inefficient with a huge infrastructure and collecting costs, so 30+% of fees collected just feed the beast… sounds familiar? So much for being financially savvy…

John ONeill October 15, 2020 at 10:45 pm

Interesting..Lucy seemed to be ok with more funds diverted away from Transportation fund in last legislative session. Yes, Dems shifted funds from car sales tax originally designated for Transportation to somewhere else..Not sure where but just add that to pile of cash diverted from Transportation Fund..But, no problem tolls will cure that!! Anyone who thinks toll funds will stay in Transportation fund is not a student of history. Again to those who’ve lost their jobs: Be happy for state workers and their 5.5% raise for layoff-free jobs. Where Was Outcry from our elected officials? No problem, that “out of state” toll revenue will pay for those raises.

Most importantly – Fred Wilms THINKS before acting. The Duff Police fiasco was an example of how politicians need to THINK before reacting. Poor Lucy and a number of other criticized NPD BEFORE facts were known. WHY? Only they know. But, I want my rep to THINK before blindly following party leadership. Lucy and a few others failed that litmus test in August. In this tense era that is completely unacceptable.
You could have all the financial acumen on the planet, but if you blindly support a political science major from Lynchburg all we are really getting are two poly-sci majors from Lynchburg. We need to do better.

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