Norwalk trash, recycling pickups to be delayed a day by holiday

NORWALK, Conn. – There will be no collection of municipal garbage or recycling on Labor Day – Surprise!

That’s Monday, Sept. 2.  If your normal pick-up day is on or after the holiday, your pick-up will be one day later: Monday pick-up will be on Tuesday, Tuesday pick-up will be on Wednesday, Wednesday pick-up will be on Thursday, Thursday pick-up will be on Friday and Friday pick-up will be on Saturday.

This information comes to you courtesy of the Norwalk Department of Public Works.


2 responses to “Norwalk trash, recycling pickups to be delayed a day by holiday”

  1. spanner

    I wish the big blue buckets were bullet proof,they are all around everywhere you look they could of been great cover for the kids in Sono when shots ring out.

    Its a shame it was never really explained on the website and by Hal that you can bring all your stuff to Cresent street transfer station.Those who are just coming into the city are still not given the information that could save the city money and them time.

    I recently saw a woman in her 80s fall trying to make it to the curb with one of the blue buckets I stopped and realized she was hurt I felt so bad.When I picked her and the bucket up I saw no more than three inches in the blue bucket and thought a full one would of never of made it to the street and this is good for a lifelong resident of Norwalk?

    She said at least she could kick the small one to the street just like the city is doing to her now.

  2. Don’t Panic

    So we should pay a contractor for city services and then do it ourselves?

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