Norwalk awarded for permitting process; NPD community policing nets award

Norwalk Police Officer Jean-Maxime Sixto, at last week’s ribbon cutting for Soundview Landing.

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NORWALK, Conn. – Two awards on Tuesday – Norwalk has been recognized in two ways:

  • CCM bestows Municipal Excellence Award on City
  • NPD’s Sixto shows ‘very best in community policing,’ State says



Norwalk recognized for ‘collaborative use of new web-based inspection and permitting system’

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities on Tuesday awarded Norwalk with a 2018 Municipal Excellence Award, for what the City describes as its move to a digital, cloud-based permitting and inspection software called MuniCity, according to a press release.

Norwalk applied in the General Entry Award category for municipalities with populations greater than 40,001, and Mayor Harry Rilling received the prize Tuesday during the CCM Annual Convention at Foxwoods Resort Casino, the release said.

“We are delighted to be recognized by CCM with a Municipal Excellence Award. Municipalities across our state are doing great work, and to receive this award is truly an honor,” Rilling is quoted as saying. “I committed to improving the permitting process, and am thankful for all of the hard work and effort our team has put into this project. We still have more to do, and this is a great first step to help improve the quality and timeliness of services to residents.”

“The city’s submission was judged on project structure, goals and results, strengths and weakness, and applicability to other towns as best practice,” the release said. “CCM’s Municipal Excellence Awards recognize innovative projects and individuals that have significantly improved the quality of life for residents, established partnerships, and built community support. The competition applauds the achievements of leaders and municipalities and encourages others to strive for excellence. In addition to the award, Norwalk will receive $1,000 to put toward continued implementation and success of the MuniCity system.”


Changing Roodner Court for the better

Norwalk Police Officer Jean-Maxime Sixto was one of 15 Connecticut residents recognized Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut in a Community Policing Awards Ceremony, according to a press release.

“Today we honor the very best in community policing in Connecticut,” U.S. Attorney John H. Durham is quoted as saying.  “These deserving law enforcement officers understand that community policing is an effective way to prevent crime, solve neighborhood problems and keep our cities and towns safe and secure.  They know that it is critically important to engage with members of the community in positive, friendly and constructive ways, long before a call for service.  My sincere congratulations to each of these award recipients.  I thank them for their invaluable work, which continues to strengthen the communities they serve.

Sixto, who was born in Haiti and moved to Norwalk with his family in 1971, is said to have made a positive impact on the Roodner Court Housing Complex.

Sixto is said to have honed “his gift of conversation” while working at Stew Leonard’s as a young adult, became a Norwalk Police Officer in January, 1997, and then, in 1999, was assigned to the Community Policing Unit, which worked out of the South Norwalk Train Station.

Sixto was assigned to Roodner Court, which at the time was “plagued with drug trafficking and violent crime,” the release said.  “The close relationships Max formed with many members of the Roodner Court community were invaluable in combating such crime. That is, many individuals living in Roodner Court had enough trust in Max that they were willing to share information about the rampant crime occurring in their community allowing the police to bring many of the offenders to justice.”

“The positive effect of Officer Sixto’s constant presence in Roodner Court and his incredibly warm personality were apparent the minute he entered the Housing Complex, whether by bicycle or on foot.  Today, Max cannot step foot in Roodner Court without a resident yelling, ‘Hey Sixto,’ followed by a high-five or a hug,” the release said.

Sixto has also pitched in to help plant bright flowers in the complex, the release said.

“This had a ripple effect within the complex, with residents pitching in to clean up and to even create two vegetable gardens within the complex,” the release said. “Officer Sixto also spends a lot of time at the Roodner Court Learning Center, which provides afterschool education opportunities for the youth in Roodner Court.  Officer Sixto reads to the kids and is a positive role model for them.  He also spends time with the kids at Grass Roots Tennis and meets with the junior counselors to discuss leadership issues.  Officer Sixto recently noticed that a young resident of Roodner Court did not have a bicycle, and so he arranged to bring a donated bicycle to the little girl, bringing smiles to her face and to that of her grandmother.”

Sixto also assists in community outreach events including Coffee with a Cop, NPD Ice Cream Day, Community Police Holiday Party, SoNo Alliance and Norwalk Open House, the release said.

“Max is a decorated officer receiving numerous awards and recognitions from not only the Norwalk Police Department, but from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney’s Office,” the release said. “Officer Sixto has received numerous letters of appreciation from community members as well as recognition for Community Service from the Seventh Day Adventist Church.”

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Susan Wallerstein November 3, 2018 at 6:54 am

I’ve been waiting patiently for all the regular and irregular commenters to to celebrate Officer Sixto’s accomplishments. I really enjoyed learning more about this true public servant. With appreciation…

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