Norwalk Board of Ed makes committee assignments

Norwalk Board of Education member Rosa Murray has been named chairperson of the board’s Finance Committee.

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Board of Education has finalized its committee assignments.

Rosa Murray will head up the Finance Committee, with members Mike Barbis, Jack Chiarmonte and Heidi Keyes. The group meets the second Wednesday of each month.

Chiarmonte will chair the School Facilities/Planning Committee that will meet as needed. Other members are Artie Kassimis and Keyes.

BOE Chairman Mike Lyons will chair the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, working with Barbis, Sherelle Harris and Shirley Mosby. The group meets the third Thursday of each month.

Barbis will chair the Negotiations and Personnel Committee, with Chiarmonte, Lyons and Migdalia Rivas serving alongside. The committee will meet as needed.

The Policy Committee, which meets the first Wednesday of each month, will be chaired by Keyes, with Harris and Kassimis serving on the panel.

The Executive Committee comprises three BOE officers: Chairman Lyons, Vice Chairman Kassimis and Secretary Keyes. It meets Tuesdays preceding the BOS meetings.

Members were also assigned as BOE representatives and liasons to other groups:

Athletics, Norwalk Facilities Commission, City Safety Committee: Kassimis

Joint Services Committee, CES Representative: Barbis

NEF Representative, Norwalk ACTS: Harris

Adult Education Representative: Rivas

Norwalk Early Childhood Council: Keyes


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