Norwalk BoE members have hurt children

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The Norwalk Parent Teacher Organization Council (PTOC) has released a statement about Norwalk Superintendent of Schools Manny Rivera’s resignation, effective Jan. 31:

To the editor:

The Norwalk PTO Council is deeply disturbed by the recent announcement of Dr. Rivera’s resignation. We are angry that another eminently qualified superintendent is leaving Norwalk Public Schools due largely to the actions of some members of the Board of Education.

The PTO Council cannot tolerate board members following their own political agendas at the expense of our children’s education. Board members have been entrusted by the voters of Norwalk to ensure a quality education for all children. We believe they are not all meeting this obligation.

Norwalk schools have made some great strides recently. Evidence is seen in the Early Collegiate Academy at Norwalk High School and the coming International Baccalaureate program at Brien McMahon; we now have comprehensive curricula aligned to the Common Core in math and literacy; there is an evolving strategic plan to ready our schools for the future; we have seen improvements to facilities and infrastructure, and new funders are supporting our schools with private grants and donations.

In light of all the positive accomplishments, however, some things have not changed and they are harming our school district and our children. Because of this the PTO Council has decided to become more proactive.

Going forward we plan to evaluate board member performance and report back to our parent community.  Board member qualifications and report cards will be issued around election cycles in a non-partisan fashion.  We will encourage our parents to get more involved and to run for Board of Education seats.

As parents we have more at stake in this issue than anyone else. Without engaged parents our professional educators will be unable to close the achievement gap; will fail to effectively improve school life and will see few positive outcomes from their efforts.

Along with our parent community the Norwalk PTO Council will be vigilant in ensuring that the mission of the Board of Education continues to be aligned with the highest aspirations of our children.

We would like to thank Dr. Rivera for all his hard work, for restoring confidence in our schools and for giving us hope. We wish him all the best in his next chapter. He will be sorely missed. We thank you Dr. Rivera, for believing in us.


Michael J Byrne, President

Drew Todd, VP Administration

Karen Davey, VP Educational Services

Christine Miller, Treasurer

Lauren Rosato, Secretary


49 responses to “Norwalk BoE members have hurt children”

  1. LWitherspoon

    Three cheers for the Norwalk PTO Council, especially for the part about evaluating performance, issuing report cards, and encouraging parents to run for the BoE. I hope parents will heed the call, especially parents of children from historically underserved communities. Said communities desperately need better representation on the BoE.

  2. Piberman

    Lets encourage PTOC members to attend BOE meetings, read BOE minutes and watch BOE meeting videos to form a sound basis on which to bring about acceptable behaviors by all elected BOE members. And speak out firmly to object when Democrat BOE members publicly accuse the BOE of discrimination. Silence especially by the City’s Democratic leaders only encourages such inappropriate behaviors on the BOE. So the PTOC needs be involved and help support those BOE members who really are dedicated to our school system, not their personal agendas seeking control.

  3. Bruce Kimmel

    Thank you for taking the time to write this letter. I’m sure the PTOC will do a first rate job keeping everyone with a stake in our school system (all of us) aware of what’s happening on the Board.

  4. EastNorwalkChick

    Excellent pro-active ideas to keep the parents informed, involved and up to date on BOE. Knowledge is power. Hopefully this information, if done correctly, will give your parent community and also us non-parent residents what we need to make informed decisions at election time. Thank you.

  5. Casey Smith

    GO, PTO!!!!

    Best idea I have heard in a L-O-N-G time. Unfortunately, the price tag was pretty high.

  6. Screwed Taxpayer

    PTOC should look a little deeper. Ask why Bruce Morris has a No Show / No Work job for the NPS. Ask why numerous Superintendents can not reign in this obvious waste of money. Ask why when they do, magically the three headed monster on the BOE starts to micromanage and eventually run them out of town. It doesn’t stop with these three. Look deeper like Mann, Morris, Burgess. All self serving, self promoting charlatans who have literally taken millions of dollars in salaries and unethical perks and expense accounts. Worse than hurting children. They are basically stealing from the most neediest of our community. Disgusting.

  7. MarjorieM

    Will the group who evaluates the Board members be representative of the different communities in Norwalk?

  8. Kathleen Montgomery

    Marjorie, this is a group of parents who are undertaking to collect data that are readily available (i.e. attendance, voting records, etc). Parents from every community in Norwalk are a part of the PTO so yes, it is representative of the community.

    Go PTO!!! And thanks for taking on this important initiative.

  9. MarjorieM

    You are very naive. This is not only about data collection.
    “The PTO Council cannot tolerate board members following their own political agendas at the expense of our children’s education. Board members have been entrusted by the voters of Norwalk to ensure a quality education for all children. We believe they are not all meeting this obligation.”
    A BELIEF that certain Board members are not meeting the obligation to ensure quality education is not collectable in attendance or voting records. This group BELIEVES the voting records are not meeting THEIR REQUIREMENTS for a quality education. I BELIEVE the group of three are trying to understand if underachievers will also benefit from choices made by the other Board members. Not a crime in my book.

  10. Kathleen Montgomery

    Marjorie, your support of the triad is both naive and not supported by the facts. But, suggesting that the PTOC has a hidden agenda is the real problem. Finally we have a group that will do something positive toward informing voters. NOT a crime in my book.

  11. Methinks no

    Hooray PTO! Wish we could call for new elections for the Board Of Ed!

  12. Lifelong Teacher

    PTO Council should make it a priority for every single parent and guardian to register and vote. Think of what a difference it could make.

  13. srb1228

    excellent statement. Get’s the point across without naming names.

  14. Lisa Thomson

    Great letter by the PTOC! Please stay involved. Nothing short of our student’s future and city reputation is at stake. However, nobody on the PTOC should be so naive as to think that these three BOE members were able to run Dr. Rivera out of town all by their lonesome. They got a lot of help from the Old Norwalk guard that Rivera was challenging (as did Marks) within NPS. These are the same folks who don’t want their fiefdoms broken up and are protected or attacked by BOE members from both parties. BOE candidates come and go, populated by career politicians or well intentioned soccer moms or dads. Political party hacks can write opeds blaming one other and weak chartered mayors can wring their hands, praying they don’t have to get involved in the hornet’s nest called public education. But at the end of the day nothing will change until the status quo players in NPS (and there are several) remain the same. I’m no fan of the trio, nor they of me but they didn’t do this by themselves.

  15. John Hamlin

    Not clear what the PTOC’s agenda will be — it’s another interest group that will have only as positive an impact as its agenda will allow. Right now the issue for them appears to be the gang of three — but there are greater issues that impact the school system negatively, like those who think the school system is there to serve the interests of the administrators, the teachers, and employees and not simply the interests of the students and the taxpayers as a whole. Entrenched interests clinging to the status quo are everywhere in Norwalk. And parent-teacher organizations are not necessarily above all of that.

  16. Bill Dunne

    One wishes they had arrived at this point a lot sooner, but better late than never.

  17. Oldtimer

    Excellent letter, especially the proposals for much more parent involvement. The only criticism is with the line “due largely to the actions of some members of the Board of Education.” The PTOC, or whoever wrote the statement, presumes to know what Dr. Rivera’s “personal reasons” are. As long as guessing is OK, have they ruled out all the personal reasons other people retire before we expected ? Sometimes, personal reasons are just that, and he is entitled to keep them private.

    By presuming to know what Dr. Rivera chooses to keep private this organization sets a terrible example for their children. Children, we know, learn a great deal by observing the behavior of adults around them.

  18. LWitherspoon


    Manny Rivera stated to NoN and to others that the board made his life difficult, and this was among the reasons for his leaving.

  19. Drew Todd

    I would like to THANK YOU ALL for your support and kind words in response to our letter regarding Dr Rivera’s resignation. I want to ensure all of you and our community that the PTO Council is 100% dedicated to the changes that need to be made is this town. What has happend with our 2 fantastic superintendents is unacceptable. We welcome the support from all our schools, PTO Presidents, there members and the community at large to assist us. We, will lead the charge but without everyone’s support our message will fall on deaf ears. However NOT THIS TIME! Just like when we all came out on force for a lot of budget meetings we must come out in support now! This will start when we show up for the BOE meeting THIS TUESDAY! I would love for the BOE to have to move this meeting from the council chambers to the concert hall! We need to as a community show up and demand the changes and the end to POLITICS as usual. We will be the voice of change!
    And then after Tuesday we need to show up on the 15th as well and continue the Fight for change to the ECS formula. The lawsuit is finally going to get started soon. Everyone from Norwalk should come and listen to Diane speak. The more proper funding from ECS we get for our schools the better they will become with better, resources, technology, modern buildings etc. And with the success of the school means success for this great City of Norwalk.

  20. Piberman

    Looks like we have lots of “experts” who know how to “fix” the BOE and identify the “bad pumpkins”. Sensible folks know that the “problems” won’t be addressed by either the Mayor or Party Chietains. That’s not how “stuff” gets fixed in Norwallk. Better to encourage everyone “who cares” to read the minutes and watch the videos of every BOE meeting if they can’t attend the meetings. Better to ask everyone who votes to also vote for BOE candidates – not skip the ballot choices. The PTO is in a fine position to bring out the parents. Some may disagree but observations over 4 decades suggest the fundamental reason we have problems with our BOE and school system is because our citizens do not take enough interest to have informed opinions. Before blaming the unions, administrators, Supts, BOE, etc. as the “root cause” let’s look in the mirror. Few citizens attend BOE minutes or read the minutes. If citizens don’t take a real interest in our NPSS then it doesn’t get fixed. Let’s encourage Mayor Rilling to become a regular attendee of BOE meetings setting an example. He is by charter ex-officio and he ought to observe just what takes place. Just his presence will be positive. Padt Mayors gave up dinners at home to attend BOE meetings. And let’s encourage the Party Chairs to also attend BOE meetings. Imagine what they might learn ! Once upon a time BOE service was admired in this City and a pathway to greater public service, eg Larry Cafero. No quality Supt wants to work with a divided and divisive BOE or indifferent political leaders. Or angry finger pointing citizens. So it’s up to ordinary citizens to take a real interest. We once had a well received public school system. The really big difference was that back then citizens took a real interest. Finger pointing won’t get the job done. Even if we are right. If enough citizens take an active interest in our NPSS we’ll do fine. Long ago that was the real “training ground” for public service in Norwalk. The next step was service in the Common Council. So the real way to end the embarrassments in the Council is to encourage good service on the BOE. Nothing would be a finer legacy for Dr Rivera’s service than for Norwalk citizens to really take an active interest in their BOE and school system. Happy Turkey.

  21. Mike Lyons

    Oldtimer, see https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2014/11/rivera-stresses-that-its-personal-but-also-cites-problems-with-norwalk-boe; the PTOC isn’t “presuming” what impacted Dr. Rivera’s decision; he spelled it out.

    Drew, I’m glad the parents are coming. Unfortunately, I tried to move the meeting from the Council Chambers to the Commuity Room or the Concert Hall, but both were already reserved; so its likely to be crowded; please bear with us.

  22. MarjorieM

    Would someone care to publish the percentages of PTSO (by school) and PTOC members who are (1) Caucasian, (2) Hispanic (3) Black, etc. I think it might be very interesting to know. I am not assuming anything, just want clarification. Thank you.

  23. Drew Todd

    It will be standing room only Mike…We can handle!

  24. Marie Avila

    Screwed taxpayer has it exactly right.

  25. LWitherspoon


    The PTOs all consist of parents who care enough about a child’s education to join a PTO. Every member and officer is a volunteer. As such, I highly doubt any PTO tracks the racial makeup of its membership.

    I agree with your past comments about the importance of strong representation on the BoE for historically underserved communities. That’s why I believe that Ms. Murray, Ms. Rivas, and Ms. Mosby should step aside to allow more capable members of those communities to contribute to the BoE’s important reform efforts. Children from underserved communities would benefit the most from reform, as the status quo is clearly failing them. The triad have driven away a talented, nationally-respected Superintendent who made closing the achievement gap a priority. In doing so, Ms. Murray, Ms. Rivas, and Ms. Mosby have damaged the communities they claim to represent. They should resign.

  26. Oldtimer

    Mike and Witherspoon
    Dr Rivera was very clear, no matter what you want us to think, he is leaving for “personal reasons” that he did not explain, and the
    micromanagement from some people on the BOE is an additional, but not primary, factor.

    Why is it so hard to accept that there could be private, personal, reasons that he is not going to explain. The Mayor hinted that he respected that “family” is very important, after he talked with Dr. Rivera. Sometimes, personal reasons are just that.

  27. LWitherspoon


    Oops, you conveniently forgot to mention that Dr. Rivera explicitly stated to NoN that micromanagement from the BoE may have caused him to think about leaving earlier.

  28. MarjorieM

    LWitherspoon, if the PTOC is going to be so aggressive. In evaluating Board members, I would hope that they would be equally aggressive in reaching out to the minority communities to join the PTOC and the school PTSOs. Many minority parents do not have transportation to the schools, nor do they feel welcome there. Have you held meetings in the housing projects? Have you asked parents why they don’t join the PTOs? Have you provided translators for Spanish speaking parents at your meetings? Until you get very aggressive in your “reaching out,” I believe your primarily Caucasian PTOs will not represent community views.

  29. EveT

    According to the NPS website http://portal.norwalkps.org/info/Lists/Contact%20Information/AllItems.aspx
    of the 23 positions in the Central Office, there are 4 vacancies (Chief Operating Officer, Director of Facilities, Instructional Specialist for Science/Health, Special Education & Student Services Administrator). How long have these been vacant and what is being done to fill them?

  30. LWitherspoon


    From your earlier comment wondering about the racial makeup of PTOs: “I think it might be very interesting to know. I am not assuming anything, just want clarification.”

    Now you are declaring that PTOs are primarily Caucasian. How are you able to make such a statement when earlier you claimed not to know about PTO racial makeup and weren’t assuming anything?

  31. MarjorieM

    L Witherspoon, obviously you did not answer my question about the minority vs. majority make-up of the PTSOs or the PTOC. I am therefore assuming that the make-up of these groups does not represent the whole community. You are avoiding my questions. I could also assume you have not held meetings in the projects, nor have you aggressively reached out to these communities. Why aren’t you answering these questions? The make-up of the PTOC council should be an easy question to answer!

  32. LWitherspoon


    In your rush to point fingers you seem to have jumped to the conclusion that I am part of a PTO or PTO council. Remember what happens when you assume!

    Now that I’ve addressed your question, please answer mine. You previously stated that you weren’t assuming anything, didn’t know PTO racial makeup, and simply wanted to know about the racial makeup of PTOs. Then at 10:16 you changed course and declared that PTOs are primarily Caucasian. Then at 12:09 you confirmed that you were in fact making assumptions, and made quite a few more.

    Consistency would better help advance your agenda, whatever it may be.

  33. MarjorieM

    LWitherspoon, you were the one who answered my question on the PTOC and PTSOs. Why answer the question if you don’t know? You keep accusing me of assuming, but you never really answer my very pointed questions. If you can’t answer them, if you don’t know, then let someone else answer. I am tired of your ridiculous accusations.

  34. Lisa Thomson

    Marjorie – your repeated attempts to fuel this as a race issue is irresponsible. I also caution the PTOC about singleing out these members. Old Norwalk NPS enjoy the sympathies of more than just these three. Have folks so easily forgotten about the election endorsements by both the NASA and NFT union leaders for Mr. Colorossi and Mr. Kassimis?

    The same old Norwalk establishment who had a hand in undermining Dr. Marks have their hands in making Dr. Rivera’s decision to pack it in that much easier. Altho, it would appear that Mr. Mellion recognizes (for now) that a school district with a reputation for poor governance, administration and repeated insubordination is NOT one that will not financially benefit teachers – since educational foundations tend to avoid district’s that can’t get their act together.

    If we have to talk race, four of the nine current BOE members are minorities. Three are African American and one Hispanic. Last time I checked, Dr. Rivera is Hispanic. The previous make-up of the board had one Hispanic and one African American and seven Caucasian members with a female Causasian superintendent. Yet they ran Dr. Marks out as well. IMHO, the revolving Superintendent door is due to the common denominator of selct BOE member support for the insubordinate and threatened NPS status quo, rather than for students. However, it will be the minority, free and reduced lunch students who suffer the most- as middle class families (be they white, brown or black) move out of the school system and seek refuge in magnet schools in other districts, private schools or move out of Norwalk altogether.

  35. LWitherspoon


    I merely commented that PTOs are all-volunteer organizations. I highly doubt that as volunteer organizations, PTOs keep statistics regarding the racial makeup of their membership. I’m sorry if you didn’t like my comment, but that hardly gives you a pass to tell me to refrain from commenting if I can’t answer your questions to your satisfaction. Similarly, I’m sorry if you don’t like my pointing out that you’ve made some very big assumptions on this thread which are not accurate.

    I’m still trying to understand why you started on this thread by stating that you weren’t assuming anything, didn’t know PTO racial makeup, and simply wanted to know. Then you contradicted yourself and declared that PTOs are primarily Caucasian. Why did you do that? I would love for you to explain, so that we can avoid making assumptions.

  36. piberman

    Looks like comments about “M’s” queries about the PTO overshadow in number those praising the PTO for their renewed interest in the BOE. Is “M” that important ? Or is it the PTO’s that are important and merit real attention ?

  37. MarjorieM

    While you and Lisa Thomson beat around the bush and refuse to answer my very clear questions, I will ask again. If someone on the PTOC would let me know, how many people are on the PTOC, and what is their ethnicity? Have there been aggressive move to go to the projects for meetings or not? When you figure the answers to these questions out, let me know. Lisa, learn to read with more comprehension. I know the make-up on the Board. That’s not even close to what I was asking. Yes, Lisa I am looking for equal opportunities for minorities. I guess that’s considered racist according to you. Big surprise!

  38. MarjorieM

    Correction: race issue, not racist

  39. Amanda

    @Marjorie, I would assume as a resident of Norwalk that you have the same capability as any other citizen to evaluate the percentage of various ethnicities of the PTOC. Ask one of the board members if you want to know. Do your homework and attempt to continue this civilized discussion, rather than undermine comments on this thread. I’m not questioning the validity of (some of) your comments, but putting the onus on others for your inquiries seems unfair. As a dsiclaimer, I do not have any children. I am interested in the school system as I am a tax paying home owner who may be faced with similar issues some day. You seem to be missing the big picture in that the town is upset they’ve lost a superintendent they truly admired and respected and felt was a long lost catalyst for change. This issue is COLOR BLIND. If you feel that it’s not equally balanced, then volunteer your time and get involved.

  40. MarjorieM

    Nancy Chapman, residents of Norwalk, this not-for-profit group, the PTOC is going to gather information and “evaluate Board members.” They are going to distribute information to you regarding the performance of Board members. I, for one, want to know who is on this PTOC Board. Do they have an agenda? Is anyone on the PTOC interested in running for the BOE? Why are these people so aggressively hiding the breakdown of their ethnicities? It may be my fault, but I can’t even find a list of their names. The head Apple doesn’t want anyone divulging their names. Doesn’t that bother you? Nancy Chapman, I am asking for full disclosure of this PTOC Board so that everyone can know if this effort has political motives or not. I am asking if This PTOC Board provides equal opportunity for all those in the community. This is very much “on topic” and within FOI rights. Will you do the right thing?

  41. Mike Lyons

    Regarding Marj’s last post – who is Marj? Is he/she a school system insider? Does he have an agenda? Is she interested in running for the BOE? Why is she so aggressively hiding her identity / ethnicity? It may be my fault, but I can’t find his real name. The head defender on this site of the status quo in the schools doesn’t want anyone knowing her name. Doesn’t that bother you? Nancy Chapman, I am asking for full disclosure of this person’s identity so that everyone can know if his efforts have political motives or not. This is very much “on topic”. Will you do the right thing? Or does Marj get forever to make such demands of others while exempting herself from the very same examination?

  42. Mike Lyons

    BTW, since the PTOC is s private organization, it is NOT subject to the FOI laws, which only apply to public entities.

  43. Piberman

    Everyone ought to encourage active PTO participation and refrain from commenting on M’s obvious disruptive agenda.

  44. MarjorieM

    So, this private entity is going to evaluate Board members, and we are not allowed to know who they are? I submit that we need a publicly disclosed group consisting of members from all of the minority groups in Norwalk who will evaluate the Board. I also submit that none of the people on this team runs for the Board seats or is actively involved in helping someone in the community run for the Board seats. Norwalk, do you want transparency or not? It is beginning to sound like Norwalk is being micromanaged by a small group of people and we are not allowed to know their names! I think that’s very fishy!

  45. MarjorieM

    P.S. Note the names of the people who are writing here and are very protective of the unknown people who will judge Board members.

  46. Mike Lyons

    Marj, The PTOC leadership signed their names on the letter…didn’t you see that? FYI, the PTOC was chaired by an African-American woman for the previous 2 years—Akisha Cassamere. She’s the current PTOC community rep. Not that this will matter to Marj, as she desperately tries (like her friends on the Board) to turn every disagreement into a matter of race. And I just love the irony of her objecting to ‘unknown people who will judge the Board’, as he/she hides behind her screen name, unknown, and judges the Board.

  47. LWitherspoon


    I wish I could answer your question about the racial makeup of PTOs. To repeat, you made a faulty assumption when you stated that I was involved with a PTO. You made another faulty assumption when you stated that I refused to answer your question. Remember what happens when you assume! If I knew the answer, I’d happily tell you.

    Again, you started on this thread by stating that you weren’t assuming anything, didn’t know PTO racial makeup, and simply wanted to know. Then you contradicted yourself and declared that PTOs are primarily Caucasian. Why did you do that? I would love for you to explain, so that we may avoid making assumptions.

  48. […] As noted in a recent article it is the legacy that the 3 “cretins,” Obama, Holder, Sharpton want to leave…a divided America. They have destroyed the America we all loved. As Teddy Roosevelt said, one language, one flag, one nation. It has been noted that when the American solders walked the streets of Paris, Rome, Berlin, etc., they were pointed out as the Americans, not, Italian, Greek, Jewish, Hispanic, etc. In fact the largest group of immigrants in America are of German descent. A little known fact.
    […] Mike Lyons […] has never responded directly to the insulting comments espoused by the 3 malcontents.
    And, this is not about the education of our children, or the qualifications of Dr. Rivera it is all about the money…the cutting up of the pie. The school budget represents more than 60% of the town budget. Let me remind you as to what happened to the recent budget over-run of a city agency of $400,000 which has been unaccounted for. The matter still hasn’t been resolved as to exactly who got what because the politicians simply didn’t want to deal with typical Norwalk politics and they didn’t want to alienate an important segment of the voting public that supports them totally. Some workers still haven’t been paid. Placate the loudest forget about honesty, integrity, openly, etc. Simply put the money has never been accounted for. Right now the loudest voice of the 15% is being heard, but wait until the other 15%…and growing at an alarming rate…of the Hispanic voices are organized and vocal then there will be another cry from the current complainers. He who yells the loudest will get the spoils. In reality the 3 board members are screaming about the money not about the well being of the kids.
    Oh, there isn’t anything you can do to me because I am in my fourth quarter and have an incurable so I am speaking without fear.
    It is time for the town leaders to get their act together and stop playing petty politics, otherwise we will see a replay of what happened in Ferguson. Do you want to see Washington Street brutalized? It’s gonna happen.
    The 3 malcontents owe Mr. Lyons a “big time” apology and they should consider resigning from the Council since they refuse to work with the elected group for the good of the students. It is time to sit down and solve the myriad of problems facing the future by working together to make a school system we are proud of. Dr. Riviera was an excellent selection and we let him get away because of all this unnecessary brow-beating. He did what was best for him, he ran away to his chosen home of New London. Hopefully he will be treated with the respect of an outstanding educator.

    This comment has been edited to remove portions that violated our policy and attacked another media outlet.

  49. Joanna Cooper

    Marjorie M you are being a draconian alarmist. Are you suggesting that the PTO organization members have a political agenda? Yes they do: to assist in the assurance of quality education for ALL the students in Norwalk by supporting students and staff. You state, “This group BELIEVES the voting records are not meeting THEIR REQUIREMENTS for a quality education.” That it is naive to think it is about just data collection. That is just what it is about…data. I guess real data and assessment of this data makes you uncomfortable. I wonder why?

    It is stated that it would be bipartisan reporting: likely reporting of meeting minutes, how candidates voted on issues, abstentions, time spent on issues, issues tabled and why, objections and reasons for objections…factual information that anyone can see for themselves if they watch the 2 plus hour videos. This type of reporting is colorblind.

    Racial balance is irrelevant here in this discussion because ALL parents are welcome at every school in Norwalk to join the PTO. The PTO parent Teacher Organization does not discriminate and has always actively sought parent participation from all members of the community through school newsletters, mailings, websites, school functions and events. School PTO organizations almost always send these letters out in Spanish as well.

    Your suggestion to go to the projects and aggressively reach out to those communities has been done the same way it is done all over town. No one goes out to aggressively reach out to other neighborhoods. Everybody gets the same notices and is treated the same. Isn’t this what you want? Fair treatment. No matter what color you are or where you live. There maybe be fewer minorities than Caucasians and there are also very few men that attend. So what….everyone is welcome. If you are worried about balance why are you not arguing for gender balance as well?

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