Norwalk BoE to NAACP: Prove it

Norwalk Board of Education Chairman Mike Lyons.

NORWALK, Conn. – If three Norwalk Board of Education members feel “marginalized,” it’s probably because the majority of board members are moving forward with reform against the wishes of the marginalized few, BoE Chairman Mike Lyons speculated Wednesday.

NAACP Second Vice President Brenda Penn-Williams spoke to the board Tuesday, reading a letter she had written to Lyons. The Norwalk Branch NAACP Legal Redress Committee was in receipt of a complaint from by BoE member Shirley Mosby alleging disparate treatment against a majority of African-American and Hispanic female board members. Lyons said Mosby’s allegations that meetings have gone on without her knowledge nor that of board members Migdalia Rivas and Rosa Murray are “false,” as they were one year ago.

Wednesday, Deputy Corporation Counsel Jeffry Spahr asked Penn-Williams to provide evidence backing up Mosby’s claim of racial discrimination within seven days. NAACP President Darnell Crosland said, in a late-night interview with NancyOnNorwalk, that it is important that allegations be investigated but did not provide any information to explain the confidence he expressed at Tuesday’s BoE meeting that Mosby’s assertions had merit.

Lyons brought up the vote on the appointment of Norwalk Superintendent Manny Rivera just over a year ago when asked by email about the claim that there were secret meetings:

“Remember when Rosa Murray abstained on Rivera’s appointment?” Lyons asked in an email, going on to quote from an NoN article. “’Murray said she had no problem with Rivera, but she felt excluded from the process. She said there were “many times” when information was not shared with all board members.’  I responded to that claim as follows: ‘No information regarding the candidates was “shared among 5 Board members” and “kept from the others”; this is utter nonsense, oft-repeated but never, ever verified. How about producing one piece of evidence to back up these claims? Can Ms. Murray produce one piece of information about Mr. Rivera that was communicated to other Board members but not her? No, she can’t, because it didn’t happen. The ‘flawed’ process produced the best qualified superintendent in Norwalk’s history.’  I made that statement on July 11, 2013.  Almost one year later to the day, I still await a single piece of evidence to support the ‘excluded’ allegation.

“This is déjà vu, and once again, there will be no evidence to back up this claim.

“But I do have a theory of why they keep returning to it.  As they mount their rear-guard action to slow or stop Rivera’s reforms of the school system, they have become terribly frustrated that a bipartisan group of 5 or 6 members has solidly lined up behind the superintendent and votes down their efforts to protect the status quo (I note that the pro-Rivera group on some votes is 7 or even 8).  To explain this to themselves, they choose to believe that some kind of ‘vast conspiracy’ is at work behind the scenes, making decisions with secret information and then ramming it through at board meetings.  The simpler, more rational explanation – which they apparently cannot accept – is that the Board majority simply supports Rivera’s program, and votes in favor of it because of that.  The whole Board voted for the Strategic Plan.  The whole Board supported the budget that funds it.  And now, as three members peel away and start voting against the concrete steps needed to implement it, they look on in astonishment as the rest of the Board keeps supporting what they already voted to support.  Why do you need a conspiracy theory to explain people remaining consistent?  What needs explaining is the three people opposing implementation of a plan they’ve already voted to support, not those who have remained consistent.  But the conspiracy theory is emotionally satisfying to them – instead of having to address their own inconsistency, they change the topic to come up with a nefarious explanation for the other members’ consistency.  Just a theory.  But something like this must explain it, because no facts do.”

On Tuesday, Crosland said, “Miss Mosby has made it quite clear that some of the members of the board are being excluded from decision-making processes. To be more specific, if in fact there is going to be a vote about something, I think it is very important for the information that pertains to that vote to be disseminated timely and to all the board members. What has been brought to my attention is that the information is not being disseminated. What has been brought to my attention is that there are meetings outside of the general body. What that does is it causes those members to either abstain or be uninformed in their vote.”

Asked to explain why he gave credence to Mosby’s claim, Crosland replied:

“My position as articulated at the Board of Education meeting last night is that a quality education for the children of Norwalk is of paramount importance to me and it is the most basic of civil rights as articulated on the website of OCR (United States Office of Civil Rights). I am not concerned with whether an individual on the board wins or loses a vote; I am only concerned with whether the process is working properly.

“In my humble opinion the process works when we conduct business with civility. We must also make sure that when it comes to deliberations, those meetings take place in the proverbial jury room with all jurors present. It is OK for people to disagree, but we don’t have to become disagreeable.

“None of us in society should be judge and jury. When allegations are made we owe it to our community to look into them. As I also said to the Board of Education, I would presume that all members of the board are fully engaged in the process and are being respected by fellow board members.

“When an experienced board member and past board chair and others allege they are being marginalized, I don’t think it is asking too much for us to look into the allegation. I respect the leaders of this great city, and I think we protect our city by doing our best to make sure that process is working.

“I can only hope that the dedicated department heads would at least give some attention to this matter and discern whether or not the process is actually impeding the full and effective involvement of certain officials elected to the Board of Education by the people of Norwalk. Looking into these allegations might be a headache to some but taking all allegations seriously is the best way to assure that our city remains strong and forward moving.”

Mosby did not respond to attempts to contact her Wednesday.

A le
A letter sent from the Norwalk Branch NAACP to the Norwalk Board of Education.

Mayor Harry Rilling said he does not think there is widespread racial tension in Norwalk.

“We have a community of 86,000 people and we are a very diverse community and we are a solid community. We work together, we have recreation together, our children are in the schools together so I wouldn’t suggest that there is widespread racial tensions within the city of Norwalk,” Rilling said.

Rilling was copied on the letter Penn-Williams sent to Lyons.

“It gave no specific information regarding claims of intimidation and harassment, just indicated that there were allegations made,” Rilling said. “Without hearing what those allegations are, I’m unable to even really make a comment on it. I can say that I have attended several Board of Education meetings. People have expressed their opinions. People didn’t always agree, but the meetings that I attended were for the most part very civil. So I would encourage anyone who feels that there is a problem to bring that information forward, but you have to bring details of that information rather than just a broad statement or allegation of harassment and intimidation without specifics.”


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  1. Tom Keegan

    I am the PTO President of Cranbury Elementary School and I have had a number of conversations with Mike Lyons as recently as yesterday concerning our public schools and the reforms being implemented by Dr. Rivera and the Board of Education. I can say without reservation that Mr. Lyons has at all times been completely honest and forthright. I find him to be a man of integrity and above reproach. If Mike Lyons says these allegations are untrue that’s good enough for me.

  2. LWitherspoon

    The mayor is right to insist on details in support of vague allegations of harassment and intimidation.
    Let’s review some details regarding intimidation at BoE meetings. Who can forget this report in NoN from Ms. Mosby’s very first board meeting:
    “This all led to Mosby walking up to Jack Chiaramonte after the meeting and saying, ‘I’m going to pull every white hair out of his head,’ a reference to Lyon’s white hair.”
    The article continues:
    “Members were surprised by Mosby’s behavior, Lyons said. ‘They didn’t view that as characteristic of Shirley,’ he said. ‘So I’m very sort of counting that off as when you are angry you say things that you regret later.’”
    Source: https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2013/11/new-board-has-rough-start-as-dem-majority-boe-re-elects-gop-chairman/
    Mike Lyons has displayed admirable restraint and unflagging civility in the face of bullying and intimidation, and HE is now falsely accused of the bad behavior we regularly see from his accusers. Still, he responds in a calm and factual manner. I’m impressed and grateful to Mr. Lyons and wish him all the best as he continues working to reform Norwalk schools.

  3. Lisa Thomson

    LWitherspoon. Ditto. Especially, the admirable restraint and unflagging civility, despite the absurd behavior. More has been accomplished in NPS with Mike Lyons as BOE Chair and Dr. Rivera than any other chair- superintendent leadership team in recent BOE history. As a homeowner, taxpayer and parent – I say FINALLY! And I am grateful.

  4. Nora King

    Mike Lyons has done nothing wrong. Shirley Mosby started the rift that exists due to her unprofessional behavior starting the night of the swearing in ceremony when she threatened “to pull every white hair off of Mike Lyons head.” Her exact words. The unprofessional behavior of Shirly Mosby, Rosa Murray and Migdalia Rivas has been a disgrace to our Board of Education system. They should all be removed from office. This is not racial but the result of the unprofessional behavior of Shirley Mosby.

  5. EveT

    Sadly, there are some Democrats who cannot accept that “a bipartisan group of 5 or 6 members has solidly lined up behind the superintendent and votes down their efforts to protect the status quo (I note that the pro-Rivera group on some votes is 7 or even 8).”
    There is a sentiment that “we should all stick together,” meaning that if some BOE Democrats oppose the Superintendent’s agenda, all Democrats should join in that opposition.
    I submit that government doesn’t, and shouldn’t, work that way. Elected officials should examine the issues, do their level best to understand what is best for their constituents, and vote their conscience.

  6. One and Done.

    Not limited to the BOE, there is a disturbing pattern of uninformed elected officials who obviously don’t read a stitch of their packets and then make fools of themselves and the city in meetings for which they are totally unprepared.
    This line of behavior continues because the Mayor is unwilling to take a stand against these antics firmly and decisively. He is the leader of his local party whether he likes it or not and he chooses to sit on the sidelines. Neon, SoNoCC, and his caucus all need leadership that he is clearly either unwilling or not capable of providing. It will get worse before it gets better until someone stands up.

  7. Taxpayer Fatigue

    Mike is doing a great job in a difficult situation – all as a volunteer. He doesn’t deserve this grief or hassle – good for him for pushing back and saying “prove it”.

  8. Bill

    The only racism I see is that against Mr. Lyons by Ms. Mosby and the NAACP. It shouldn’t be permissible to be racist towards the head of the BOE, just because he is white.

  9. Casey Smith

    @ Ms. King –
    I actually agree with you, right up to “This is not racial but the result of the unprofessional behavior of Shirley Mosby.” Ms. Mosby didn’t start this, it’s been bubbling under the surface for some time, but she’s definitely leading the charge.

  10. Nora King

    Casey. I have never seen Shirley behave professionally on the BOE. This is one more example – and I have personally witnessed her unprofessional behavior. Mike Lyons has done a good job has chairman and I think Norwalk should be happy that we have him. BOE should be an apolitical organization. I don’t really care what color your skin is, how much money you make or how you are registered to vote. What I care about is the BOE supporting our children and improve the quality of our education. Shirley, Rosa and Migdalia have their own agenda and are downright nasty and manipulative on a consistent basis. Everyone wants to dance around it but I have no problem coming right out and saying that they not getting the job done and are detrimental to the future of education in Norwalk.

  11. piberman

    Why is Mayor Rilling silent here ? Especially when the evidence of malfeasance claimed by the 3 disaffected BOE members remains to be presented. Is the NAACP now spokesperson for the 3 disaffected BOE members ? In any other well governed community such attempted intimidation of the BOE would cause outrage. Is this the “New Norwalk” where gross incivility is accepted ? How can minority residents successfully participate in City governance when their elected representatives to the BOE act with incivility and apparent ignorance of proper behavior in a public elected body ? Out BOE deserves vigorous public support against those who would grossly handicap its mission. Why is Mayor Rilling silent on this unprovoked attack on the BOE ?

    1. Mark Chapman

      @ piberman

      READ THE FULL STORY. This is not silence.

      Rilling was copied on the letter Penn-Williams sent to Lyons.

      “It gave no specific information regarding claims of intimidation and harassment, just indicated that there were allegations made,” Rilling said. “Without hearing what those allegations are, I’m unable to even really make a comment on it. I can say that I have attended several Board of Education meetings. People have expressed their opinions. People didn’t always agree, but the meetings that I attended were for the most part very civil. So I would encourage anyone who feels that there is a problem to bring that information forward, but you have to bring details of that information rather than just a broad statement or allegation of harassment and intimidation without specifics.”

      The mayor is also quoted in the SoNoCC story. We are doing ou job getting to the mayor to comment. If he doesn’t, you will know. But you have to read the full story, not just the headline and the lead.

  12. rburnett

    One and Done: When will you stop twisting everything around in order to blame the Mayor? You have no idea what he is doing or not doing behind the scenes. Why don’t you read the article posted today that shows he is meeting with various representatives with of SoNoCC and NEON to bring some sense of order to the chaos and to help them form a new Social Service Agency with no more delay. Moreover, how do you know he has not addressed the very issue of disharmony with the DTC officers? Maybe some people just don’t care if they are making fools of themselves in public and have no intention of changing.

    Be specific with your allegations like everyone is asking the NAACP to do. Unless you do, your words have no meaning and you have no integrity.

    Your rhetoric is getting tiring and I’m sure like me, e4
    everyone who reads it feels the same way. It only encourages me and others to look forward to November 2015 when we can vot6e for him yet again.

  13. One and Done.

    The mayor could diffuse much of this nonsense if he chose to take a position. Is it too much to ask the leader of our city to lead? If he is doing something behind the scenes, then what is it? He campaigned on being more transparent. No one put those words in his mouth. After 8 months the only thing transparent really is that he is not willing to take a solid position on much of anything except beating up on a riverboat operator. BTW, I voted for the guy and am very disappointed. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but 1/3 into it and I am not impressed.

  14. rburnett

    Berman: You are just like one and done. You keep posting the same words over and over again and quite frankly, people are tired of your negativism.

    Moreover, you either didn’t take the time to read the whole article or worse, you have a problem with reading comprehension. Or maybe, you couldn’t wait to get your busy little fingers on your keyboard in order to bash the Mayor once again.

    You might want to know that most people, when they see your name attached to an article, skip over and don’t even bother reading what you have written. I only read it after I skipped your post to read the post from Mark Chapman then went back to read your diatribe. Also, it might interest people to know you always bashed Moccia and now Rilling because the both refused to give you a job. I would say that was smart on their part.

  15. piberman

    A public claim of malfeasance by 3 members of the BOE, supported by the NAACP, is the most serious charge of malfeasance against an elected body in many decades. It is a very serious action with far reaching consequences. News travels widely. Even though the charges have not been supported by evidence the charges themselves demean our BOE and our NPSS.
    Moreover, they diminish the extraordinary gains and achievements by the Board under Mike Lyons leadership. We now have on public display 3 members of the BOE whose “contributions” have been challenged and whose future positive contributions are unknown. Norwalk now has an openly divided BOE.

    What do we expect of Mayor Rilling ? Something to the effect that Norwalk is proud of its BOE under its new leadership. And that it is inappropriate for disaffected BOE to publicly claim malfeasance without working through the Board. And especially to make public charges without presenting evidence. This is a major challenge to Norwalk’s governance. Mayor Rilling’s statement to date fail the test of required leadership. So far the “gang of 3” have received no public support other than the NAACP who also have presented no evidence.
    Norwalk expects leadership from the mayor representing all of us. Our reputation is at stake.
    In any other community the actions of the disaffected BOE members would cause outrage.

  16. Taxpayer Fatigue

    Leadership by thuggery and bullying? It’s nice to have a cool head in City Hall that isn’t disrespectful of people and says “show me the facts”. That’s what this city needs in a leader, not a bully making pronouncements against anyone they don’t like or disagree with – we’ve had enough of that.

  17. piberman

    To R Burnett:
    Reading your comments and invented charges reminds me of an occasional falsified comment that claims I am a Florida resident, vote in Florida and register autos in Florida. In Norwalk commentators who have difficulty responding other citizens’ occasionally invent facts for their convenience and display poor manners objecting to others’ views. Fortunately most readers can see through such impolite manners. And understand that polite exchange of views improves our governance, not made up false charges or personal attacks.

  18. Auntie Mae

    Look, everyone, we have a holiday weekend and a storm headed our way. Lets enjoy our holiday and celebrate how far we have come but wide aware how far we have yet to travel.


    Everyone needs to, as the kids say, “chill.” Mr. Lyons, sir, its not only about the paperwork, as chairman your failing miserably, in one area. It is not leadership to attack team members, is it? Your wrong, significantly wrong on how you are handling this. You are fanning the flames, as opposed to putting out the smoldering embers. Is this consciously, or just a reflexive? Irregardless, its irresponsible and this is not the direction the district seeks to drive toward.


    Your mandate as duly elected Board member and Chairman is to move the district FORWARD. Divisiveness and spite have no seat at the table. As the de facto leader, you sir, have a responsibility to run the Board in a civil fashion.

    If you are, as the kids say, “pissing off and dissing fellow brothers and sisters,” than your doing something wrong. If they feel excluded and disrespected, rather than address those concerns you attack and escalate the drama you are failing at your mandated tasks. Pointing fingers and having a defensive and very public posture leads to what? Higher office? No, not if all your own staff is at each others throats. That’s failed leadership at its worst.


    You can do better. Lets see some proactive management skills and put this to bed, quickly. Continued public displays of immaturity benefits no one and no party.


    Get it together, put out the fire you are fanning and get your team together. This is effecting community relations and Board performance, just as we are beginning to rebuild confidence. Comprende?


    STOP EMBARRASSING our District. We don’t want any national, or local for that matter, protestors parading on east ave for the cameras. Look at the big picture. Now get your sewing kit out, pronto and start mending the fabric that you are partially responsible for tearing. Enough. already. Your don’t stand any taller by looking down on others.

  19. LWitherspoon

    @Auntie Mae
    If the complainers had genuine interest in being team players, I’m sure Mr. Lyons would be thrilled to welcome them. Recent history shows the complainers are more interested in obstructing and complaining. They even declined to support the hiring of Norwalk’s Superintendent Manny Rivera, who is the first minority superintendent in district history!
    Remember that the evening of Ms. Mosby’s swearing in, she stated that “I’m going to pull every white hair out of his head,” a reference to Lyon’s white hair. Has she apologized? Do you think she should? Considering the circumstances, Mr. Lyons has shown admirable restraint.

  20. Yankee Clipper

    Hear hear LWitherspoon. You hit this issue dead on center

  21. piberman

    To Auntie Mae
    How do you explain the widespread support of the Norwalk community for the BOE under its current leadership and the sharp criticism of the 3 disaffected BOE members who embarrassed themselves, the BOE and the NPSS expressed by readers of both NON and the Hour ? Here’s an answer. Because most of us understand competent leadership and appropriate conduct expected of our elected officials. And we understand precisely what the 3 disaffected BOE members are trying to do. Having failed to get their way within the BOE they seek support of the NAACP attempting to secure through politics what they can not achieve by meaningful discourse within the Board. I cannot recall any similar attempt in the last 4 decades when elected officials – ones you admire – have behaved so poorly. That they failed to air their grievances through the Board and failed tp present any evidence fully reflects their purpose. They should resign. Their are no words to fully reflect the damage these 3 disaffected BOE members have done to the reputation of our newly admired BOE, NPSS and City. For the first time in decades we have highly competent BOE leadership and Supt. Why advocate diminishing the effectiveness of this extraordinary accomplishment ? We ought to celebrate our BOE, Supt and NPSS. Not play crude political games. And we might ask are their large numbers parents with children in schools objecting to the BOE and Dr Riviera’s reforms ? Or are the concerns just from the 3 disaffected BOE members. And how effective will these 3 BOE members be in the future now that they have violated the norms of civil discourse by going public without evidence ?

  22. Taxpayer Fatigue

    You can watch the BOE meetings on the public access channel on Cablevision. I saw the last one and Mr. Lyons and the other board members were civil to everyone that I saw. Ms. Mosby made a number o f motions that were taken up by Chairman Lyons, deliberated and then voted on – all of them failed. It isn’t racism if these BOE members fail to make a case for whatever their specific concerns are. It was difficult to follow their arguments to determine what specifically their concerns were.

  23. Casey Smith

    @ Ms. King –
    You apparently misunderstood. I wasn’t disagreeing with you about Ms. Mosby. And like you, I’ve seen Ms. Mosby in action. My point was simply that her BFFs are also accountable and have on past occasions stirred the pot, too.
    @L.Witherspoon – I think Dr. Rivera is great and a much needed shot in the arm for Norwalk. You can count me in his cheering section. However, if memory serves correctly, wasn’t Dr. Ramos the first minority superintendent? I barely met Dr. Ramos when he worked in Norwalk, but from what little I’ve heard about him from his time in Bridgeport, I got the impression he was a person of color. But the saddest thing is — it shouldn’t matter.

  24. LWitherspoon

    @Casey Smith
    Thanks for the correction. I don’t recall where I read that Dr. Rivera is the first minority Superintendent but perhaps it was not correct. Agree that it shouldn’t matter, but let’s hope Dr. Rivera’s ethnicity gives minority parents and students confidence in the system as well as a positive role model for success.
    And considering Dr. Rivera’s impressive resume, I am confident that he was hired as the best candidate rather than the best minority candidate.

  25. Lifelong Teacher

    I agree with Casey on both points. John Ramos was a man of color, but not even in the same league as Dr. Rivera. But that should not, and cannot, matter in our hiring practices.

    Looking for teachers or other NPS staff, it is essential to find the most qualified candidate,who will fit best with the instructional and school team. After that, perhaps ethnicity can be considered.

  26. Mike Lyons

    Dr. Ramos never served as Superintendent. He served 2 years (2000-2002) as Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum. He later served as superintendent in Bridgeport, until he was fired in 2011 (http://www.thehour.com/news/norwalk/former-norwalk-educator-john-ramos-fired-as-bridgeport-superintendent/article_d0ec357b-7eab-52c5-bb28-06cbfac553e7.html). Dr. Rivera is the first minority superintendent in Norwalk’s history. He was approved 7-1-1, with Migdalia Rivas voting no and Rosa Murray abstaining.

  27. Mike Lyons

    Auntie Mae – “Your mandate as duly elected Board member and Chairman is to move the district FORWARD. Divisiveness and spite have no seat at the table. As the de facto leader, you sir, have a responsibility to run the Board in a civil fashion.”
    First, we are moving the district forward (albeit without much support from the complaining Board members); see https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2014/06/opinion-a-status-report-from-the-board-of-education.
    Second, I agree that divisiveness has no seat at the table. Please communicate that message to the three divisive board members.
    Finally, I always run board meetings in a civil manner. I proposed and follow our Civility Code (which only Ms. Mosby on the Board refused to sign). I have never threatened to pull all the hair out of another board member’s head (as Ms. Mosby did). I recognize members and allow them all to speak within Roberts Rules. Given the easily-verifiable fact that Ms. Mosby and Ms. Rivas generally between them talk more at every board meeting than the other 7 members combined, allegations about them being “excluded” are preposterous.
    And as upsetting as it is to you, Mae, I will not sit back as unfounded charges are thrown at me without responding.

  28. Auntie Mae

    Mr. Lyons, sir I am not the one upset here. I do appreciate your and the Boards efforts to move our district forward and progress is being made. My point, you appear too defensive to hear, we don’t want to undue the hard fought progress we, yourself included, have made thus far restoring confidence. It is a normal response to defend oneself, especially if one believes the allegations are without merit. However, there is a bigger picture and this fiasco, on its current track, will do what? Restore confidence in the Board? Or will it lead to more legal battles and scandalous headlines? There are ways to better handle this and defuse the volatile situation. No one is singling you out for critic here but you, sir, are the chairman and there are more diplomatic and tactful ways to reduce tensions, are there not? Fanning the flames is not conducive to moving us forward, is it? Your dissent is duly noted and I may add, respected, now lets see some interpersonal skills and enough with the public display of immature playground bickering. It doesn’t become you, our district or the chair. you can do better sir, know you can.

    @Mr Berman, sir, we should all seek to continue the progress made thus far and avoid conflicts that can undue the hard work thus far achieved. It may come as a surprise to some but Rosa, Migdalia and Shirley were duly elected to represent their constituents also and they also have strong support. We have had enough of the us against them partisanship. It’s not about personal ego’s or lofty aspirations to a paying office, its about working as a seamless, motivated, in sync team to educate the children and give them a real chance to succeed. Seems some talk allot about those goals but the message gets lost in the worn out battle of us against them. Lets choose to take the high road and keep moving forward, together. It’s just senseless to aggravate and escalate and waste effort and resources on issues that divide that adults should be able to resolve on their own. No? When all we have to do is sit down and communicate with each other, ya know speak and listen.
    Is it sound, forward thinking, progressive public relations to, now dis and challenge a national civil rights organization? Some need to think this through.

  29. Mike Lyons

    Mae, I haven’t ‘dis’d and challenged a national civil rights organization. I have disagreed with the false statements made about me by a tiny local chapter of that organization. For a real challenge to that organization, however, see:

  30. Mike Lyons

    For some further attacks made against the local NAACP organization, including “allegations of an illegal election, threats of challenges and possible lawsuits by a segment of the membership”, see http://www.thehour.com/news/norwalk/controversy-over-election-spills-onto-floor-at-naacp-board-installation/article_20c12651-aac8-513e-bb07-f55e532593f4.html?TNNoMobile.

    “Not to be placated, the camp in favor of invalidating the election was led by John Mosby, who charged that the election was invalid and that the Norwalk chapter branch secretary violated process and procedure during the election process. John Mosby passed out copies of a statement by Shirley Mosby outlining their complaint.”

    “We’re a civil rights organization, how can we sit here and do the opposite in our own house?” said Shirley Mosby. “I want to go on the record as saying that the slate will be tainted.”

    “John Mosby [said] “The appeal was done properly. We have a right to challenge the national. We will take this to court if we have to. We haven’t been treated right.”

    Note that the Mosbys were attacking the election of current NAACP President Darnell Crosland, saying that his presidency is “tainted”, “illegal”, and his election ‘the opposite of … civil rights.’ I have never made any such attacks on Mr. Crosland.

    The article concludes, “As Crosland stood up to make some remarks about his vision for the NAACP, several attendees who had spoken in support of Mosby walked out of the meeting in protest.”

    Now remind me about who practices “playground bickering” …

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