Norwalk building surge continues into March

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Work to begin construction for a new CVS on Connecticut Avenue is valued at $2 million, according to a permit on file at the Norwalk Building and Code Enforcement Office.

NORWALK, Conn. – An uptick in March building permits has resulted in about $40,000 in increased revenue for the Building and Code Enforcement Office over March 2012, according to Building Inspector Bill Ireland.

Ireland said the number of permits was about the same as last year, but the cumulative value of the work was about $2.5 million higher this year, resulting in the increased permit fees.

“Development in Norwalk is happening!” Mayor Richard Moccia said on Facebook recently, adding that 134 permits had been issued in March, topping the 20-year average of 99 for the month. He said the 134 was the second highest on record.

Despite Moccia’s assertion, most of the permits were for renovations and storm-related repairs and alterations.

Permits for renovations at Merritt 7 and a new CVS for Connecticut Avenue combined to help push the total value of the permitted work for the month to $8,842,598, an inspection of building permits showed.

All permit revenue goes into the general fund.

Permits include:

• Site prep work for the new CVS at 281 Connecticut Ave., a value of $2 million

• Guvenor’s Brewery is adding brewing equipment at 134 Washington St., a value of $146,000

• 401 Merritt 7, renovations of the entire third floor and part of the fourth floor for a new tenant, Millward Brown, a value of $1,055,000

• A foundation for a new community center at St. George’s Church, a value of $225,000

• New beer cases at the Main Avenue Stop & Shop, a value of $27,000

• Renovation of existing bathrooms and corridors at 800 Connecticut Ave., a value of $537,000

• Renovations of the second and third floors at 105 Rowayton Ave. tenant Airbourne America, a value of $400,000

• Replacing the boardwalk and four sets of stairs at Ledgebrook Drive condominiums, a value of $189,000

• Renovations to 68A Washington St. for “Big Joe and Son” tattoo parlor, a value of $25,000

• Renovations at 56 Freshwater Lane, a value of $500,000

• Norwalk Public Library bathroom renovations, a value of $54,000

• An addition at 14 Visconti St., a value of $120,000

• An addition at 39 Scribner Ave., a value of $138,000

• An addition at 6 Pennoyer St., a value of $300,000

• Tenant fit up 148 East Ave., a value of $80,000

• Tenant fit up 10 Mott, a value of $85,000

• Tenant fit up 606-14 West Ave., a value of $131,000

Nearly $1.1 million of permits are or appear to be storm related. Those include:

• Storm damage repair at 7 Sammis St., a value of $130,000

• Elevate the single family residence at 73 Roton Ave. and renovate the interior, a value of $250,000

• Elevate 4 Captains Walk above the existing flood plain, with parking underneath, a value of $97,500

• Raise 28 Rowayton Ave. above the base elevation, a value of $200,000

• Raise the existing single family home at 42 Nearwater Road, setting the first floor at 16 feet, a value of $170,000

• Repair storm damage to 47 Harborview Ave., a value of $52,235

• Repair storm damage at 58 Harborview, a value of $80,000

• Repair storm damage at 32 Cobblers Lane, a value of $43,482

• Repair storm damage at 32 Dairy Farm, a value of $67,000

Merritt 7 renovations accounted for about $1.3 million of value in permits issued in January and February, when Ireland described permits as being “way up.”

Seven new leases at Merritt 7 Corporate Park were completed in January, bringing the occupancy at the complex up to nearly 90 percent, a press release from real estate investment management firms Clarion Partners and Marcus Partners said.

An artist’s rendering of the CVS being built on Connecticut Avenue.


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