Norwalk campaigns dished money out in first quarter

Norwalk’s Democratic mayoral candidates have plenty of money to spend. (Photo by Flckr user 401(K) 2013.)

NORWALK, Conn. – Matt Miklave took former Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp to lunch. Vinny Mangiacopra invested in fundraising.

Expenses paid in Norwalk’s mayoral campaigns through March 31 varied.

Here is a list of the expenses recorded by the campaigns for the first quarter of 2013:

Rilling for Mayor

Expenses totaled $2,771.26, leaving a balance on hand of $27,577.28

Expenses include:

$204.32 campaign expenses paid by candidate

$108.44 website registration: Stratatech of Norwalk

$95.88 A2 Hosting

$500 to Democratic State Central Committee

$394.67 reimbursement to committee worker David Murchie

$609.99 to VistaPrint of Lexington, Mass., for letterheads, envelopes ink and stamps

$271 for signs

$281.83 for a banner from Signs by Anthony

$150 to the Hilton Garden Inn for overhead

$425 to DiCambio Photography portrait photography

Norwalk’s Future Now (Vinny Mangiacopra)

The campaign lists $2,575 in expenditures. Expenses incurred but not paid yet totaled $245. The balance on hand was $22,957.

The expenses:

$535 to the Norwalk American Legion for the St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser

$125 to Thomas Burns for the St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser

$251.26 to Kelsie Fedor for St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser supplies

$40.39 Fire Engine Pizza, Bridgeport

$109.34 to Jennifer Mangiacopra for food for fundraiser

$1,000 to Marissa’s Restaurants of Trumbull for a fundraiser

$150 to the Norwalk Seaport Association for the Norwalk Seaport Association gala

Expenses incurred but not paid included four refunds for donations over the limit, one donation from an LLC and $25 to Minute Man Press.

Miklave Exploratory Committee

Expenses paid totaled $854.43.

Expenses included:

$390 to attend the National League of Cities Conference

$199 to Amtrak to get there

$38 for parking in Stamford train station garage

$72 for two round trip bus rides to Londonderry

$39.85 for food on the trip

$30.79 for lunch with Alex Knopp at Penny’s Diner

$44.18 for lunch with Deb Goldstein at the Ash Creek Saloon

$20.02 for lunch with Sal Liccione at the Moja Cafe in Westport

$48.17 for lunch with Tom Luz at Cucina & Co.

$90.05 for a team meeting at the Ash Creek Saloon

$109 for copies

Miklave for Mayor

The committee cited $47.92 in total expenses. No details are available at this time.

Garfunkel for Mayor

Total expenses paid were $1,885.71, ending the quarter with $5,525.15 on hand.

Expenses included:

$22.58 for checks.

$300.71 printing, postage stamps and domain names

$1,000 to 341 Studios of Darien for web design, construction, hosting

$352.60 printing for 1,000 letterheads, sheets and envelopes

$125.49 for printing donation solicitations

$90 for postage stamps

$85.21 domain name registration GoDaddy.com

$179 for 250 bumper stickers from My Campaign Store in Louisville, KY

$16.49 for a disposable phone

Moccia for Mayor

The campaign has paid $982.61 in expenses, leaving $6,742.39 on hand.

Expenses include:

$160.67 for credit card processing fees

$287.50 for website fees to a California company

$460.66 to Walmartchecks.com

$86.73 for a cell phone

$308.25 to Professional Graphics, a Norwalk firm.

Correction made, May 6


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    UH OH! Matt and Knopp. NOW I’m scared.
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