Norwalk municipal vote totals

NORWALK, Conn. — Here are the final election totals from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.


Democrat: Harry Rilling 9,006

Republican: Richard Moccia 7,514

Town clerk

Rick McQuaid 9,972

Common Council – Districts

District A:

David Watts, Democrat 1,531

Eloisa Melendez, Democrat 1,416

Robert Mercurio, Republican 990

Edmund Ryan, Republican 870

District B:

Travis Simms, Democrat 1,141

Phaedrel “Faye” Bowman, Democrat 1,023

Michael Geake, Republican 404

Frank Verdone, Republican 372

District C:

John Kydes, Democrat 2,022

Michelle Maggio, Republican 1,779

Kevin Poruban, Democrat 1,586

Sarah Mann, Republican 1,487

District D:

Jerry Petrini, Republican 2,312

Shannon O’Toole Giandurco, Republican 2,026

Nick Sacchinelli, Democrat 1,669

Marilyn Robinson, Democrat 1,614

District E:

David McCarthy, Republican 1,941

John Igneri, Democrat 1,869

Emily Wilson, Republican 1,716

Kate Tepper, Democrat 1,711

Common Council At Large (vote for 5)

Doug Hempstead, Republican 7,806

Richard Bonenfant, Republican 7,586

Glenn Iannacone, Republican 7,497

Bruce Kimmel, Republican 7,465

Sharon Stewart, Democrat 7,378

Warren Peña, Democrat 7,285

Joe Kendy, Republican 6,948

Olivia Dardy, Democrat 7,183

Diedre Davis, Democrat 6,567

Chrisley Ceme, Democrat 6,325

Board of Education (vote for 4)

Heidi Keyes, Democrat 7,517

Shirley Mosby, Democrat 7,344

Artie Kassimis, Republican 6,917

Sherelle Harris, Democrat 6,574

Sue Haynie, Republican 6,500

Haroldo Williams, Democrat 6,234

John Bazzano, Republican 6,130

Lauren Rosato, Republican 6,109

Steve Colarossi, Community Values Party 2,073

Andres Roman, Community Values Party 1,795

City treasurer

Republican Ralph A. DePanfilis 8,182

Democrat David Jaeger 7,002

City sheriff

Democrat: Anna Duleep 8,198

Republican: Nikitas Handrinos 6,702


Democrat Mark Pinzon, 7,246

Republican Kathryn Angela Martino 6,844

Republican Brian J. Smith 6,605

Democrat Piet Marks, 6,500

Constable (vote for 4)

Republican Fred Bondi, 7,231

Democrat Brenda Penn-Williams, 7,119

Democrat Raymond Dunlap, 7,070

Republican John Romano, 6,812

Republican Peter D. Andreoli Jr. 6,592

Democrat George LaMonica 6,526

Democrat Samuel Disraelly, 6,356

Republican Art Scialabba, 6,173

1st Taxing District Commissioner (vote for 1):

Democrat: Robert Corbo 841

Republican: Robert Mercurio 512

Treasurer (vote for 1):

Democrat: Marija Bryant 783

Republican: Brian Smith 531

2nd Taxing District Commissioner (vote for 2):

Democrat: Martha Wooten-Dumas 875

Republican: Cesar Ramirez 408

Republican: Edward McQuillan 319

Treasurer (vote for 1):

Democrat: Sonia Merrill 902

Republican: Harold Bonnet 245

3rd Taxing District Commissioner (vote for 1):

Democrat: Deb Goldstein 775

Republican: Jim Anderson 713

Treasurer (vote for 1):

Republican: Michael F. Intrieri 715

Democrat: Taber Hamilton 699

6th Taxing District Commissioner (vote for 1):

Republican: Tammy Langalis 770

Treasurer (vote for 1):

Republican/Democrat: John Verel 888


19 responses to “Norwalk municipal vote totals”

  1. Bill

    No more Warren Pena? Not a good night for team Vinny.

  2. Independent Voter

    Guess a minority on the Common Council is the price that the Dems are paying for the Brawl at the Hall. Way to go, Amanda, Bill and Regina!

  3. SoNoCC

    Congratulations to the winners! SoNoCC looks forward to better serving our community under the strong leadership of our Chairman, Warren Pena, and our Executive Director, Marina Forero-Ferrandino. Bill, there are other ways of serving your community. FYI, volunteers are welcome!

  4. EveT

    So Common Council will now be split 8-7 with a narrow Republican edge (except that Kimmel still calls himself a Democrat) and Board of Ed will have a clear Democratic majority, even taking the 2015 incumbents into account. At least we’ve avoided electing some of the most divisive candidates. Now let’s all work together for a better Norwalk.

  5. marjoriem

    Thank heavens the angry candidate for the Board of Education didn’t make the top four. Civility will return to Norwalk. I am disappointed that Colarrosi and Roman didn’t win. They ran a clean, honest campaign. I believe they lost votes because of where they were on the ballot. Congratulations to the winners!

  6. ScopeonNorwalk

    Dems have the majority, unless Kimmel changes his party affiliation, and should get the committee chairmanships. This is where we get to see whose side Rilling is really on.

  7. Independent Voter

    Sounds more like this where we get to see what side Kimmel is on.

  8. Joanne Romano

    Republicans have majority 8-7 Not that it matters if they can all work together! Bruce ran on the Republican ticket which makes it 8-7 Republican majority. Looking at the slate I do hope civility and working together for the common good will be top priority…leave the egos at the door along with agendas and good work can get done.

  9. Joanne, if Kimmel gets a committee chairmanship, I can bet that he will switch back to caucusing with the Dems…Kimmel is for what advances Kimmel, he has no loyalty to anyone or any party.

  10. M Allen

    A committee chairmanship? Is that really “a thing” worth selling out for? Bigger office? Parking space? Gets to sit in the middle of the dais? We’re not talking about there being some big benefit to being Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee or something. Besides, Bruce doesn’t strike me as the power-hungry type.
    ***Awaits the counter argument that Bruce is power hungry and being the chair is super duper cool in Norwalk***

  11. Joanne Romano

    Being chair of a committee which I was over the years means you oversee the meetings of the subcommittees of the Common Council, you set the agendas and you do the legwork..no more pay than the ever standing $600 per year…you don’t get a special parking place nor a special seat on the Council floor. What you do get is the ability to discuss and decide on what is best for Norwalk with your fellow committee members and most times members of the public, bring it all back to the full council to decide on and if you have a passion for a certain area of government it can and will be rewarding and hopefully without agendas!

  12. Bill

    @SoNoCC, please do all you can to help the poor in South Norwalk, but lets hope we do not see Warren Pena or anyone in leadership at SoNoCC making 6 figure salaries heading non-profit, anti-poverty programs in the future, like Chiquita.

  13. M Allen

    Joanne – the comment about a parking space or seat location was a joke regarding EastNorwalkChick’s comment that Mr. Kimmel might switch the party with which he caucuses, and thus hand the Democrats the majority, for the sake of a commission chair.

  14. SoNoCC

    @Bill: FYI, South Norwalk Community Center (SoNoCC) is a 501 (c) 3 organization and its Board members are unpaid volunteers, including its Chairman, Warren Pena. In fact, SoNoCC’s Executive Director and Deputy Director, both full-time positions, have been working on a volunteer-basis since they took their positions earlier this year!

  15. Bill

    Glad to hear that, anyone who is working to alleviate poverty should not expect to get rich, unless their name is Chiquita

  16. Joanne Romano

    @ M Allan- I know it was…I was just using it as a point that the chairmanships are sought after for the wrong reasons. If you want a chairmanship you should have a passion for that particular area of government, to make a difference, to move important issues and to assure that things are done as they should be. That should be your ultimate goal!

  17. Kid Cupcake

    Steve Collarossi just cost this city untold 10s of millions of dollars. Next time you see him in an NFT t shirt complaining about 3% budget increases, calling them cuts, and using our children like human shields (like he did a few years ago), please thank him for the continued drops in the value of your home. Hand him another Twinkie if he can still fit in a t shirt.

  18. EveT

    Didn’t The Hour report that the Board of Ed will have a recount because the vote totals are so close for Sue Haynie and Sherelle Harris?

    1. @EveT

      Don’t know what The Hour reported, but we were told Ms. Haynie waived a recount. Only recount is Third Taxing District treasurer.

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