Norwalk Center will be swept Saturday

NORWALK, Conn. – A May 3rd street sweeping in Norwalk Center is a sign of things to come, Mayor Harry Rilling said.

“We are going to start cleaning the streets more frequently,” Rilling said, promising regular street sweepings in SoNo and Norwalk Center.

The sweeping Saturday will be done between 3 and 8 a.m., he said. Cars cannot be parked on Wall Street, Main Street, Burnell Street, Belden Avenue, River Street and Isaacs Street during that time. There will be notices put on the parking meters to warn people, he said.

“We hate to tow cars. We don’t want to do that, but in order to keep the streets clean sometimes it’s necessary,” he said. “I know they towed a few cars out of South Norwalk when they did it. I am sure it’s not pleasant to wake up and find your car missing, so we need to get the advisory out.”

Norwalk has been doing street sweeping in the afternoon in recent years, he said.

“I have been informed that it was cut simply because of shift differential cost. … That is miniscule in terms of the value,” he said.


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  1. Peter Parker

    Good job Harry, lets make sure we sweep the whole city including residential areas. While you are at it get the police to start enforcing littering laws.

  2. spanner

    This sounds like Harry is expecting the bar room fights assaults and regular arrrests wil be done with early Sat so the work can be done.

    Now if Harry can teach the parking Auth do do the same and not on holidays where the the streets,parking lots and garages are still filled this may be progress.

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