Norwalk city clerk moving to No. 2 slot

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Erin (Halsey) Herring laughs as Mayor Richard Moccia clowns around at a recent Norwalk Common Council meeting.

NORWALK, Conn. – Republican Erin (Halsey) Herring appears poised to continue working in the mayor’s office, albeit in a lesser position.

The Republican caucus is planning to appoint Herring to be assistant city clerk, Councilman David McCarthy (R-District E) said. Herring has been serving as city clerk under Mayor Richard Moccia since May 2011.

The matter will be voted on at Tuesday’s council meeting, according to Donna King, Mayor-elect Harry Rilling’s selection to be city clerk. King said Herring’s nomination will likely be ratified without any trouble.

Herring took over as city clerk as a replacement for Ellen Wink. She’s now leaving her office to move down the hall to a cubicle, replacing Tammy Grimes McPherson, who was appointed in January 2012 after a Democratic caucus battle.


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    Thank you for your service. We wish you well.

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