Norwalk: City Water Safe, 100 High Water Rescues Performed

Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia speaks about preparations for Hurricane Sandy on the Saturday before the storm.

NORWALK, Conn. – After getting photos of Norwalk Hurricane Sandy damage at 2 a.m., you don’t think I was up at 8 a.m., do you? Not a prayer!

But Mayor Richard Moccia and other city officials were up, holding a press conference at Norwalk Police headquarters, which they are using for their emergency operations center. Here is the gist of what happened, as reported by the city’s website:

  • The Mayor Commended front line police, fire, public works and city employees as well as other agencies for their effort and expertise during this emergency.
  • Responded to approximately 500 calls—the majority regarding power and trees. City Hall is without power so has been closed today. Being moved to top of priority list for restoration.
  • Sewage treatment plant taken off line as a precaution around 9:30 and brought back up at around midnight.
  • City water is safe.
  • Widespread power and communication outages remain.
  • Approximately 150 reports of trees down. Wires and trees down making travel difficult and dangerous throughout the city.
  • Approximately 60% of city is without power (7:00 a.m.). Shelter will remain open today and tonight.
  • Stay off roads Report wires down to CL&P.
  • Take care of elderly and infirm neighbors
  • Public works crews have begun to respond to streets blocked without wires. Coordination has begun with CL&P to clear streets affected by downed wires.
  • City Hall is open. Employees asked to use good judgment in getting to work.
  • Customer service lines are open (check on this) 203-854-3200.

Public Works update—Hal Alvord

  • The sewerage Treatment plant was disconnected at 10:15 p.m., anticipating tidal surge. The surge did not exceed plant barriers. Power was restored at 12:15 a.m. and the plant is now in full operation.
  • Assessing damage related to the storm. Will be working to clear roads and, with CL&P, to ensure all roads can be safely travelled as quickly as possible. Operations will move back to public works center.

Power Update— CL&P Dom Scerbo

  • Approximately 60% of customers in Norwalk—18,000–without power at 7:00 a.m.

Top five areas:

  • 4,700 New Canaan Ave and surrounding area.
  • CT Ave. 1800.
  • Rowayton Ave. 1150.
  • Rockland Rd. 1,000.
  • Roodner Court and the Ely Avenue area around it.

First priority: Safety and damage assessment. Tree crew will work directly with DPW today. Twenty tree crews will be assigned to the region.

Mayor:Emphasize schools as priority for restoration.

SNEW—John Hiscock.

  • South Norwalk Center turned back on. With exception of marinas on Water Street which are being surveyed this morning.
  • Residential areas being reviewed and surveyed for restoration. Expect an estimated time of full

Shelter Update—Michelle DeLuca

  • Brien McMahon 241 residents sheltered overnight. Six dogs and three cats. Some people have already left this morning.
  • Volunteers keeping residents (and their pets) comfortable and well fed. Meals will be served today. Shelter will remain open tonight.

Public Safety—Chief Kulhawik Chief McCarthy Fire response.

  • Transformer explosions. Island Bell took a lot of resources.
  • 100 Rescues with high water truck.
  • Check on United Methodist Church Steeple on West Ave.

Police Response

  • No serious injuries or incidences.
  • Two commercial burglaries—smashed windows at Cumberland Farms on and Rainbow Variety on Main Ave.
  • Will be delivering information to neighborhoods. Especially related to Carbon Monoxide issues.

Transit system—Louis Schulman.

  • Busses taken off road except in emergency. No service this morning.
  • Bringing vehicles back from staging at Community College to Transit District HQ today.
  • Service is expected back in operation tomorrow morning.


  • Washington Village hardest hit. Totally evacuated.
  • Will work with SNEW to assess safety and timing of power restoration.

General: 911 is to be used for emergency purposes only

  • Report issues to City Customer Service 203 854 3200
  • To report outage or find out restoration estimate contact local provider: CL&P at 800-286-2000, SNEW at 203-866-3366 Third TD at 203- 866-9271

Code Red message will be delivered relating to clean up, need for continued safety vigilance.


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