Norwalk Corporation Counsel calls police to ‘document’ Milligan’s behavior

The Norwalk Corporation Counsel office on Wednesday. Jason Milligan walked all the way down the hall on Tuesday, Deputy Corporation Counsel Jeffry Spahr said; Milligan said he didn’t see the stop sign and no one was around.

NORWALK, Conn. – Real estate broker Jason Milligan’s recent encounters with city officials have led to more accusations by each side against the other, and a phone call to the Norwalk Police Department.

Milligan was in City Hall on Nov. 6, trying yet again to get a permit for “Mr. Mango” to open a smoothie shop at 97 Wall St., one of the properties Milligan purchased recently, he said.  According to Milligan, Assistant Planning and Zoning Director Mike Wrinn had told him that P&Z needed the legal department’s opinion before issuing the permit.

“That in and of itself is a big problem. It seems all roads that I take in this city eventually lead to Super Mario​-a part time employee,” Milligan wrote.  The person Milligan refers to as “Super Mario” is Mario Coppola, the city’s corporation counsel, who Milligan has previously accused of treating him unfairly.

Planning and Zoning was holding up the permit for Mr. Mango because of a Zoning violation in the rear of 97 Wall St., a large building. Milligan’s efforts to evict the auto repair business that had been in there for years were successful, he said, seemingly clearing the way for Mr. Mango.

Milligan continued:

“…After visiting the zoning office I went to see if Brian McCann was in his office. When I entered, the place was like a ghost town. Nobody was at the front desk and nobody was in the first several offices. I announced myself and poked my head down the hall to see if Brian was there. He was not. But the guy who tried to void my permits a few weeks ago was there. After learning that Brian was not in I proceeded to leave. On my way out I asked Darren if he had tried to void any permits lately, which caused him to become a bit aggressive. I left without further incident.

“Four hours later I received a phone call from a Norwalk Police officer who had been to visit Darren. He requested that I not walk past the reception desk in the future, which I agreed to.

“He also told me that Darren said that I am not allowed into the law office without counsel present. That is a problem. I absolutely refuse to follow that demand! Darren should be aware that I have a lawyer representing me in the defense of one frivolous lawsuit that was filed against one of my 11 companies. It happens to be my newest company that was created a few months ago. My first company was started in 2001. Ten of my companies have no counsel.

“I have plenty of business in City Hall and potentially in the law office that does not concern this frivolous lawsuit. Like the many FOIA requests that I am planning to make.”


The City of Norwalk and the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency are suing Milligan for purchasing Wall Street properties that were subject to a tri-party agreement describing how the properties would be developed.  The City contends the agreement required Milligan to obtain permission from the City prior to the purchase; Milligan says it wasn’t necessary.

NancyOnNorwalk sent an email to the legal department and asked for a response to Milligan’s comments. Deputy Corporation Counsel Jeffrey Spahr responded:

“For the past several weeks and months we have been working with our Building Management group to develop a system to regulate public access to our Department for a number of reasons. One reason for this would be to ensure the general safety, security and peace of mind of our attorneys and staff. As you can imagine, in some of our cases passions may run pretty high.  We have been in the process of taking steps to make sure that a individual cannot enter our office without permission with the intent to harass our employees.

“Another reason is to protect the confidentiality of the files and communications that we have in the office. For example, within the numerous files we have wherein a plaintiff is alleging some sort of physical injury there will be voluminous amounts of confidential medical records. We need to ensure that these records are protected from public access. In addition, during the course of the day our attorneys will be engaged in any number of confidential and privileged communications that cannot be subject to unauthorized monitoring or eavesdropping.

“This project has been in the works for an extended period of time. In fact, just yesterday morning I had a discussion with the Building Management team about the needs that we have in providing this security. Accordingly, our efforts to temper public access to our office is a matter that has long preceded Mr. Milligan’s breach of our privacy. However, his conduct is certainly something that has only strengthened our opinion that such steps need to be taken.

“For example, last week I was informed by an attorney in our office that they were present in the Zoning Department’s office when Mr. Milligan was there. They described having witnessed Milligan aggressively and belligerently belittling and berating one of the zoning officials.

“Next, I was present in our office, standing at the door of one of our attorneys while discussing one of our pending cases when an individual (unknown to me) entered our office. Our receptionist was not at her station so I asked this person if I could assist him. He asked ‘Is Brian there?’. We have two attorneys with the name ‘Brian’. I asked which Brian he was looking for. He said he was looking for Brian McCann. I told him I was talking to Brian Candela and (after leaning to look into Brian McCann’s office) told him that Brian McCann was not at this desk.

“Without waiting or seeking permission this person walked right past the receptionist’s desk, strode a few feet down the hallway to where I was standing and peered into Brian Candela’s office double checking to see who was in there (as if I had been hiding something from him or was not being truthful with him). I found this act to be quite offensive and annoying. It was only when he moved past me that I saw that on his jacket the words ‘Milligan Realty’ were stitched thereon. After he left I was informed by Attorney Candela that the rude person was Jason Milligan (I do not believe that I had ever seen him before in person).

“As I mentioned, Tuesday morning I had a discussion with the Building Management team re: our security. I actually brought up the Milligan intrusion as an example of why we need to regulate access to our offices.

“Yesterday afternoon I was informed that Milligan has once more barged into our offices and strutted down the hallways, peering into offices, without any permission. It should be stated that at the receptionist’s desk there is a sign with an obvious ‘Stop Sign’ that instructs any and all visitors to ring a bell if they are in need of assistance. It is presumed that Milligan can read so it would appear that he completely and intentionally disregarded the sign as if the rules did not apply to him.

“It is my understanding that he walked all the way down to the last cubicle where one of our staff people was working and demanded to know if Brian McCann was in. He was told that Attorney McCann was not in for the day. After being told this, he walked right by the secretary and continued down the hallway peering into an office.

“On the way back down the passageway he ducked into the office where Attorney Callahan was busy working and made an offensive, combative and provocative comment (/accusation) against Attorney Callahan. He was asked to leave.

“After the incident it was decided that an email should be sent to Milligan’s attorney notifying him of the matter. It must be understood that Milligan has one or more matters involving pending or threatened litigation with the City of Norwalk. The Law Department and its attorneys are unlike other departments in that we are barred from communicating with a person who has pending litigation with the City about the subject of that litigation. The Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys prevents them from having any communications with an opposing litigant. Specifically, Rule 4.2 of the Rules provides that “a lawyer shall not communicate…with a party the lawyer knows to be represented by another lawyer in the matter, unless the lawyer has the consent of the other lawyer or is authorized by law to do so.”

“In addition, it was decided that a report should be made to the Police Department in order to document this latest intrusion and offensive behavior. No request was made for there to be any enforcement action taken against Milligan. Instead, the officer was instructed to inform Milligan that this report had been filed and instructing him to not enter the Law Department and walk past the reception area without prior permission. In addition, he was informed that he should not appear at the Law Department and attempt to engage the attorneys in conversation (or to taunt or belittle them). He was instructed that he would need to make an appointment before appearing – thus giving the attorneys and staff the opportunity to inform his attorney of his intentions. Further, he was to be informed that the attorneys would not have any conversation with him about any pending or potential legal matters without his attorney present.

“Finally, while the attorneys and the staff of the Law Department are there to assist the public whenever possible, we are not there to be berated by the public. In addition, we do not wish to allow members of the public to simply enter our office unannounced and to stroll down our hallway peering into offices and possibly listening in on conversations or accessing private files. This policy applies not only to Milligan, but to everyone.”


Spahr said Wednesday that Milligan’s behavior is an example of why security needs to be increased in Norwalk City Hall.

Milligan sees it differently.  “Mario’s errand boy Darin called the cops on me today,” Milligan wrote in a Nov. 6 email to NancyOnNorwalk, referring to Corporation Counsel Mario Coppola and Assistant Corporation Counsel Darin Callahan.

Spahr also said he’d been told by McCann that “at least on one occasion Milligan called this office and gave a fake name in order to be put through to the attorney.”

He called Milligan’s behavior “juvenile, ill-mannered and uncouth.”

Speaking to NancyOnNorwalk on Wednesday, Callahan denied being aggressive and said he’d been sitting at his desk when he heard a voice and turned around to see Milligan “blocking the door,” standing there with his arms crossed. Spahr said the receptionist had been out of the office, due to a vacation day, when Milligan walked down the hall instead of ringing the bell.

Mayor Harry Rilling, speaking to NancyOnNorwalk Wednesday, said there had been an incident “last week or the week before” in the P&Z office, in which he said Milligan was “screaming and yelling” at Zoning Inspector Aline Rochefort.

Milligan had been told not to go into the legal department’s office, and “he is subject to whatever sanctions that are available,” Rilling said.  “We cannot have people at City Hall being threatened, or spoken to in aggressive manners.”

“I got very annoyed with Aline,” Milligan said Thursday. “… She was not issuing the permit for Mr. Mango.”

He had read the regulations, which he believes do not prevent the issuing of the permit, he said.  He called the roadblock “silly” and, “I just wish that instead of being people that try to catch you and screw you and block, they would find a way to let the guy open. The cruel petty small-minded people thinking they are punishing me … it’s over the top.”

Milligan said he had gone maybe two-thirds of the way down the legal department’s hall.

“I definitely walked past the desk,” he said. “The office was empty. Nobody to be seen. It was bizarre, three in the afternoon. I did not notice the sign. … I announced myself, nobody answered; I didn’t want to yell, somebody was on the phone. They are trying to paint a scene that is just not true.”

Milligan and Spahr said that Milligan came back Friday and took a photo of the stop sign.

Milligan said it’s “stupid” to restrict him from visiting the law department because he usually represents himself in legal matters, there are a variety of matters to discuss, and hiring an attorney to deal with Mr. Mango or for a simple Freedom of Information Act request would cost $400 for an hour, which would cause him to “go bankrupt.”

A Nov. 4 editorial in The Hour titled “Stop the Wall Street war of insults” described the conflict between Milligan and city officials as “an object lesson in the futility of juvenile button-pushing” and called for public dialogue “with some grown-ups in the room.”

“I would say, ‘get a leader in the room,’” Milligan said, going on to accuse Rilling of not being a leader.  “I have plenty to offer, they are blocking me … So many people are working against me. I am exposing the problems of the system… They don’t call me back, they don’t email me back, I have to go there. … They should and could be working on changes.”


Mitch Adis November 13, 2018 at 7:41 am

Everyone has experienced a city official or employee who used their office as a weapon. We can agree that Mr. Milligan should use some restraint. However, based on the city’s personal vendetta against him, the city has encouraged his reactions. If they do what is fair, he would not mistrust city hall and this resolves itself.

Stop the juvenile behavior and do the right thing City Hall.

Jason Milligan November 13, 2018 at 7:49 am

“For example, last week I was informed by an attorney in our office that they were present in the Zoning Department’s office when Mr. Milligan was there. They described having witnessed Milligan aggressively and belligerently belittling and berating one of the zoning officials.”

What they didn’t tell us is the witness to this behavior was Dr. Seuss…

The full quote was actually blue badgers barged into the office and began belligerently belittling and berating bone fide Bonnie Baker.

That is the problem with 3rd hand quotes. So much gets lots.

Also missing from the story is the information that I recently heard from someone, that heard from a guy, that said he witnessed Darrend Boy move aggressively toward Milligan and may have had a weapon. (Weapon like a sharp object or a knife.) What? How could that have been left out?

Darren did get angry, annoyed, and aggressive. His face did turn red, and his veins in his neck were bulging. Some people would describe his behavior as a hissy fit.

Nobody is saying that Darrend moved aggressively with the knife, but the real question that needs to be answered, is should attorneys in Norwalk law office have knives drawn while at work?

In addition to security in every department I think we should add cameras, and noise measurement devices. Who is to know if someone is yelling, screaming or “screaming and yelling” as Harry Rilling described my behavior that he did not witness. If we measured the decibel level of every conversation we would be able to tell if someone’s voice rises to that level. We should also come up with a chart of when talking loudly becomes yelling or screaming. Should tone be taken into consideration?

On further thought and reflection, it makes more sense to convene a task force to study this matter further. Perhaps a 3rd party consultant? …Stantec?

Diane Lauricella November 13, 2018 at 8:09 am

That November 4 HOUR Editorial deserves reflection and action.

A “wall of silence” towards an energetic developer does not seem productive or wise, but said “energetic developer” needs also to take it down a notch. Let’s find a Mediator to bring these entities together…how about Mr. Cafero…

On the subject of security, there have been major gaps that need review way before frustrated Mr. Milligan entered the doors. I think the time has come to place this matter on the December Council Land Use and Building Management Committee Agenda as a discussion AND action item.

Some possible discussion topics:

1. Should Norwalk employ a similar City Hall entrance check-in like Stamford? While there is a guard service at the entrance, they mostly seem to greet folks and unlock meeting room doors.

2. Assess and prioritize the offices needing better BUT “people-friendly” security…use gates as barriers… please…no more unfriendly bullet proof windows (think Mayor’s office).

3. Possibility: Make what is now the Mayor’s art gallery room back into a reception and waiting room (Esposito era) and have Mayor’s staff share coverage with Corporations Counsel’s staff away from Attorney offices, including Mr. Spahr’s, whose office door is right near the Corp. Counsel entrance.

I am sure that with some concerted efforts by the Building management and security professionals employed by taxpayers, improvements can be made quickly…even without making City Hall an unfriendly fortress.

Jason Milligan November 13, 2018 at 8:33 am

Should we all be using the Norwalk Police Department to “Document” behavior?

If anything they documented exaggerated, alleged behavior.

Give me a break.

Btw, what is the infraction for rolling through a paper stop sign mounted on a desk? I didn’t notice the sign, but it is possible that I made a full and complete stop before proceeding down the hall. I’m not sure.

The sign says stop, and then in tiny words at the bottom, ring bell for assistance. Instead, I paused, maybe stopped, the peered down the hall, announced myself and slowly moved down the hallway to see if anyone was there. All while saying “hello”

The sign is not clear. It does not prevent or discourage what I did eventhough I did not see.

What is clear is that calling the police was ridiculous given the situation. A total waste, and designed purely for dramatic effect.

Had the receptionist been at the desk there woukd have been absolutely nothing to talk about.

Elisabeth November 13, 2018 at 9:09 am

Milligan is taunting City Hall. City Hall is taunting Milligan back.

Both need to stop the childish behavior. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I say we lock both sides in a room and don’t let them out until they make up. You know, treat them like the children they acting like.

Lisa Brinton Thomson November 13, 2018 at 9:32 am

Sorry folks, City Hall under this mayor is not representing residents or businesses. Norwalk residents, Democrats and the unaffiliated voted for checks and balances in DC. Why not in Norwalk? Isn’t your tax bill, home value, POKO, the Walk Bridge, the Reorganization, etc. evidence of abuse? This mayor needs a check and balance. What City Hall is doing to Milligan – can be done to each and everyone of us, ironically under the former police chief, now mayor. It’s called abuse of power.

M Murray November 13, 2018 at 10:02 am

Someone should invent a door or partition with a buzzer that would allow a person behind the door to push a button and allow access to the office. Or maybe invent a wall and a door with a keycard access system where you could swipe the keycard and the door would unlock allowing only authorized people access beyond a certain point. Said door would be capable of swinging open and closed.

M Murray November 13, 2018 at 10:04 am

And if they were really creative, they could create counter barriers, split-doors, half-doors, plexiglass partitions, etc so that people could exchange pleasantries and documents without having to encroach beyond public space.

Jason Milligan November 13, 2018 at 10:19 am

Whose decision was it to call the police over this?

We know that Super Mario directed Derrand to try to void my permit a few weeks ago.

Did Derrand call Super Mario during his hissy fit looking for advice? It seems doubtful that Derrand would call the cops on his own.

Mario did you orchestrate this debacle? Tell the truth…

Are FOIA able to get phone records? We can see how quickly Derrand called Mario after I stopped in the other day.

Rick November 13, 2018 at 11:53 am

This takes away from all the bad things happening with Firetree Pavilion on Quintrad ave. Rilling lied through jus teeth , Duuff Himes an Murphy did nothing backed down when they realized state and federal contracts were involved and now we have a facility where for sale signs have gone up houses already sold and new people asking neighbors whats up with the vacant house at 17 quintard ave. anger is growing in the city even Hearst has stepped in and cut out bought out and laid off most of its old timers.

You have Ernie trying real hard with the news outlets making sure no one forgets the people screwed by the city in Washington village and Jason taking heat for doing the right thing .

The city is being hurt on a daily basis , a mall with no viable city and what we have here is nothing but a bad situation with developers . The city was told the sewage plant is at capacity without the mall opening and a fire and police dept staffed by professionals and run by hacks . Latest example of a working fire where the dispatch office sent one truck without detailing the call to the 5 in one truck who honestly deserved better communication and did not get it. But the fire chief got a raise. City hall is playing a dangerous game with the lives of our first responders take the green and the lone officer as well. The city has a heads up Mike told us all about move on nationally advertised rally on the green.

This thing with wall st is effecting everyone tyvek temple is a fire hazard with broken fire hydrants that ring the empty wooden building where obvious entrance is gained on a daily basis, loss of life is possible just ask any fire marshal in the city and those who live almost an hour away. The city is not getting its moneys worth just look at city hall and its stop signs barriers and red herrings. Its costing more to hide the facts than to share them.

But the city Democrats won they won a mess they started in order to finish they needed control. Livingston is in charge of what? Only voice they didn’t want to hear was Simms wonder if Colin knew that?

Lets face it folks a city that puts $27,000 a mile bike lanes before wall st quintard ave woodward meadow st and ave East ave developers only want one thing, time to cash out . In order to provide the basics deals have to be made corners have to be cut. Without transparency you have an end game moving towards the door .Its not like Democrats haven’t been hurt in the city they in most cases have been targeted .

Jeffrey Hall November 13, 2018 at 12:07 pm

Are FOIA able to get phone records?

Yes phone logs are public records: but as far as I can tell, to get them you need to find someone at City Hall willing to talk to you and … well, you get the picture.

Sid Welker November 13, 2018 at 12:11 pm

You poke the beehive and expect a different reaction? You know the definition of insanity correct? Well you are doing it. Same motions with the same results. Time to sit back, crack open a cold one and rethink your strategy because your current one isnt working. Its point blank pathetic. Your a pest and a nuisance to the City of Norwalk workers. Is the City playing nice? Probably not, but like Ive said a million times taunting the City with the mural of the Mayor, the tyvek cover up and the insatiable phone calls is just pathetic and childish. Who cares if NON and Norwalk Hour comment sections thinks your a hero. Their fuel is only adding to your demise. They have no skin in the game. You do! Extend an olive branch. Finish these childish antics. They will come to the table once you have piped down. Who knows my advice may work. It certainly cant be worse than the path your on now.

Jason Milligan November 13, 2018 at 12:44 pm


In order to conduct business in this City unfortunately I have to interact with City Hall. The required interaction should be much less than it is, but the rules are terrible and require lot’s of city Hall involvement.

Mario Coppola has scared everyone at City Hall from working with me, so they turn even the smallest things over to his office and then they sit on it.

City Hall is preventing small businesses from opening up in the Wall st area to punish me. City Hall is trashing local artwork to punish me.

Now they have issued violations against 5 other business for murals that don’t comply either, rather than adjusting the rules to allow for artwork that 99% of people want and appreciate.

Sid-You tell me to change my ways. For 17 years I suffered quietly under the current system with no issues. It wasn’t until the City came after me with everything they had to stop the library project. That project was done 100% by the rules!! It was “as of right” and it received 100% approval. That didn’t stop the city from trashing me publicly and suing me.

What the city should have done then, they should do now. Get a person who is intelligent and likable to mediate the situation. Instead our petrified mayor hides, and lets Mario Coppola, a part time employee and {…} call all the shots. Clearly Mario has an ax to grind, and he does not have the City of Norwalk’s best interests in mind.

A part-time city attorney that lives an hour from Norwalk is running the show, what could go wrong?

Where is our City Council? There are 2 people on the Council with any courage and 1 of them is outnumbered 14 to 1.

Sid-Maybe if you stop hiding behind your pseudonym you could lead us all to a solution. You seem to be such wise old sage.

Edited to remove an insult. https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/comment-guidelines/

carol November 13, 2018 at 2:21 pm

time for an outside mediator we need wall street cleaned up and business allowed to move in. enough of this on both sides.
let the public demand a public hearing on this.

niz November 13, 2018 at 2:38 pm

I am with Diana L.’s suggestion on this. Yet what Lisa B stated is real #AbuseOfPower scary times in Norwalk, scary for home and business owners and little folk like me. Stay up and stay on track.

E November 13, 2018 at 2:56 pm

Pardon if this is off the article’s specific topic – I noticed a comment that if true, displaces all this arguing with a glaring problem: Did the city in fact know the water treatment plant, the sewage infrastructure of our city, is at its limit even now? Which really means it’s inadequate even BEFORE this mall goes online/opens, let alone all this proposed new development??

To quote comment above, from Ric at 11:58: “The city is being hurt on a daily basis, a mall with no viable city and what we have here is nothing but a bad situation with developers . The city was told the sewage plant is at capacity without the mall opening and a fire and police dept staffed by professionals and run by hacks”

Why would not water/sewage treatment assessments and commitments be front and center as an indicator for go/no-go decision on the mall, unless and until either the developers and City build in financing/funding to upgrade the infrastructure? If Ric’s comment is true, this is a key indicator of irresponsible city planning and authority, and actually a liable, harmful approach to development. Absent any basic smart city design – and because it’s our only sewage treatment plant, the city would also bear responsibility for major malfeasance – a willful neglect of the necessary infrastructure to safeguard Norwalk’s public health, the regions’ economic viability of Long Island Sound and the overall civic good.

Related to this, potential violations of federal and state environmental laws and regulations enforced by DEEP to protect clean waters in our rivers and Long Island Sound also figure in here.

So…What’s going on with this?

M Murray November 13, 2018 at 6:14 pm

And now O’Neilll’s, Valencia’s, and Post Road Diner received notices for their murals, which have been up for years and have added value to the community. Guess they didn’t think this one through.

Tysen Canevari November 13, 2018 at 9:20 pm

I think it is an absolute shame that we are now citing local businesses who had tasteful murals in place for years. If the city has an issue with Jason Milligan than decide it with him. If the guy wants to spend his money to do something downtown then lets have a forum to figure it out. It seems to be the hottest topic in Norwalk right now so schedule an open discussion with the mayor, zoning, and Jason Milligan so we can lay it all on the table. Dragging in Post Road Diner, Oneills, and Valencia is not the way to do it. It is getting embarassing to the city and its residents to have to watch this nonsense every day.

EnoPride November 13, 2018 at 10:34 pm

Hitting murals, some which have existed invitingly and unobtrusively forever in their current colorful state without bringing down the neighborhood, with violation notices, and only AFTER targeting Mr. Milligan’s murals for the obvious reasons… Wow. Such progress, City Hall. What a fantastic use of your time. If only you possessed such urgency in issuing notices for the far more serious violations all over Norwalk. I see violations on a grander scale all over the place every day which bring down quality of life around here. For kicks, Norwalk residents should organize a Norwalk Zoning Violation Scavenger Hunt with a point system (buildings/parcels with multiple violations per parcel = 5 points, blighted buildings = 4 points, illegal apartments with five or more meters and several cars and utility vehicles either parked on the front yards or spilling out onto the streets = 3 points, backed up catch basins and crumbling and dangerous roads and sidewalks = 2 points, you get the idea…) where they break up into teams and the teams drive around In separate vehicles to see how many violations they can spot, itemize and then report to City Hall, as it appears they need some help here. One rule would hold regarding the scavenger hunt, however: POKO I, aka the Tyvek Temple, in it’s decrepit, mold ridden, rat infested, now structurally dangerous state, is not, under any circumstances, allowed on any team’s list of violations, because you see, it is above the law. The team with the most points at the end of the violation hunt gets a meeting with P&Z to tick down the violation list with them and hold them accountable to crack down on the violations, aka, to do their job. Who’s game?! 😉

EnoPride November 13, 2018 at 11:26 pm

Agree with Tysen Canevari that the parties need to sit down at a table and work this out. The Milligan vs. City Hall topic is a hot topic indeed. The residents also want to hear from City Hall as to why they are adverse to doing business with Mr. Milligan, plain and simple. Why are they going after him so aggressively and now dragging other business’s murals into the witch hunt? Small minded and embarrassing. Rather than slamming Milligan, City Hall should be spending overtime being hyper concerned about how to strategically grow the Wall Street area economically and drum up more business. And no, the answer is not to bring in more apartment fortresses. I often imagine how many thriving businesses (businesses already established in Norwalk who may want a better space/locale or expanding popular small businesses who may be ready to open up a second locale) could have been incentivized to be placed in that area over a decade’s time if the area was planned and managed methodically and properly with a competent city economic development crew in place. Such lost opportunity and lost $$$ for Norwalk. We need to be making up for lost time and $$$ here.

V November 14, 2018 at 9:10 am

Thinking of fellow commenters like Rick, the now banished Donna S and others who now have no choice but to live next to a FEDERAL HALFWAY with prisoners!! While these {…} fight over Artwork that gives Norwalk it’s character. What a Joke you are Rilling & Staff. And Milligan your no winner either.

Edited to remove insults. https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/comment-guidelines/

john J. flynn November 14, 2018 at 10:30 am

I was charged 13 years penalties, interest , and taxes on a Rolls Royce I never owned. they tried to collect the taxes from my father with the same name. I paid the taxes because they put a lien in my house. They threatened foreclosure.

The tax accessor called the Police and they escorted me out. I appealed the tax accessor decision. Nothing happened.

Thank you Jason Milligan. Keep on plugging. Be a gentleman, be courteous, I have lots of hemorrhoidal crème in my stock pile. Best of luck. Johnny. I really liked the mural. It was refreshing and nice. I wish we had more entrepreneurial business men that cared as much as you do.

Phil Hockner November 15, 2018 at 2:58 pm

Just my Opinion:
I feel it is becoming common place with City Hall that what you hear is not the whole truth, maybe part truth. The rest is what they try to spin to protect their well paying jobs.
By all the comments I believe Nancey is doing a good job in keeping up with this saga. I believe you will uncover the true story and not how it is being spun by City Hall.
Unfortunately by then Mr Mangos will have moved on leaving Mr Milligan without a tenant, some people without a chance at a job making smoothies and the city with a little less tax dollars to collect on the tables chairs, smoothie machines and dumpster.
I wonder how much in legal fees or time has been spent by all departments fighting Mr. Milligan. Those resources should be spent where they can reap more fruit like bringing business to Norwalk and not fighting a personal agenda.
I am not sure who the winners will be, but if I had to guess it will be the attorneys, Milligan is on his way to winning a harassment lawsuit and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars for lost income when his tenant moves to Westport or Darien and the city is back peddling wasting more tax dollars issuing mural violations.

The blame in my book rests with the Mayor, get your house in order. Norwalk needs to become business friendly not anti business. If you want the job of being Mayor act like one. Invite Milligan to City Hall and get the two parties in a room and get it done, bring business, jobs, and tax dollars to Norwalk. If you cannot do it hire someone at least part time to do it. Mr Mangos does not hire as many people as Amazon does but I am sure a few people who do not have a job would appreciate your efforts.
I like the idea of cameras to keep people accountable and an exact account of what happens to protect both sides.
How about a buzzer on the door to get in? Do the offices in the Corporate Counsel’s office have door that can be closed when personal medical information is out? Do they have a conference room that when discussing specifics can be used.
Why do they feel so threatened by Milligan is he a 6’6″ black belt? Does he have a firearm permit? Does he have a history of mental illness or criminal record? Or do they feel their well paying jobs are threatened?

Rick November 16, 2018 at 12:22 am

E the city mentions they were pumping at almost at capacity during the last storm , the line that crosses the river, same line the mall needs to be hooked into I presume. Info coming out of the DPW seems credible, there was a figure given by Nancy or on the video stating what was pumped Im not sure where to find it.

There was a loss of law suit on pumps that failed at the plant and additional tanks were sitting at the treatment plant that hold 10.000 gallons each .

There seems to be a lot going on with no department head the old guy retired now we have who running the DPW?

A lot of doubt who is running the show right now ,not a good thing when problems start building up. This guy Torre is not what I would consider a professional , like Burns they are home grown and part of the existing problems with flooding and sewage backups.

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