Norwalk Council District C hopefuls explain their desire to serve

Common Council member John Kydes (D-District C), left; Democratic hopeful George Theodoridis, right.
The election is Nov. 5.

NORWALK, Conn. — NancyOnNorwalk asked all Norwalk Common Council candidates five questions. Two candidates running to represent District C responded. Here in alphabetical order are their responses:


John Kydes

John Kydes, Democrat, incumbent

Why are you seeking reelection?

“I’m hoping to continue volunteering my time to the city I love. There are a lot of great projects that I would like to continue working on and see to completion.”

What do you consider to be your most important achievement in this term?

“Over the past two years, the city has been able to expand senior tax relief, increase funding to our schools and worked on eliminating flooding issues throughout the city. To choose the most important accomplishment is difficult as different residents have different needs.”

What is the biggest challenge facing Norwalk?

“With time you have change and it’s important to balance that change with the needs of the community.”

How would you address it?

“With proper planning and public input, Norwalk can be a place where everyone is happy to call home. With the recently approved master plan I believe the city is heading in the right direction.”

What’s the most under looked aspect of your work?

“It’s always tough to juggle work, family and my volunteer work with the city but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve always felt that my time on the council is a debt owed for all that this city has done for me and my family.”


George Theodoridis

George Theodoridis, Democrat

What has inspired you to run for office?

“I’ve always wanted to get more involved but didn’t believe I had the experience to do so till now.”

What qualifications do you bring?

“As a lifetime Norwalk resident and with my experience in real estate, I believe that I can be a positive contributor on the council.”

Why should people choose you over your opponent?

“The benefit of local elections is that a candidate has the ability to know the voters personally. I’m hoping that the relationships I’ve built is the deciding factor for voters on election day.”

What is the biggest challenge facing Norwalk?

“Keeping taxes sustainable is the biggest challenge facing Norwalk.”

How would you address it?

“If elected, I will evaluate all the options on how we can keep taxes down and the impacts of those decisions.”

Also seeking District C votes as Council candidates are Republicans James Anderson and Michael Foley. 


5 responses to “Norwalk Council District C hopefuls explain their desire to serve”

  1. DrewT

    Where are Michael Foley & James Anderson’s pictures!??!?

  2. Niz

    Why no comments from James Anderson and Michael Foley?

  3. Drew Ablank

    @DrewT – the beginning of the article mentions that they did not respond. Perhaps part of the ‘perceived bias’ against a certain party by a certain reporter as a strategy by the said party. You’ll have your chance to vote for them though – bc Living in District B we dont even get a choice.

  4. DrewT

    @drew At the very lease she could posted their pictures. It’s not like she doesn’t have them or can’t get them.

    1. @DrewT I didn’t want to mislead my readers into thinking there was information in the story about candidates who hadn’t sent me any. The photo helps announce what the story is about. If they sent me information, I’d add it to the story and I’d change the photo to include their images.

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