Norwalk council meeting canceled

NORWALK, Conn. – The wheels of Norwalk’s new government have not quite started to spin, as next Tuesday’s Common Council meeting has been canceled due to a lack of an agenda.

Mayor Harry Rilling might have had an appointment for the council to consider, as a member of the Oak Hills Park Authority resigned Thursday. But a new rule asks Rilling to give the council 10 days to consider new appointments.

Stephanie McLaughlin resigned from the authority Thursday, City Clerk Donna King said. She was appointed in July 2012.

Council Minority Leader John Igneri said the meeting had been canceled due to lack of anything to discuss.

“Due to the elections, most committee meetings were rescheduled or canceled,” he said. “Since all issues must come through a committee, and there were no committee meetings, there was nothing to bring to the council.”


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