Norwalk Council member offers 2013 predictions

Warren Peña “liked” this photo posted Saturday on Facebook by fellow Norwalk Dem David Watts.

By Common Council member Warren Peña

NORWALK, Conn. – What do you think will happen in 2013?

More than a week ago I sent an email to everyone on the Common Council asking for predictions. So far, we have one person willing to offer his thoughts: Minority Leader Warren Peña (D-At Large). He said:

Here is what I see from a Democratic perspective.

On the council –

I and my caucus will look for areas where we can work with all members of the council to accomplish positive, forward thinking, progressive reform that Norwalk needs.  However, if 2013 looks anything like 2012, in terms of the majority party silencing the minority party – it will be nothing but more political posturing, gamesmanship and political maneuvering.

In other words, my caucus will continue to put forth ideas that we feel is relevant to address as a legislative body. It will be in an election year, so everything will be polarized and looked at carefully. I am an optimistic person but do not see the Republicans working with the Democratic Caucus, especially since they’ve secured three votes from the Democratic side to push their agenda.

As a party leader in the DTC –

The very interesting thing we have going on as a party is that we have numerous amounts of interested parties that would like the top spot of our ticket, the mayoral endorsement.

I am looking forward to seeing who positions themselves properly by standing with our caucus, our members on the school board, our party and other folks standing up against the status quo here in Norwalk. It is certainly time for new ideas and new leadership.

Needless to say, it seems that we will have primaries, not only for mayor but in a couple of districts for council.  I/we welcome these primaries as a healthy thing in our process.  We look forward to supporting our endorsed candidates and WINNING.

We are better positioned and more united and organized than ever. We have been changing the landscape of our party over the past couple of years and will continue to do so going into the convention, primary and general elections. The ultimate goal is to get the right like-minded people in the right places come November 2013.

Warren A. Peña

Minority Leader, Norwalk Common Council

Committees: Finance/ Claims, Ordinance, Planning, Land Use & Building Management



18 responses to “Norwalk Council member offers 2013 predictions”

  1. Suzanne

    How disappointing. Exactly what IS the reform that Norwalk needs? This poli-speak says exactly nothing except that the parties don’t like each other and, because of this, don’t know how to get along to get anything done. Somehow, I think we all knew that already. “New ideas, new leadership?” What???? Give Norwalkers some substance and, perhaps then, it will be easier to provide support. Not making a commitment in writing as to what you believe in and support, Mr. Pena, in this forum is just not helpful. If we are supposed to “just know” what your platform is, consider this one semi-informed Norwalker who is very interested in her community who does not. I would think you would take every opportunity to be specific and commit on behalf of your constituency.

    1. Tim T

      If you can’t see what reforms are needed in Norwalk I would suggest you become more educated on the matter before you post.
      Here are a few
      A mayor that is a joke
      A police department that is a failure
      Crime that is out of control
      Redevelopment that creates huge holes in the ground where business once stood
      A BOE that is out of control
      A city charter that is outdated
      Common Council member’s that have been around way to long and are not open to change from the old boys club that has destroyed Norwalk


      1. Suzanne

        NancyonNorwalk was not asking ME what reforms I wanted considered in 2013, Tim T, she was asking the City Council members. If you read what I wrote, I think it is pretty clear that what was not made clear by Councilman Pena in this opportunity to commit to some real change was HIS platform regarding the issues JUST AS YOU DESCRIBE them and with which I wholeheartedly agree. We got, instead, vacuous political statements without a shred of meaning. Certainly Mr. Pena did NOT answer to the issues you raise and with which I am well aware and he was the one being asked how he would address them. This is where my disappointment lies: the issues are so obvious yet not one word about how to resolve them from Mr. Pena. I think he missed an opportunity and cheated his constituency by not addressing exactly the problems you mention. I know the issues – I certainly learned absolutely nothing from Councilman Pena as to how he would address these important topics on behalf of the City of Norwalk in 2013 in this article.

        1. Diane C2

          Suzanne, neither do we ever learn anything from them during campaign season. I don’t believe they even have a platform, much less viable ideas for achieving their goals. If the democrats in Norwalk were birds, they’d fly backwards….
          Going to be an interesting election year, and we, the taxpayers, must hold all the politician’s feet to the fire on issues, solutions and opportunities.
          One constructive way to get objective answers is the “what-what-why” method: “what” did your counterparts do or not do in 2012, “what” you would do differently, and “why” it would be better. This will stop the subjective finger-pointing bullcrap and get to some solid answers.

          1. Suzanne

            Thank you, Diane C2. Perhaps this is how the question could have been posed to the City Council initially to get more substantiative answers. However, I think NON would then have not received any reply at all! Happy New Year!

        2. Tim T

          oh ok sorry about the misunderstanding
          Happy New Year

          1. Suzanne

            Happy New Year to you, too.

  2. Tootles

    What a disappointment. Those are some grand ideas you have there. Talk about playing politics. You are a big part of the problem. Elections cant come soon enough so you can be swept right back out of office.

  3. Oldtimer

    How about an end to back room deals, like outsourcing city garbage collection to a “preferred” contractor with mob ties. Allowing a 110 ft ship to berth a city dock designed for much smaller boats while the owner runs a party boat business out of a city park, and the list goes on. Anybody that believes these deals didn’t involve cash under the table is naive.

  4. Oldtimer

    I left out Oak Hills, that seems to be the fiefdom of a chairman already convicted once of pocketing City cash while on the commission for the 2nd taxing district and doesn’t seem to make enough to stay out of the red. Am I the only one that thinks they need a serious forensic audit more than they need a drivng range ?

    1. Suzanne

      No, Oldtimer, you are not. As my mother used to say, “I have been asking until I’m red and blue in the face” but the Council must be “deaf in the ears.” Someone on the Council, someone, must be reading and/or listening to these appeals. It does not seem important enough to them, I guess.

  5. CharlieH

    More of the same…no real suggestions, just anti-everything. Warren has been a real disappointment to all of us who voted for him. Nothing but hate speech and his silly racial posturing. Referring to yourself as a leader doesn’t make you one.

  6. Oldtimer

    Typical response, rather than adress legitimate criticizm, attack the messenger and act as if you din’t hear the question. Sad thing is, that works way too often. When the forensic audit on 2nd taxing district was done, it was done quite well by a team of Norwalk Police Detectives. The audit was not expensive, but travel to far away places to bring back suspects named in arrest warrants was a bit of a drain.

    1. Suzanne

      This is fascinating to me: I know nothing about it. Is this something I can research? Would it be possible to conduct such a forensic audit at Oak Hills (I realize a taxing district, legally, is a completely different entity.) May you and yours have a great New Year.

      1. Oldtimer

        Simple answer: YES
        Actual answer, not until their commission, or the City Council, asks for it, figures out who they want to do it, and committs to paying the expense, minimal, if done in-house. Somebody with a cop’s eye for inconsistency in spending patterns would be my choice.

  7. diane

    “More than a week ago I sent an email to everyone on the Common Council asking for predictions. So far, we have one person willing to offer his thoughts: Minority Leader Warren Peña (D-At Large)”

    of course, none of these negative commentators pointed out that Warren was the only one who chose to go out on a limb and respond.

    1. Diane C2

      @other Diane: why would responding be going “out on a limb”?

    2. Suzanne

      I think the point is that Mr. Pena did not go out on a limb at all. His response is a non-response. That is why everyone is so disappointed.

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