Norwalk Dems explain how they would get votes

NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s a question of concern to Norwalk Democrats – what makes you think you can beat Republican Mayor Richard Moccia?

Well, that’s not quite the question asked of three Democrats at the recent South Norwalk Community Center mayoral forum. The question was, “If you were to win the primary, how would you change the mind of voters who have voted Republican 24 years out of the past 32 years to vote Democrat?”

The men were given 60 seconds to answer this question.

Harry Rilling went first.

“I would show them how I would be a mayor for all people,” he said.

He would institute a mayor’s night out, where government officials would “listen to what the people want and not the other way around,” he said, emphasizing his “proven leadership and experience.”

Matt Miklave said ideas resonate.

“I have watched repeated elections in Norwalk where Democrats lose, not because we don’t have the votes but because we don’t have the ideas, and we don’t put those ideas forward,” he said. “I am running this entire campaign on the belief that ideas matter, that voters are smart and they understand a good idea from a bad idea.”

Vinny Mangiacopra said he would offer stark contrasts from the Moccia administration.

“I live in a pretty conservative side of town, up in the Cranbury section,” he said. “So when I go get a cup of coffee in the morning, I talk to a lot of Republicans. You know what they tell me? Yeah, Norwalk needs change. … I plan on garnering a tremendous amount of support from Republicans, unaffiliated voters, Libertarians, that crazy O party that we all have come across, the independent party here in Norwalk.”


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