Norwalk Dems explain their mayoral aspirations

NORWALK, Conn. – Three Norwalk Democrats have spent a significant amount of time explaining in public why they would like to be mayor.

If you’re a Democrat and you’re still undecided between Common Councilman Matt Miklave, District D Chairman Vinny Mangiacopra and former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling, you might want to spend 30 minutes watching the three men explain why they’d like to be mayor at two different venues, the South Norwalk Community Center in August and the NEON/NAACP mayoral forum in July at the Nathaniel Ely School.

Above, the three men offer their opening statements at SNCC. Scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see their closing statements at SNCC.

Below, Rilling explains how he will pay for increased spending – increased revenue. The former chief says that commercial properties are under-assessed in Norwalk. Fixing that will bring in more money. He says the grand list has dropped significantly because many people have won tax appeals in court.

Below, Matt Miklave explains his passion for performance based budgeting and says he wants to restore integrity to Norwalk. He also speaks of his plan to sweep out the Democratic Town Committee. “We cannot demand civility while we’re brawling in the City Hall parking lot,” he says.

Below, Mangiacopra says he wants to break the back of the Old Boys Club. “I’m not afraid to tell you I’m a Democrat. I’m a Democrat. I know it’s more difficult for other folks but I stand by that. I’m fighting for the people, that’s what the Democrats do,” he says.

Last but not least, summing it up from the South Norwalk Community Center:


2 responses to “Norwalk Dems explain their mayoral aspirations”

  1. Don’t Panic

    Mr. Mangiacopra speaks about the last time a mayoral primary was held in Norwalk. He wasn’t even born yet. He seems to suggest that an election is what makes change and that demanding a first-class education will somehow fix the dynamic between the city and the BOE. Winning an election has nothing to do with governing.
    Mr. Rilling is suggesting that the Mayor has the ability to adjust properrty assessments that must be done by an independent agent. He wants to take credit for restarting Waypointe with a phone call. If only he had made a few more of those phone calls
    In the last few years.

    Mr. Miklave continues to show that he understands what it takes to run an entire city. It is not wishing that will make it so, but doing the work to find the money in our budget to pay for the things the city needs. It means creating the conditions for local jobs and a vibrant community.

  2. NorwalkLifer

    Miklave is a blow hard. Who can expect him to change anything when he’s been on the council for 8 years and hasn’t changed anything yet?
    Vinny is the only one who can shake things up like they need to be shaken. Nothing will change if Rilling wins.

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