Norwalk Democrats shuffle the Town Committee deck

Two last-minute Norwalk Democratic voters fill out their Democratic Town Committee election ballots Thursday in the Kendall Elementary School library.

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Democratic Town Committee is in for some turnover as Norwalk Democrats voted in some new faces in Thursday night, sending some DTC incumbents to the bench for at least two years.

While Norwalk Republicans held their town committee endorsement process in one location Wednesday, Norwalk Democrats were spread out, with one polling place per district.

The election ousted District E Chairman Bill Krummel, whose black eye in July got some national attention in what has been dubbed The Brawl at City Hall, as he was the sole District E candidate not to make it this time around. Former Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel, who was District A chairman before resigning as part of his unsuccessful campaign to become mayor, also was not elected to be on the DTC.

Krummel declined comment.

Garfunkel said not being on the DTC would not keep him from being involved.

“I’ve been on the DTC on and off over the last 15 years. It doesn’t change my activity level,” he said.

Town Committee members will be installed in March.

There was an “outstanding turnout” in District C with 56 votes cast, DTC member Sam Disraelly said in an email.

“We had a large, enthusiastic crowd for the beginning of the caucus, and had people coming in to participate all the way up to the last minute,” he wrote.

The result is a great team with a combination of experience and energy, said Disraelly, who did not run for reelection.

New Third Taxing Commissioner Deb Goldstein and Scott Kuykendall fell short. District C will be represented by incumbents Taber Hamilton, John Hauter, Linda Langston and Brenda Penn-Williams, and new members Kevin Poruban and John Kydes who was elected to the Common Council in November in his first campaign.

“We’re hoping that the two members that weren’t selected for the DTC will continue to make contributions to the district with their participation and leadership, and we saw a lot of new faces participate in the caucus process and hope they’ll become involved in the district going forward as well,” he wrote.

District D had 43 votes cast, Chairman Vinny Mangiacopra said. Haroldo Williams, a new member, got the most votes. Also elected were incumbents Lynne Moore, Warren Pena, Diane Lauricella and Mangiacopra, as well as Nicholas Sacchinelli and Krysten White.

District B “rigged” the election: Candidates dropped out after a preliminary meeting Monday so there would only be seven names on the ballot, an act of unity and civility, DTC member Mike Mushak said. That lineup includes incumbents Phaedral “Faye” Bowman, Ernie Dumas, Travis Simms, and Mushak, as well as Martha Wooten-Dumas, Edwin Camacho and Bruce Morris.

DTC member Scott Kimmich successfully gave his seat to his wife. Kimmich said he dropped out of the District E battle to allow Kate Tepper to run, as a District E “gentlemen’s agreement” precluded spouses from being on the DTC together. Also elected were incumbents Mike Barbis, Galen Wells, John Igneri, Nora King and Piet Marks, as well as Robert Frazier.

There were 43 ballots cast in District A, including three people who showed up just before the 9 p.m. closing time. One voter was turned away, having arrived after Chairman David Watts had opened the ballot box.

Winning were incumbents Carolyn Fuller, Matt Miklave, Rosa Murray, Steve Serasis and Chairman David Watts; also on board are newcomers Eloisa Melendez and Dwain Omar King.

King watched the votes get counted. Asked how he campaigned, he said, “Just out there, talking to the people, listening to what people are asking for and being proactive to try and make it happen for them. Working with David (Watts) and the rest of my party. As you can see, we came up victorious.”

Original story:

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Democrats voted Thursday night to elect members of the Democratic Town Committee.

The winners were:

District A

Carolyn Fuller

Dwain Omar King

Eloisa Melendez

Matt Miklave

Rosa Murray

Steve Serasis

David Watts

District B

Faye Bowman

Edwin Camacho

Ernie Dumas

Bruce Morris

Michael Mushak

Travis Simms

Martha Wooten-Dumas

District C

Taber Hamilton

John Hauter

John Kydes

Linda Langston

Brenda Penn-Williams

Kevin Poruban

Peter Thor

District D

Diane Lauricella

Vinny Mangiacopra

Dr. Lynne Moore

Warren Pena

Nicholas Sacchinelli

Krysten White

Haroldo Williams

District E

Mike Barbis

Robert Frazier

John Igneri

Nora King

Piet Marks

Kate Tepper

Galen Wells

NancyOnNorwalk was present for the District A counting. The other results are according to District D Chairman Vinny Mangiacopra.


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