Norwalk DPW arranging bulky waste pickup

NORWALK, Conn. – A deal to have City Carting do Norwalk’s first bulky waste pickups since 2008 will be discussed Tuesday at the Common Council’s Public Works Committee meeting.

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City Carting has agreed to pick up bulky waste on a series of Saturdays, according to Department of Public Works Director Hal Alvord.

The reinstitution of bulky waste pickups in the Fourth Taxing District would be paid for by a special appropriation of not more than $46,750, contingent on Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) approval, according to the agenda for the meeting. The pickups are likely to mean less illegal dumping, a letter from Department of Public Works Director Hal Alvord to the committee says.

City Carting has agreed to run a bulky waste pickup program identical to that done in 2007 and 2008 by city employees, Alvord wrote.

Everyone in the Fourth Taxing District – Norwalkers who get city garbage pickup – would be able to put mattresses, furniture, appliances, electronics and other bulky items out by the curb. This would be done on a succession of Saturdays, starting with a Saturday for people with Monday trash pickup. The following Saturday would be for people with a Tuesday trash pickup; the following Saturday would be for Wednesday pickup people, and so on.

Vehicles, hazardous waste and yard debris would not be included.

“In 2009, when the program was eliminated for budgetary reasons, illegal dumping expanded back to pre-program levels,” Alvord wrote. “The implementation of an Ordinance Enforcement Officer has had some impact on exceptional cases of illegal dumping. A bulky waste collection program can have a much broader impact by eliminating the temptation to dump illegally solely because there is no low-cost or convenient alternative.”

An average 17.5 tons was collected each Saturday in 2008, Alvord wrote. It’s likely to be more now given that some people have been holding on to things for six years, he wrote.

If city employees did it under the terms of their previous contract, it would cost the city $53,922, Alvord wrote. City Carting has agreed to execute bulky waste pickups in the manner described annually for $36,750 plus $70 a ton, not to exceed 100 tons, for a total $46,750, Alvord wrote.


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  1. michael foley

    I think its a Great Idea !!

  2. Suzanne

    Once again, those who pay taxes and receive few services from the City of Norwalk receive no such consideration when a needed solely to the Fourth Taxing District? Do these citizens pay more to support the City than other Taxing Districts?

  3. @Suzanne, yes – each district pays a different amount but I can’t say for certain that the 4th pays the most.

  4. MGeake

    The math in the final paragraph doesn’t work:

    100 tons @ $70/ton = $7,000, so the total is $43,750.

    Where’s the other $3,000 going???

  5. After a five year escalation of illegal dumping, some one finally figured out it’s cheaper to provide the service? Or did enough Common Councilors just get sick and tired of calls about illegal dumping on Norwalk’s vacant lots?

    Why not just sell a “white goods” sticker that someone could slap on the old bulk item (or mattress) they want picked up and let it get picked up on the regular schedule?

    Just for chuckles, has anyone figured out how the City is going to patrol all the scrap haulers who will swoop in on the bulk goods recycling day to take the best stuff? Anyone in City Hall consider the column of old pick up trucks that will be circling the streets every Saturday on bulk pickup day?

  6. Casey Smith


    When will this start? I’m making my list!

  7. anon

    @Chapman, can you clarify, ‘Norwalkers who get city garbage pick up’ or only the ‘4th taxing district.’

    1. Mark Chapman


      People who live in Norwalk’s 4th Taxing District have their trash picked up by the city-hired vendor (City Carting), paid for through taxes. Those people may participate in the bulk pickup.

  8. John Hamlin

    This should be a yearly thing for all districts and the city should budget for it. There has to be something less important that can be cut.

  9. Peter Parker

    Yes but something doesn’t seem correct. If you look at the taxing districts map on the city website it doesn’t even show the 4th district. Many who pay for trash removal are not in the 4th district according to that map. http://www.norwalkct.org/DocumentCenter/View/4745
    Maybe someone could find out if its everyone who pays taxes for trash removal, or is it only the 4th district which isnt’ even on this map. As usual this City’s website isn’t even correct. 🙂

  10. Dennis DiManis

    What would it take to have adequate yard waste pickup service? Maybe some city employees would have to settle for the compensation they deserve, rather than the compensation they’ve somehow finagled at taxpayer expense.

  11. Debora

    From the City Charter: (Sp. Laws 1913, No. 352, § 4; Sp. Laws 1929, No. 82, § 1.)
    Said city is divided into six taxing districts. The First and Second Wards[1] shall be the First and Second Taxing Districts.[2] So much of the territory of said city as is included within the boundaries of the East Norwalk Fire District, as the same existed at the passage of the consolidation act, shall be the Third Taxing District.[3] So much of the territory of said city as is included in the First, Second and Third Wards, together with such additional territory situated in the Fourth or Fifth Wards as may at any time hereafter be designated, defined and specified by the Council of said city, as provided in § 1-17 shall be the Fourth Taxing District. The Fifth Taxing District shall be the entire city. (Sp. Laws 1913, No. 352, § 4; Sp. Laws 1929, No. 82, § 2; Sp. Laws 1949, No. 399.)

    The Council of said City of Norwalk is empowered to extend the limits of said Fourth Taxing District to include any part or parts of the Fourth or Fifth Wards of said city. Notice of such proposed action by said Council shall be given by publication thereof, at least 10 days prior to any such meeting, in a newspaper published in said city, which notice shall describe the territory so to be included. If the territory of said Fourth or Fifth Wards to be included in the extension of the limits of said Fourth Taxing District shall be connected by sewer or sewers with said Fourth Taxing District, such extension may be made at the will of said Council after notice as aforesaid. In case the territory so to be included shall not be connected by sewer or sewers with said Fourth Taxing District, the limits of said Fourth Taxing District shall not be extended by said Council to include such proposed additional territory unless a petition for such extension and inclusion, signed by a majority of the electors of said city residing in the territory so to be included, shall be filed with the City Clerk of said city.

    The Council of the City of Norwalk is empowered to exclude from the Fourth Taxing District any territory of the Fourth and Fifth Wards of said city, if such territory shall not be connected by sewer or sewers of said Fourth Taxing District. Notice of such proposed action by said Council shall be given by publication thereof, at least 10 days prior to such meeting, in a newspaper published in said city, which notice shall describe the territory so to be excluded.

  12. One and Done.

    Watts the matter Peter Parker? 3 years into it and you still haven’t bothered to read the city charter. You don’t even have to read the whole charter, it’s in the first chapter. Watts the Mark Twain quote I’m thinking about right now?
    Watts it going to take to make sure the union doesn’t put up a huge stink here? Is this an extra for city carting or are we going to get a huge blowback here and have to revisit the whole trash contract again? .
    When that happens, I wonder who’s side the mayor will take? The taxpayers or his political supporters.
    One and Done.

  13. Suzanne

    Debora, The excerpt from the Charter is very nice but it still means we get NO services where I live and we do not seem to be eligible for bulk pick-up. When is Norwalk going to recognize all taxpaying citizens? Because we are not connected by City sewers, we have no need of this service?

  14. @Deborah,
    Okay, so you can cut and paste…

  15. As I understand it, the Fourth Taxing District is not an easily defined geographic area.
    If you are connected to the city sewer you’re in the Fourth Taxing District. If you’re connected to the sewer the city will pick up your garbage.
    Anyone who is not connected to the sewer is in the Fifth Taxing District, and does not get garbage pickup.
    It’s been said many times recently that this system is made more confusing (and frustrating) by people who have sewer hookups through their backyard to another street. This means that City Carting passes some homes to get the garbage from people with the sewer hookups, all residents of the same street.
    Council members have been talking about doing away with the Fourth District concept and providing garbage pickup for everyone, but this has problems as well. There are people who are happy with their private garbage service and are not interested, Councilman Bruce Kimmel said.
    I wrote this story: https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/2014/03/once-around-the-city-school-snow-days-fifth-district-trash-talk/
    Also, Councilman David McCarthy put up a website seeking opinions on the topic: http://www.5thdistrict.info/

  16. Suzanne

    Nancy, What is odd about this entire thing to me is that we do get recycling under the City Carting contract. If they are going to supplement garbage pick up with bulk pickup in the Fourth Taxing District but supply through recycling (a service I forgot we received earlier…yay! Add that to police and fire and we’re golden!)to everyone, why not bulk pick up for everyone? It is not like the City Carting services don’t know the routes!

  17. Peter Parker

    @One and Done. Watts your point? You sure have the wrong thought in your head. If I was three years in a lot of them would be out!

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