Norwalk DPW plans fed-funded traffic signals and signs

The intersection of East Avenue and Eversley Avenue is expected to get a new traffic signal in mid-2021.

NORWALK, Conn. — Twelve “diversionary” electronic traffic signs intended to reduce cut-through traffic in local Norwalk neighborhoods are slated for a 2021 installation on East Avenue, West Avenue, and Connecticut Avenue.  When an accident or other occurrence obstructs traffic on I-95, these signs will route exiting motorists along major local arteries to a point of highway re-entry.

Concurrently, traffic signals will be replaced at 20 West Ave., West Avenue and Garner Street, East Avenue and St. John Street, East Avenue and Eversley Avenue, and Newtown Avenue and Allen Road.  The new fixtures will be of arm-and-pedestal construction.  All will have pushbutton-activated “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs, and all except the Newtown Avenue signal will be “adaptive,” meaning that their red-green intervals will adjust to real-time traffic volume. 

The 100 percent federally-funded initiative was presented by Department of Transportation, Mobility and Parking Assistant Director Michael Yeosock in a sparsely-attended Thursday night City Hall meeting.  Final design plans from New Jersey-based engineering consultants WSP are expected by fall of 2020, with construction to occur in spring and summer of 2021.  Each installation will take approximately two weeks, with the intersections remaining active while work is performed.

Documents and other info may be viewed 8:30 a.m-4 p.m. Monday thru Friday at City Hall room 122.  Comments and inquiries may be sent to Assistant Director Michael Yeosock, Department of Transportation, Mobility and Parking, 125 East Avenue, Norwalk CT 06851 or  [email protected]  Correspondence should reference project #102-360, and must be received by Friday Dec. 27.

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Audrey Cozzarin December 16, 2019 at 9:18 am

Thank you, Mike Yeosock, and your DPW team for adding these improvements to alleviate cut-through traffic. As we all know, tie-ups on our Federal and State roadways cause congestion and driver frustration on our local city roads.

With the pedestrian “walk-don’t walk” lights at these improved locations, and in general, there should be posted a “No Turn on Red” sign so that drivers are not turning into pedestrians in the crosswalk as we see now at many intersections around the city.

Looking forward to these and all measures aimed at decreasing stress in Norwalk.

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