Norwalk election notes: Statistics

From left, State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25), Independent District 25 State Senate candidate Lisa Brinton, Republican District 25 State Senate candidate Daniel Miressi and Jean Rabinow at the Oct. 17 League of Women Voters debate in City Hall.

The 2022 Election was Nov. 8.

Updated, 3 a.m. Sunday: Story corrected to show updated Norwalk statistics from the Secretary of State.

NORWALK, Conn. — A look at local election statistics:

  • Norwalk Independent candidates outperformed State Independent candidates
  • Brinton got more Independent votes percentage-wise than previous Duff opponents
  • Miressi won Darien, like previous Republican Duff-challengers

Snedaker got more Independent votes than Brinton

Perennial Norwalk candidate Lisa Brinton founded Independents for Norwalk last year, and in September, she and Katherine Snedaker made a surprise last-minute leap into Norwalk-wide races.

Brinton joined the State Senate District 25 race and Snedaker ran for Norwalk registrar. Predictably, neither won election. But that wasn’t the point.

On Friday, Norwalk Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said he Secretary of State’s website showed final figures. The registrar results, according to SoS:

  • Stuart Wells, Democrat 16,292 votes, 59.91%
  • Brian Smith, Republican 9,334 votes, 34.33%
  • Katherine Price Snedaker, Independent 1,567 votes, 5.76%


Snedaker would have had to come in first or second to become a registrar. Then Norwalk would have three registrars. Given that she was third, she lost.

Senate District 25 comprises all of Norwalk and part of Darien.  SoS shows this Norwalk-only tally:

  • Bob Duff, Democrat 16,952
  • Daniel Miressi, Republican 8,884
  • Lisa Brinton, Independent 1,523
  • Bob Duff, Working Families Party 525


As a comparison, SoS shows that Independent gubernatorial candidate Robert Hotaling received 247 votes in Norwalk and Republican Congressional candidate Jayme Stevenson got 422 votes on the Independent line, in races that also drew city-wide votes. Independent Secretary of State candidate Cynthia Jennings received 656 votes and Independent Treasurer candidate Jennifer Baldwin got 657 votes.  Comptroller candidate Sean Scanlon got 549 votes on the Independent line and 496 on the Working Families Party line. Independent Attorney General candidate A.P. Pascarella received 402 votes.

Brinton has said the Independent Party wasn’t comfortable with endorsing the far-right Miressi, so she entered the State Senate race to maintain the Independent line on the ballot. She also wanted to highlight her arguments for election reform, including a desire for Ranked Choice Voting.

Snedaker said Tuesday evening that Norwalk Independents did better than last year, therefore “gaining votes in every election.”

Running as an ‘I’ against Duff

How have previous Independent candidates done against State Sen. Bob Duff (D-25)?

Until Brinton ran this year, the Independent candidates have been Republicans who won a cross-endorsement. Here’s the district-wide history, according to SoS:

  • Lisa Brinton got 1,604 independent votes in 2022, 4.98% of the 32,193 votes cast. Daniel Miressi got 11,100 Republican votes, 34.48%.
  • Two years ago, Ellie Kousidis got 1,324 independent votes, 2.6% of the total 50,986 votes cast. She got 18,954 votes on the Republican line, 37.17%.
  • In 2018, Marc D’Amelio received 13,627 Republican votes, 35.21 % of the total. He got 634 Independent votes, 1.64% of the total.
  • In 2016, Greg Ehlers received 16,632 Republican votes, 37.23% of the total. As an independent, he got 941 votes, or 2.13% of the total.

Is Duff toast?

Daniel Miressi, the latest Republican to get soundly defeated by State Sen. Bob Duff (D-25), frequently uses Twitter to communicate. Early Wednesday, he announced that he wouldn’t be conceding due to concerns about election integrity and Wednesday afternoon, he thanked George Colli for pointing out that he’d won Darien while only spending $2,000 on his campaign.

Colli, a veteran journalist, wrote, “Lamont won Darien and Duff loses by hundreds? Any plans Duff has to ever run for more than State Senate were crushed by Dan Miressi and Duff’s immature demeanor. He’s done. I doubt he gets voted into leadership by his own caucus this year. Finished.”

Duff routinely loses in Republican-leaning Darien. Gov. Ned Lamont ran town-wide, while District 25 only includes part of Darien.

Lamont did much better in Darien this year than he did four years ago.

A tally compiled from stats on the Secretary of State website:

  • There were 9,011 Darien votes cast Tuesday in the Governor’s race. Lamont/Bysiewicz got a total 4,735 votes, or 52.54% of the total. Stefanowski/Devlin got 4,254 votes.
  • There were 4,309 Darien votes cast Tuesday in the District 25 race. Duff got 2,012 votes (29 as Independent), or 46.7% of the total. Miressi got 2,216 votes or 51.43%. Independent candidate Lisa Brinton got 81 votes, or 1.88%


Now let’s go to the history:

  • In 2020, a Presidential election, Duff won 44.1% of 8,747 votes cast in Darien (with 78 Working Families Party votes) and Republican opponent Ellie Kousidis won 55.8% (with 188 votes on the Independent line). Democrats Biden/Harris won 60.5% of the Darien vote.
  • In 2018, Lamont/Bysiewicz won 36.3% of the Darien vote. Duff won 43% of the Darien-side D25 votes while Republican challenger Marc D’Amelio won 57% (with 98 votes on the Independent line).
  • In 2016, a Presidential election, Darien resident Greg Ehlers got 4,970 Darien votes as a Republican and 166 as an Independent. Duff got 2,386. Meaning, Ehlers had 68.3% of the vote and Duff had 31.7%. Clinton/Caine won 52.75% of the Darien town-wide vote and Trump/Pence won 41%.

Bottom line:

  • In 2022, Duff won 46.7% of the D25 Darien vote
  • In 2020, Duff won 44.1% of the D25 Darien vote
  • In 2018, Duff won 43% of the D25 Darien vote
  • In 2016, Duff won 31.7% of the D25 Darien vote

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Patrick Cooper November 10, 2022 at 11:52 am

Anyone who doesn’t understand why Lisa continues to outperform the median either isn’t paying attention, or has been rendered brain-dead by the political spin.

The story of this election still hasn’t been told. Ask why – when there were significant changes in both demographics & voter turnout across America (like the youth vote in PA) – that CT was apparently down. Norwalk again has predicably pathetic participation by the electorate in total. It makes you wonder who (D,R,U,I, or “other”) didn’t show. I think I can guess. Now Stuart Wells knows these numbers, but as a hyper-partisan – the first folks who get to see them are likely Harry, Eloisa, Melendez & Camacho – not in that order. Everyone else waits. Proper spin and talking points takes time. So, different day – same story. It’s why this city is beyond redemption if they continue to vote in partisans to do what should be a non-partisan job.

No – to me (and that matters zip) – the singular take-away from this election season was a moment gifted to us by Lisa at the debates. “Bob, would you care to explain to everyone why affordable housing costs 3 times that of private development?” Bob’s answer – and this is a guy who’s hobby is real estate – “NO”. And THAT – Norwalk – is a slowly raised middle finger to the entire electorate.

Recall the comment from @Mike O’Reilly from the Nov. 7th NoN “Norwalk Political Notes: Longtime DPW…” article:

Let’s discuss “Affordable Housing”. How much does “Affordable” Housing really cost?
One example . Washington Village 136 unit’s originally built in 1941. Washington Village broke ground in 2016. As a Zoning commissioner I requested a Sq. ft. cost for this proposal. Finally it was acknowledged to be $335 per Sq. Ft. We could have bought each family a condo .

Bryan Meek has dubbed this along the lines of “The Industrial Public Construction Complex”.

I’m going to open a B&D themed club in town. Clearly – Norwalk has a real taste for humiliation.

Rasheemah Richardson November 10, 2022 at 12:53 pm

I had the pleasure of campaigning with Nicole Hampton.  Never have I seen a woman work harder to earn the privilege of serving others.  Even in loss, Nicole is all class.  In conceding the race, she congratulated her opponent and thanked her supporters. @Bobby Lamb, maybe spend more time with people like Nicole and less with political operatives.  Trashing someone’s concession statement is bad for the digestion and doesn’t do much for the soul either.  

Bryan Meek November 10, 2022 at 8:43 pm

Maybe a minor victory, Duff got a hair less than 60% this time. I will give him some credit, he is more than a proverbial glass of water. His war on police has knocked off a few points off past performances. Maybe he can blame Rowland for the forthcoming taxmageddon his policies guarantee, but at some point the $billions we have to fork over for the mortgage payments are going to catch up.

Bob Schumann November 11, 2022 at 12:20 am

Someone must still be feeling sore in a certain area.

Since you brought it up….

Duff got over 60% again.

USA Today

District 25
95% Est. Vote Counted

Duff (D) * 19,489 60.5%
Miressi (R) 11,100 34.5%
Brinton (IP) 1,604 5.0%

“Mail-in and early votes may not be included.”

Steve Balazs November 11, 2022 at 5:47 am

I don’t always agree with Bob Duff but I enjoy watching him make many Republican leaders in town go bonkers. Every two yeas they attack him, question his integrity and demean him, yet he easily defeats them year after year. It is like Wiley E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. Even here, when the Republican candidate issues a warm and supportive concession letter to try to bridge the emotional gulf, as Nicole Hampton and Jayme Stevenson do here, the lone minority party member for the City government can’t get the gumption to simply say on one day- good luck and congratulations. I’d love to see a 2nd party in Norwalk- it is not healthy to have a one party City or State, but the current condescending and arrogant tone of so many leaders in the Republican Party belies an inability to grasp one of the lessons they should’ve learned in Kindergarten- how to play with others. Thank you Nicole Hampton and Jayme Stevenson for trying to lower the temperature and reach across the aisle to support our common government.

Stuart Wells November 11, 2022 at 6:45 am

The numbers in the article do not include the results from the Absentee Ballots or Election Day Registration Ballots. The teams working on those ballots had not yet finished at midnight on Election Day, which is when the other numbers were reported to the state. Those results have now been reported and are reflected in the Secretary of the State’s website results. A total of 28,264 ballots were counted in Norwalk.
The process of entering them into the state reporting system took about 12 hours total; 3 on Tuesday (Election Day) and 9 others over the following two days. Additionally, about 4 hours was used creating a spreadsheet to double-check the Norwalk totals reported by the state system. I note that those hours are about twice the number of hours of sleep I got during those three days.
The state reporting system makes it easy to make data entry errors and very hard to find them. It does not contain any validity checks for errors such as candidate totals in one race exceeding the number of ballots cast in that race because there is no place to report the total number of ballots cast in a precinct. Furthermore, it is easy to make data entry errors on Election Night after working a 17 hour day before even starting.
All such data entry errors are mine as I enter all the numbers. Hence the need for my spread-sheet for double-checking totals.
Double checking is also necessary because the state systems is not reliable and has been known to have properly entered and saved numbers “disappear.” This year ALL of the “Unknown Party” votes (Votes cast on two lines, counted as one vote and therefore an “unknown” party affiliation) for Lamont and Bysiewicz disappeared from the system some time on Wednesday or Thursday. This was noticed and corrected. Hence the need for the spreadsheet to double-check the state (which is backwards, as the state should be double-checking the towns; not the other way around.)
The Registrars have been told that the reporting system will be replaced, and not by something created by the original programmers. I certainly hope so, as replacement is 10 years overdue.
Congratulations to our new Secretary of the State, our own Stephanie Thomas, in whose lap this problem will soon be dumped — along with aging Tabulators (all of which need to be replaced); implementing Early Voting when passed by the Legislature; replacing the state voter database known as CVRS: and approving some program or programs for Electronic Poll Books (checking in to vote on a computer system instead of on pieces of paper) which will be essential to keep track of who has voted Absentee, or Early, or at the Polls, so the the poll workers on Election Day can know whether or not someone has already voted.
The list is longer than that, I assure you.
Stuart Wells, Democratic Registrar of Voters (since 2008, and reelected for another two years)

Bryan Meek November 11, 2022 at 7:06 am

I know USAT requires a 3rd grade reading level, but some might want to work on the math part a little harder. 59.1% is less than past performances. 13.6k votes is less than 15% of eligible voters. Not that it makes a difference. They can stop hiding the actuarial valuations of the pensions now so we can see the multi-billion $ surprise.

Priscilla Feral November 11, 2022 at 1:07 pm

Bette Midler is right, we dodged a bullet with the elections, while counts continue. Our new, wonderful Secretary of State Stephanie Thomas provided some upbeat statistics about the midterm elections.

• CT Registered Voters – 2,225,005
• CT Voter Turnout – 57.63%

That’s an impressive turnout for midterm elections. With the passage of the early voting Constitutional amendment, it’s clear that voter turnout
worked in our favor.

Lisa Brinton November 11, 2022 at 2:40 pm

Sadly, our historical 2-party system has programmed voters to think and vote in red blue, binary choices. Absurdly, there’s a base of partisans on both sides (more than 2:1 for Dems in Norwalk) who’d vote for ‘Jack the Ripper’ if on ‘their’ line.

I detest the national Republicans’ ‘stop the steal’ and equally the hubris and ‘sanctimonious politics’ of local Democrats. Career politicians like Senator Duff in Norwalk, or his red equivalent in Texas, KNOW they’ve got a safe seat before voters ever head to the polls.

Both parties are complicit in the gerrymandering of electoral districts. So a loss doesn’t equate to ‘stealing,’ but winning doesn’t mean a ‘mandate’ either.

‘Winner take all’ versus proportional representation means almost half the electorate has no voice in their towns or districts. I think it explains the frustration of the ‘losing red or blue side’ and growing left right extremism, depending on where you live in the country.

There are however, ‘independent thinkers’ and a growing desire by voters for a third choice. They just need to be given one.

The desire for a third party,’ where focus is NOT on red or blue, but good governance, moving policy to the center and pushing for election reform is real and a viable third party, with a national identity like the Forward Party, coupled with ranked choice voting is the most effective means to shake up the status quo – wherever one lives. Gov. Lamont said he would introduce RCV if reelected. We need to hold him to it.

Democracy is being challenged and BOTH parties are to blame. Marathons are a series of steps & change takes time. Compromise should not be a dirty word… it’s what American politics used to be. It’s tragic that we’ve so lost our way nationally and right here in Norwalk.

Bob Schumann November 11, 2022 at 2:57 pm

“I know USAT requires a 3rd grade reading level.”

You are correct about USAT.

I am amazed that you are actually on the Common Council such as you are. I am embarrassed it’s my district you “represent.”

Get Fred Wilms to explain to you what is posted below.

USA Today

District 25
95% Est. Vote Counted

Duff (D) * 19,489 60.5%

Bob Schumann November 11, 2022 at 9:02 pm

You say…

“Absurdly, there’s a base of partisans on both sides (more than 2:1 for Dems in Norwalk) who’d vote for ‘Jack the Ripper’ if on ‘their’ line.”

I would never vote for ‘Jack the Ripper’ but, being a Democrat it’s a moot issue.

“the hubris and ‘sanctimonious politics’ of local Democrats”

The rhetoric of a true Norwalk Republican which, let’s be honest, is what you still are.

“Both parties are complicit in the gerrymandering of electoral districts.”


“So a loss doesn’t equate to ‘stealing,’ but winning doesn’t mean a ‘mandate’ either.”

Winning with 60.5% of the vote is, like rocks are hard and water is soft . . . A Mandate. But, hey, if it salves your wounded pride to believe it doesn’t….

“There are however, ‘independent thinkers’ and a growing desire by voters for a third choice. They just need to be given one.”

You keep saying that every time you run and then prove yourself wrong. This year with you garnering only 5% of the vote, you’ve done it again.

There are independent thinkers but, you’re not one. You always support the Republican party’s candidates except when you are running for that office.

“Democracy is being challenged and BOTH parties are to blame.”

Only one party tried to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. Only one party tried to overthrow democracy and fortunately, due to the integrity of the elected men and women who honored their oath of office, the Republic is so far surviving it. We are still not out of danger from those continuing to attempt to destroy it.

“we’ve so lost our way nationally and right here in Norwalk.”

Nationally I agree but, I doubt for the same reasons as you.
Right here in Norwalk? You apparently have. The Republican party most definitely. The Democrats in Norwalk? Not at all.

Bryan Meek November 12, 2022 at 8:37 am

Thanks Bob. I’ll go by the final numbers the SOTS. Facts maybe my opinions, but I’m not going to let political cartoons and 95% reports from USAT drive my thoughts. Perhaps you’d be less embarrassed if I lied about NPD to score political points. Or sat silent while the courts leak sealed records about my political opponents?

Bob Schumann November 13, 2022 at 1:10 am

OK, Bryan.
If the only response you can come up with is a deflection to that old chestnut you Republicans pull out whenever you have nothing else left to throw at Duff, a chestnut that has nothing to ever do with anything including the Senator receiving over 60% of the vote in his race. A subject YOU were obsessing about his not getting this time and I corrected you on, I’ll take the trip with you. . . .

From The Hour, November 6, 2022

Video footage that was later released by the department shows Silva exiting the building, staring at Duff and making a spitting gesture at his own feet before returning inside.

An internal investigation launched after Duff’s accusation found that Silva “acted in a manner inconsistent” with the department’s code of conduct. Chief Thomas Kulhawik then suspended Silva for two days without pay after he admitted to spitting on the ground in “a show of disrespect” to Duff during the incident.”


You Republicans continue to bring up your wholly untrue discription of the situation year after year.

It’s the only bullet in your gun for over two years now and it’s a blank!

You say I’m embarrassed?

I voted for a man of character and integrity. Who listens to and works hard for his constituents. He shows up to their event as much as he can while still voting on 100% of the bills which, as Majority Leader, he shepherded through the state Senate.

You voted for the Norwalk Republican Party’s version of Herschel Walker.

You should be embarrassed but, I’m sure you’re not.

‘Nuff said.

Bob Schumann November 13, 2022 at 1:15 am

Oh yeah, Bryan, one other thing as Columbo used to say….

Have we met here before?

Your comments have a familiarity to them.
What alias were you making your comments under before September?

Tysen Canevari November 13, 2022 at 6:30 am

Dear Bob, I happen to know all the parties involved here on a personal level and find them all to be good people. Officer Silva has an impecable record of 35 years service and saved many lives on the water. One can understand the police being upset at Bob showing up at the police station after spear heading that bill. Mike opened the door and spit at the ground in disgust. Proper? No? Awful? Maybe. The chief suspended him because Harry made him. Bryan is a highly intelligent person who is a succesful business person. He offers the perspective that most in Norwalk dont like to hear. He gives facts that dont lie and people get angry with the truth. Give him credit for being the only Republican on the council. Not easy. Bob Duff is also a good person. 10 terms in office is a record no one can argue with. I know I wouldnt want his job. No matter what; you are going to anger people. Give him credit for being active and responsive to his constituents. I suppose the morale of the story is we need to have more dialogue in this city instead of the my way or the highway theory. I will vouch for the character of any of the above any day. My name is Tysen Canevari and I approve this message!

Jo Bennett November 15, 2022 at 8:24 am

The one thing I am grateful for after this election is to see less of Bob Duff’s nonstop flow of shameless self-promotion on social media and Nextdoor. I called him out on it on the latter, and he had the audacity to cry about it and have my comment deleted.

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