Norwalk election notes: Waiting for results

Republican Town Clerk Rick McQuaid spots Democratic Mayor Harry Rilling, Tuesday in the Hilton Garden Inn, after looking at a tally board and noticing an election oddity.
The election is over. Results aren’t quite in.

Updated, 4:14 p.m.: More information.

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk electoral numbers for you:

  • Glitch holds up final election results
  • Smyth did get a lot of votes – but not that many
  • A little-known victory

Where are the final numbers?

Two years ago, Norwalk Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells released final election results the day after voting occurred. This year, the results have not yet been released.

“{T}here is a glitch in something for Columbus leaving no place to enter the results for Darlene Young and Ernie Dumas,” Wells wrote Thursday. “I can’t submit the corrections until the glitch is fixed and the system doesn’t create any new results to hand out until ALL the missing info is entered. I was just informed by the state that they can fix the glitch but that will wipe out all the data currently in the system from election night.”

When the state does that, “I will start reentering every single number. That is about 8 hours of very detailed work when you count double checking and proofreading, etc. I may well not have better numbers to give you until next week! I can’t work on this from home because I can’t take the official tapes and reports home because they are official documents.”


Smyth’s Working Families total also a glitch

NancyOnNorwalk reported Wednesday that Common Council member Barbara Smyth (D-At Large) had gotten more votes in the election than Mayor Harry Rilling. Not so fast.

Those numbers were based on Election Night totals collected by the Democratic Town Committee. Wells said Thursday that, “There is one typo for Barbara Smyth’s working families number for West Rocks – she was given about 1,050 instead of the 50 she should have gotten, which is why her working families total is about 1,000 more than the rest of the Council At Large Dems.”

That would give Smyth 8,578 votes, to Rilling’s 8,777.



McQuaid tops Rilling

There is one person who got more Democratic votes than Rilling: Republican Town Clerk Rick McQuaid.

McQuaid was cross endorsed, meaning he was endorsed by two parties. McQuaid received 8,827 votes on the Democratic line and 6,033 votes on the Republican line, according to the Election Night tally.

It’s the source of laughter in the Town Clerk’s Office. McQuaid has said in the past that votes like this are indicative of how many people voted along party lines. Not that it’s scientific.

Brinton, the Republican-endorsed candidate, received 7,043 votes according to Wells.


2 responses to “Norwalk election notes: Waiting for results”

  1. Dagny

    Wow. 1050 votes instead of really 50? That is some “glitch”. Just imagine the enormity of counting the “real” votes if a majority of registered voters actually bothered to Show Up at the polls! Pretty shocking that it could take this long to return an official count. But then, yawn, the majority did actually make their point, it was largely a resounding “who cares!?” So no voting machines needed after all – apathy wins!

  2. Stuart Wells

    We spent all day last Friday reentering the election results into the state computer system, completing and submitting them about 4:45 p.m. I do not know why the old results are still on the Secretary of the State’s website. However, here they are, for Mayor, Council and Board of Education:
    Rilling (D) 8,782
    Brinton (R) 7,047

    Council at Large (Top 5 Elected)
    Smyth (D) 8,527
    Langella (D) 8,320
    Sacchinelli (D) 8,283
    Burnett (D) 7,938
    Hosten (D) 7,840
    Bonenfant (R) 6,888
    Iannaccone (R) 6,371
    Kassimis (R) 6,139
    Murphy (R) 6,026
    Crosland (R) 5,180

    District A Council: (Top 2 Elected)
    Roberts (D) 1,908
    Heuvelman (D) 1,845

    District B Council: (Top 2 Elected)
    Young (D) 1,209
    Dumas (D) 1,111

    District C Council: (Top 2 Elected)
    Kydes (D) 2,127
    Theodoridis (D) 1,764
    Foley (R) 1,593
    Anderson (R) 1,269

    District D Council: (Top 2 Elected)
    Tsiranides (D) 2,188
    Keegan (R) 2,002
    Page (D) 1,904
    Dickens (R) 1,643

    District E Council: (Top 2 Elected)
    Shanahan (D) 2,277
    Livingston (D) 2,201
    Bondi (R) 1,339
    Paladino (R) 1,327

    Board of Education:
    District A:
    Azima (D) 1,514
    Kemeny (R) 996

    District B:
    Harris (D) 1,201

    District C:
    Carpio (D) 1,994
    Christopher (R) 1,463

    District D:
    DePalma (D) 2,362
    Meek (R) 1,655

    District E:
    Barbis (D) 2,352

    Election night numbers did not include a few hand-counted ballots and a few Election Day Registration ballots, but did include all Absentee ballots.

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