Norwalk February school vacation takes a hit

NORWALK, Conn. – Hurricane Sandy has done more damage in Norwalk, at least as far as February school vacation days go.

The Board of Education voted on Tuesday night to take back two scheduled days off. Instead of five days off in a row (including Saturday and Sunday), the kids will have a much more ho-hum three-day weekend.

Children are now expected to be in school on Friday, Feb. 15, and Tuesday, Feb. 19. They have Monday, Feb. 18 off as it is Presidents Day.

This is due to all the time the kids missed after Sandy blasted through, and the expectation of a tough winter.

The good news is that students who can show that their families had planned a vacation for those dates will not be held accountable if they don’t come to school. The absences will not count. (Students are allowed eight absences.)

In addition, March 22 is now a full day for the students. It had been planned as a half-day to allow time for staff professional development.

That professional development time will now be tacked on at the end of the school year, which everyone agreed was less than ideal.

“It’s not effective to have it at the end of the year,” said Rosa Murray.



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