Norwalk firefighters extinguish fire that started in illegal apartment

(Norwalk Fire Department)

NORWALK, Conn. — A house fire displaced 10 people Saturday, according to the Norwalk Fire Department. No one was injured.

The fire at 9 Godfrey St. started in an illegal apartment, located in the basement, Deputy Chief Stephen Shay said. An electric space heater was the cause. The basement was gutted, and upper floors suffered smoke damage.

The American Red Cross said it is helping two families, with seven adults, who were affected by the fire. Responders included Eric McCoy, Mary Griffith and Sharon Cuartero.


4 responses to “Norwalk firefighters extinguish fire that started in illegal apartment”

  1. Tom Farrington

    An ILLEGAL apartment in Norwalk?? What a surprise.

    If the city did it’s job and enforced housing, traffic and quality of life ordinances and laws, the revenue stream would cut taxes and make Norwalk a nice place to live again.

  2. Niz Judia

    I am curious, what is an illegal apartment? And what are the requirements for a legal apartment?

  3. Johnny cardamone

    I agree with Tom’s comments above! and in answer to Niz’s question, an illegal apartment is one the city can’t make taxes off of!

  4. iliana zuniga

    Why is the city not working more actively on shutting these down? what are we waiting for? someone to die?

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