Norwalk fishermen, pols talk lobster at press conference

Correction: State Rep. Bruce Morris was not at the event. 

NORWALK, Conn. – Norm Bloom of Norm Bloom & Sons Copps Island Oysters and longtime Norwalk lobsterman Mike Kalaman were joined by state Sen. Bob Duff (D-25), state Rep. Chris Perone (D-137) and others Thursday for a press conference in Norwalk about lobster harvests and recent measures taken by the General Assembly to reduce the use of certain mosquito pesticides, which some fishermen believe have adversely affected lobster harvests in Long Island Sound.


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  1. Oldtimer

    Most pesticides for insects work on the insect nervous system. Lobsters have nervous systems very similar to insects. It makes sense that insecticides designed for mosquitoes would also kill lobsters. Lobstermen first noticed a significant die-off of lobsters the first year there was spraying from helicopters to kill mosquitos in New York City and Westchester county. Most effective insecticides are deadly for lobsters. If New York State would enact similar insecticide prohibitions, a lot of people believe there would be a significant rebound of lobsters in the western part of the sound. The water temperature problem will not be solved as easily and lobsters will seek deeper, colder, parts of the sound.

  2. Maritime Condo Owner

    Preserving our sound and actually improving it is vitally important. Let’s have some more articles on the fishing / maritime community in Norwalk. Yes, there is speculation that the insecticides that kill insect larva would be unfortunately effective of lobsters. Getting the lobster population back would be a significant gain. Notch programs, etc. are good, but unless we stop using harmful chemicals indiscriminately, we will lose our wildlife.

  3. Oyster

    Funny, that Andy Garfunkel wasn’t invited. Coastline management is one of the issues he has promoted in his campaign.


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