Norwalk GOP names 2014 Town Committee reps

Enrique Santiago, left, was endorsed by Norwalk Republicans Wednesday to be a Norwalk Republican Town Committee member.

NORWALK, Conn. – The 2014 roster of the Norwalk Republican Town Committee resembles a who’s who in the city’s Republican Party after Wednesday night’s endorsement caucus at the Norwalk Inn.

Former Mayor Richard Moccia and Art Schilabba, the long-time party chief who is stepping down from that role in March, were both listed among the District C members, along with former Police Commissioner Peter Torrano, rumored to be a strong candidate to ascend the party throne.

Town Clerk Rick McQuaid the city’s top vote-getter in the November election, is one of 20 selected to serve in District A. There were 20 seats allotted in each district, but District B filled only 13.

Council President Doug Hempstead and Council Majority Leader Jerry Petrini are among the members chosen in District D, while state House Minority Leader Larry Cafero is the GOP marquee name in District E.

2014 Norwalk Republican Town Committee

District A

Carol A. Andreoli

Peter D. Andreoli

Ann D. Artell

Richard J. Bonenfant

Jason Anthony Christopher

Karen Cosco

Thomas J. Cullen

Mariusz Kossarski

Catherine M. Lauder

Daniel J. Lyons

Karen Doyle Lyons

Christopher Mazza

Richard A. McQuaid

Robert Mercurio

Diana Paladino

Edmund Ryan

Ernestine Santaniello

Enrique A. Santiago

Brian J. Smith

Rosemary C. Tobin

District B

Joseph Mastrianni

Brian A. Clarke Jr.

Edward McQuillan

Cesar Ramirez

Harold Bonnet

Clarence McKenzie

Ian Soltes

Carolyn Werner

Anthony J. Rust

Frank Verdone

Jamie E. Gibson

George Ribellino

Heather Ribellino

District C

James Anderson

Olga Arteaga

Matthew Bellantoni

Michael Demo

John Federici

Glenn Iannaccone

Michael F. Intrieri

Artie Kassimis

Elizabeth Lyons

Jonathan Maggio

Michelle Maggio

Sarah Mann

Richard A. Moccia

Michael O’Reilly

David Park

Joanne Romano

Arthur J. Scialabba

John Tobin

Peter Torrano

Charles Yost

District D

Kelly L.Straniti

Michael Griffin

Bryan Meek

Clyde Mount

Douglas E. Hempstead

Rick Tavella

Karin Beggan

Peter Halladay

Joseph Beggan

Jerry Petrini

Jason Petrini

Carol L. Frank

Chris P. Handrinos

Friedrich N. Wilms

Jack A. Chiaramonte

John C. Romano

District E

John Bazzano

Patrick Begos

Cherie Burton

Lawrence F. Cafero Jr.

Victor Cavallo

Andrew T. Conroy

Ray A. Cooke

Santo A. Delallo Jr.

Ernest F. Desrochers

William Dunne

Jackie Effren

James M. Feigenbaum

William Michael Harden

Jeffrey M. Konspore

Andrea M. Light

Kathryn Martino

David McCarthy

Peter M. Nolin

Emily Wilson


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