Norwalk ‘gross inequities’ still unexplained

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – A city attorney who cited “gross inequities” in her salary level when she resigned her position with Norwalk last month was given a raise in 2011, but not nearly as big as the raise as that given to her co-worker, documents show.

Assistant Corporation Counsel Linda Guliuzza, who has been with the city for more than five years, got a 4.33 percent raise in 2011 and 1.59 percent in 2012, according to a list of salaries provided by Comptroller Frederick Gilden. Associate Corporation Counsel Brian McCann, who was hired in June 2008, saw a salary hike of 11.14 percent in 2011 and 11.15 percent in 2012.

McCann is the only person listed as associate corporation counsel. Guliuzza was one of two assistant corporation counsels. Assistant Corporation Counsel Dianne Beltz-Jacobson got an 1.94 percent raise in 2011 and an 1.27 percent raise in 2012. She has been with the city at least since 2004.

All are ordinance employees; in May 2011, the Common Council authorized a maximum 2.75 percent raise for ordinance employees, pending performance evaluations from Mayor Richard Moccia.

Moccia did not return an email asking for an explanation of McCann’s pay hikes, from $63,767 in 2010 to $71,094 in 2011 to $82,040 in 2012. Neither did Personnel Director James Haselkamp.

Guliuzza sent an email to the council on Dec. 13, saying “My decision to leave the City should not come as a surprise to anyone, as we have all known of my concerns regarding salary issues for at least two years. I believe I have done everything in my power to resolve what I perceive as gross inequities in my salary level.”

Reached by phone in December, Guliuzza declined to explain what she meant by gross inequities.


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