Norwalk gun violence resolution delivered to Hartford

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk resolution in support of responsible gun laws and their enforcement has made its way to Hartford.

Councilwoman Anna Duleep (D-At Large), who has filed papers to run for city sheriff, sent an email to the press Tuesday morning saying she was heading to the capital and the Gun Violence Prevention Working Group, where she would deliver an open letter to the Connecticut General Assembly. With the letter was the resolution passed at the Feb. 12 council meeting.

In her letter Duleep informs the Assembly of Norwalk’s position on the “illegal pipeline of guns known as I-95,” and says it is in the state’s interest to help Norwalk stop the spread of illegal guns and the challenges faced by urban communities: “gangs, shootings and guns that get into the hands of those who should not have them.”

“We lack the resources to adequately tackle these issues without significant help from Hartford,” she wrote. “If you cannot allow us to keep more of our tax dollars to prevent gun violence, than at least craft sensible, effective laws to help protect our law enforcement officers and our citizens. Please support CAGV’s (Connecticut Against Gun Violence) proposals! The nation – and world – are looking to Connecticut to provide leadership. Please don’t squander this opportunity to save lives.”

Duleep also highlighted two passages from the resolution:

“Therefore, be it resolved by the Common Council of the city of Norwalk that we fully expect the needs of Connecticut’s sixth largest municipality to be a significant factor in the deliberative process of the Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety;” and

“Therefore, be if resolved by the Common Council of the City of Norwalk that we support the efforts of March for Change and Connecticut Against Gun Violence to encourage the Connecticut General Assembly to collaborate on reasonable gun safety legislation in a timely fashion.”

The resolution was sponsored by council members David McCarthy (R-District E), Michael Geake (D-District B), Sarah Mann (R-At Large), Bruce Kimmel (D-District D), Jerry Petrini (R-District D), Michelle Maggio (R-District C) and David Watts (D-District A). It was passed unanimously.


4 responses to “Norwalk gun violence resolution delivered to Hartford”

  1. sjur soleng

    First off- Your line that says the ‘pipeline of guns’ known as I-95 is laughable, hilarious even. The nation – and world – are looking to Connecticut to provide leadership. Please don’t squander this opportunity to save lives.”
    NO! The MS – Media and the politicians looking for a soundbite on national Television are looking for CT to provide leadership. Please use some common sense when considering weapons and weapon use. Tougher laws are going to do NOTHING to curb violence. Enforce the laws which already exist.

  2. Anna Duleep

    I gave our resolution to Senator Looney. The Gun Violence Prevention Working Group will now forward two separate lists of recommendations to the leadership of the Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention & Children’s Safety. Minority Leader Cafero & Rep. Perone stopped by the meeting to introduce me to Senator Looney. I believe there would have been 16 areas of consensus, but there was no vote on reaching one recommendation from this subcommittee. I also spoke with Stamford’s Rep. Fox about gun related bills moving through his committee (Judiciary).

    -Councilwoman Anna Duleep

  3. sjur soleng

    Ahh…yes. I guess you would have taken my post as a request for the minutes and your follow up actions and not a call for a common sense approach to firearms violence. Grow up and use your ability to reason. Stop trying to please people and get a ten second soundbite. Once you try to compare Newtown with the gun violence in the inner cities your arguments are mute. Focus on real issues that affect the city you represent. The city that is increasing taxes on the tax payers; emphasis on tax payers. But hey…at least we are not bridgeport…right? At least not yet.

  4. your daddy

    Maybe we’re not Bridgeport yet, but we do have Vinny from Bridgeport trying to get us there.

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