Norwalk High student arrested after threatening staff, police say

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk High School student was arrested early Sunday on threats to high school staff via social media, Norwalk Police say. The student’s father, the legal owner of two handguns which were properly secured at the home, voluntarily turned the guns in to police, a police press release said. Security has been heightened at the school as a precaution.

The juvenile student, who is not being identified, was charged with threatening first degree and was in custody as of Monday evening, the press release said.

Police were made aware of the threats Sunday morning, the release said. “The patrol division officers investigated the complaint and arrested the student,” the release said. “The quick action and thorough investigation by the midnight shift, with the assistance of the Youth Bureau, assured the student was apprehended prior to any action being taken on the threats.”

The release continued, “Police Department personnel are continuing to work closely with the Juvenile Prosecutor’s office and Norwalk Public schools to ensure a safe learning environment for the staff and students. There is no continued threat at this time. However, as an added safety measure, Norwalk Police have heightened security at the school.”


8 responses to “Norwalk High student arrested after threatening staff, police say”

  1. oldtimer

    Good job by the police, preventing anyone acting on the threat to a staff member. Good job by the student who reported the threat. It is amazing what a job the police can do when they are supported by the community.

  2. Tim T

    The credit for this goes to the student. I wonder of the NPD will have one of them famous monthly awards ceremonies for the student.

  3. oldtimer

    Probably not. The student may request anonymity.

  4. Tim T

    Good point oldtimer

  5. Very typical of a responsible gun owner.

    It will be good to hear that he gets his weapons back when all this is done.

  6. Mr Norwalk Ct

    Actully the responsible thing would be for the police to destroy these weapons so we don’t have another Sandy Hook.

  7. Speculation that the child would use his father’s firearms… maybe he will construct a pipe bomb (very easy to do) or use a knife.

    The father should not be punished because of the child.

  8. Tim T

    Mr Norwalk
    True the guns should not be returned as we seen what happens when guns and an unstable child are in the same house in newtown.
    Irish Girl its not punishment not to returning the guns its simply doing the right thing. The “right” to have weapons is not without restriction as most everything in society has restrictions. Its time the pro gun group understand this.

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