Norwalk High teacher to be terminated

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Board of Education voted Tuesday night to terminate Norwalk High School teacher Daniel Segers.

Segers is under investigation by the Norwalk Police Youth Bureau, according to a December story in The Hour. Board members would say only that Segers was terminated for “due and sufficient cause.”

The Youth Bureau typically investigates crimes against minors.


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  1. Oldtimer

    Terminated ? Just like that ? No due process ? No hearing of any kind ?
    I suppose there can be situations with minor children where the accused might decide to waive rights to due process, or a hearing might not be public, but this doesn’t sound right.

  2. Tim T

    Odd as it seems the police department and the BOE have vastly different ways they deal with issues . We have Officer Santo who is still suspended and has yet to be terminated.
    The worst thing is that if granted AR he will be back at work at the NPD and I bet paid back pay of about 3 years.
    I bet the teacher that was terminated is not accused of the degree of bad behavior as Santo.

  3. http://www.thehour.com/news/nw-police/norwalk-police-officer-applies-for-accelerated-rehabilitation-in-sex-assault/article_39897fc5-d0a6-5d9f-b0c3-4548dfdad9a3.html

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