Norwalk homeowner’s power outage caused by fire

(Norwalk Fire Department)

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

The Norwalk Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 5 Dairy Farm Court, Saturday morning just before 8 am. The fire was located in the wall between the electrical service meter the interior wall of the living room. Firefighters used dry chemical extinguishers to hold the fire in check, while opening up the walls until they were sure the power was off, then water was used to extinguish the remaining flames. Eversource disconnected the service to the home and the homeowners were contacting an electrician to make repairs. 

(Norwalk Fire Department)

A woman in the house with her dog called her husband, who was on his way home from the gym and told him that the power had gone out in the house. As the husband arrived home, he noticed the smoke in the area of the electrical meter and called 911.

3 Engines, 2 Trucks a rescue and Command Car brought 25 Firefighters to the scene. The fire was quickly placed under control and the extra fire companies were released. Deputy Fire Marshal Kirk McDonald is investigating the exact cause of the fire.


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  1. Ed Isaacs

    Thank god for the quick response of Engine 3 and other fire dept. members to this call. I am proud of them, and proud to say I was one of them.

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