Norwalk I-95 accident injures five

Connecticut State Police and Norwalk Police work to clear I-95 of an accident at about 12:50 a.m. Tuesday.


Updated, 1:10 p.m.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – A three vehicle accident on I-95 early Tuesday in Norwalk sent five people to Norwalk Hospital, according to Norwalk dispatch traffic. Their injuries appeared to be minor, Dep. Fire Chief Chris King said in an email.

Two mini-buses and a sedan collided on I-95 southbound, just north of Stuart Avenue, just after midnight. Norwalk firefighters said over dispatch radio that five people had gone to the hospital, leaving 30 onscene. They were leaving after Darien EMS transported the victims.

At about 12:40 a.m., the two mini-buses were lined up along the median strip; a dark-colored mini-bus had hit the rear of a white mini-bus. The sedan was in the passing lane, next to them, and a wrecker was working to remove it. The sedan suffered heavy damage to its rear, scrapes along its right side and damage to the front. The left side was not visible.

Traffic was stopped intermittently as the accident was cleared.

The accident took place in the area of Exit 14, where constructions crews are working to widen the lanes.


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