Norwalk Library crew wins spelling bee

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‘The Young Veggies’ celebrate a win Wednesday in the first round of the 2nd Annual Norwalk Education Foundation Spelling Bee in Concert Hall.

Updated 5 p.m. March 27 with attendance and income figures.

NORWALK, Conn. – The “bees” were swarming Wednesday in Norwalk Concert Hall, where the Norwalk Education Foundation handed over a $500 check to three women who sported pencil antennae.

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‘The Library Ladies’ come out on top Wednesday at the end of the 2nd Annual Norwalk Education Foundation Spelling Bee in Concert Hall.

Chris Bradley, Lisa Story and Evelyn Cunningham, a.k.a. “The Library Ladies,” won the second annual NEF spelling bee, held in front of a cheering crowd, many of them wearing costumes. The Ladies beat out the Marvin Elementary School “Beach ‘Bum’-ble Bees” – Sue O’Shea, Jane Wilkins and Kathi Hughes.

Although both teams knew how to spell “Flocculent,” neither knew how to spell “nidus.” The library trio pulled out a save, winning the final showdown and the check.

Norwalk 036
“The Berry, Berry Brilliants”

Other winners:

Best name went to “The Berry, Berry Brilliants” – Maria Baldi, Amando Otero and Marisol Rivera.

Best costume went to “The PUNKtuators,” a Columbus School team – Helaine Miserendino, Kathy Gallagher and Julie McNulty.

Best spirit went to “’Bee’ Dazzled,” a Charkit team – Vivian Samander, Uday Gosalia, Bryan Hinnant and Bridgit Lent.

Norwalk 062
Concert Hall.

The spelling bee was a fundraiser for NEF, the strategic partner to Norwalk Public Schools which generates resources for Teacher Effectiveness, Classroom Innovation, Community Outreach and Student Programs. According to even Chairwoman Gloria Tenofsky, the Bee, with six more teams and a bigger audience than last year (more than 250),  raised “roughly $8,000” before expenses. Last year, though, the event had two $2,500 sponsors. This year the event had sponsors, but at a lower level, she said.

Norwalk 1271
‘The Library Ladies’ show off their ‘check.’


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