Norwalk man arrested in SoNo Collection’s Bloomingdale’s after assault report

Updated, 2:20 p.m.: Information from police press release added, story rewritten.

NORWALK, Conn. — A Norwalk man was arrested Monday evening after he assaulted a security guard in The SoNo Collection and trashed part of Bloomingdale’s, leading some shoppers to falsely believe there was a shooting underway, according to Norwalk Police press release.

Jason Gilbertie, 42, of 41a Butler St. was arrested and charged with assault third degree, interfering with an officer, breach of peace second degree and criminal mischief. Bond was $100,000.

A security guard and another individual suffered minor injuries in the incident, Norwalk Police said Tuesday in a press release. “During the initial response there were reports that there were shots fired, however no shots were fired during the incident.”

Police received multiple 911 calls at about 6:48 p.m. “Callers reported a male was inside the store knocking down items and had punched another individual. Other callers stated the individual was destroying all of the items in the store,” the release said.

Gilbertie was confronted by a security guard, who Gilbertie punched and threw items at, according to the release. Another guard tried pepper spray.

Police used a Taser and pepper spray on Gilbertie, according to scanner traffic.

The noises made during the altercation caused people to hide in the store, thinking it was gunfire, the police dispatcher stated.

The call for a “Code 3,” an assault, brought at least three cruisers to the mall. A commenter on social media said there were nine police cars and several fire trucks.

A video posted on Facebook shows multiple overturned merchandise racks and merchandise on the floor.

  • The mall remained open for business.
  • Norwalk Police call it an isolated incident.
  • No mug shot was provided.
  • Butler Street is a short walk away from the mall.

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