Norwalk Mayor Moccia to announce his intentions regarding re-election Feb. 5

Mayor Richard Moccia is in his eighth year leading Norwalk.
Mayor Richard Moccia is in his eighth year leading Norwalk.

NORWALK, Conn. – The waiting will soon be over: Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia is going to let us all know Feb. 5 whether he is running for re-election.

The Republican Town Committee sent out a press release Saturday morning announcing that at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, at the Norwalk Inn the mayor will “announce his intentions for the upcoming 2013 Municipal election cycle.”

Moccia, 69, has been contemplating whether to seek re-election for the fourth time. He became mayor in late 2005 after beating incumbent Democratic Mayor Alex Knopp by 176 votes.

Three Democrats have taken steps to become their party’s candidate for mayor and there may soon be a fourth person competing for the role. Former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling has expressed an interest and said last week that he would make a decision within a few days.

Former Town Clerk Andy Garfunkel, who unsuccessfully tried to unseat Moccia in 2010, is among those seeking the nomination. Democratic Town Committee member Vinny Mangiacopra filed papers Tuesday, and Common Councilman Matt Miklave (District A) has formed an exploratory committee.

Many people speculated that Common Councilman David Watts (District A) also wanted to be mayor. Watts said this week that he had thought about it and decided against it, as he wants more time to learn to be a legislator.


14 responses to “Norwalk Mayor Moccia to announce his intentions regarding re-election Feb. 5”

  1. Chairman – NRTC

    The press release said Tuesday – Feb. 5th – which is not next Tuesday…

    1. The correction has been made in the story. Thank you for pointing that out so quickly.

  2. Suzanne

    If you know a person by the company they keep and by what he does, then God help us if Mayor Moccia seeks another term.

  3. Tim T

    100 percent correct
    Also my guess is that he will not run as he knows he has ZERO chance of winning and he is too arrogant to take defeat.
    The larger issue is that Norwalk will be seeing and feeling the destruction that has happened for years because of his administration. What we need is a true leader that can fix the mess.


    It is time he retired, time for a new leader, a much younger leader, with a very different perspective.

  5. BARIN

    I don’t think they have anyone else that wants the job, it’s sometimes a thankless position where unpopular decisions must be made, and you can’t please eveyone. I think there best shot would be Mr. Hempstead (Dougie), he is a decent guy that really cares about the community. I can say this freely because I’ve known him a long time as we are fellow Norwalk residents and I personally have a tremendous amount of respect for him. When all is said and done, whether you like it or not, Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated, Mr. Moccia has also done some good things for Norwalk too.

  6. Tim T

    You state
    Mr. Moccia has also done some good things for Norwalk too

    Please tell us what???

  7. BARIN

    Hmmm, kept taxes in check for one, it has gone up gradually rather than getting wacked all at once and managed to help keep our Triple A rating during the crappy economy. I just don’t feel it is fair to blame him for everything, don’t hate the players, hate the game, if WE, the public sticks together we can change the game so the players are sure to work for our best interests or be held accountable. That statement most certainly includes ALL elected/appointed officials first and foremost. In my opinion, the biggest thing he has done was save us from the guy he unseated.

  8. BARIN

    To be honest folks I try to stay away from gulping down Hater-Aid (thanks Watts).

  9. Tim T

    With all due respect as I like your posts he did raise taxes and he also instituted a sewer tax which never existed before. In private industry as in the real world when revenue goes down you cut costs. This is something I have not seen in Norwalk. I cannot think of one good thing Moccia has done

  10. BARIN

    Thank you,
    I think the sewer fee was initiated under the previous administration and they had no choice but to raise taxes, they managed to keep it lower than it could have been, thats all I meant. I have no problem paying the tax increase IF the money ACTUALLY gets to where it is needed most; crime prevention, NEON Headstart program (if they are transparent about where the money goes), schools, infrastructure (no piles of fenced in dirt dotting the city) etc; in my opinion. I do understand those folks that have no children in school and have to pay also, but good schools help the community.
    By the way, anyone with any thoughts on the new city garbage company?
    The Mosque is too large for the parcel they want to build it on, period. Thus far Mr. Moccia has stuck to the wishes of the community on the issue, also a good thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with discriminatory practices as some are saying. Keep in mind I’m not defending/supporting anyone with my posts , just being real from my seat at the table.

  11. joe espo

    Nancy, of course, picks a most unflattering picture of the Mayor. No love lost there, Nancy. Right? Unbiased reporting, Nancy?

    And if the Mayor runs again and looses to any of the rogues gallery of dems, hold on to your wallets.

  12. Diane C2

    @Joe Espo: No doubt the dems can pack a wallop on my purse, so I’m watching them closely. In the meantime, can I assume you’re okay with this Mayor’s administration giving away more than $2 million dollars worth of city-owned, “waterfront” property to the Housing Authority for a PRIVATE developer to build on? By the way, how are the other major redevelopment projects working out for you? You know, the “holes in the ground”?
    Are you okay with the city turning a blind eye to debt of the Maritime Aquarium – $35 MILLION dollars?
    How about tax abatements for wealthy developers? I think they just signed off on one that will lose another $83,000 a year for Norwalk!
    And the lack of smart business zoning – we get big box retailers, instead of mixed use dense development, which creates infinitely more in taxes.

  13. Joe Espo

    @DC2 You’re right! That’s why, after reading your post, I had an epiphany: Andy can fix all of these problems with clerkish precision! Ah..er maybe Harry.. he’ll enforce our will? Uhhh, no… I think… Vinny can with just his smile!! Well..on second thought…maybe…Matt can: he’ll talk the problems into subnmission. NO!! I AM WRONG!! David can! Yes he will. He’ll pass that magicaloptic resolution and wipe all our problems away. Yes.. he’s the one! Don’t you agree DC2?

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