Norwalk mayoral candidate Mangiacopra releases video

NORWALK, Conn. – Did you go to Democrat Vinny Mangiacopra’s recent kickoff of his campaign to be Norwalk’s mayor?

If not, you’re in luck: you can see part of it from the comfort of your computer.

Mangiacopra has released a video of his first campaign speech in what he says will be a theme throughout his campaign, using various communication platforms to connect with Norwalkers. “We want to provide snapshots of this campaign directly to the people of Norwalk,” he said in a statement. “In today’s rapidly moving media environment, there is a hunger and desire for more content so folks get that sense of familiarity with a candidate. We plan on providing that in droves.”

Mangiacopra’s speech attacks Mayor Richard Moccia head-on without mentioning his name. “We need real leadership,” Mangiacopra said. “…Is the YMCA closing on the mayor’s watch, is that really his job? Well, I’m coming at it from the approach that everything is the mayor’s job.”

Moccia has “no vision, no plan, hasn’t had one in a long time,” Mangiacopra said.

Mangiacopra’s campaign, titled “Norwalk’s Future Now” has a presence on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now Youtube.

“Residents are expecting more and more from their elected officials. They want to know what’s going on and that’s something we will amplify throughout the campaign and bring with us into City Hall,” Mangiacopra said in his press release. “We want to be in touch with our citizens and that includes holding regular Town Hall meetings when I become mayor. Communication is key.”


10 responses to “Norwalk mayoral candidate Mangiacopra releases video”

  1. BeenAround

    Who cares about this kid? No experience. This isn’t even news worthy.

  2. Joe Espo

    The music is apropos. Its an ominous funeral march to Armageddon. And over the music, an outside community activist introduces Vinny – from Bridgeport. Vinny wants to turn Norwalk into Bridgeport. This is frightening. Be afraid; be very afraid.

  3. Jack Taylor

    This kind of snapshot into a campaign is a breath of fresh air. We need more people like this. Why don’t more campaigns do this? Seems like he knows what real leadership is about. Look forward to seeing the next video.

  4. Avatar

    Called it! Jack Taylor has taken over for Harold as candidate’s new cyber shill. High tech or smoke & mirrors?

  5. Your Daddy

    Classic @ Joe Espo. Vinny From Bridgeport! His First Speech … so self-important. Can’t wait for the vid of his first step.

  6. LWitherspoon

    Lots of empty generalities. This is not a student council race. It would be nice to hear a specific plan for how Mr. Mangiacopra intends to improve Norwalk.

  7. ScopeonNorwalk

    He’s said more than Moccia or Esposito has ever said and look how many times they were elected.

  8. Clayton

    It’s a nice video, actually. Since Mr. Mangiacopra knows how to use new communication tools perhaps he can bring new media jobs to Norwalk (Hope that wasn’t so conspicuous that I’m an unemployed, new media joke seeker). We’ve got a few really good companies downtown – @mediastorm etc. It’d be nice to have a few more!

  9. Original BARIN

    I can’t wait for all of the Dem candidates to debate, then we will see what their real thoughts are pertaining to Norwalk’s future.
    I think with his video Vinny is forcing discussion on the issues by the candidates, including Mr. Moccia.
    It’s a good start.

  10. Tim T

    This kid should concern himself with the senior prom instead of being mayor..What a JOKE

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