Norwalk Mayor’s Gallery to hold poetry workshop and exhibition celebration

(Melissa Slattery)

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

NORWALK (August 10, 2017)  On Thursday, August 24, from 3-5 p.m. at Norwalk City Hall, Laurel Peterson, Norwalk’s Poet Laureate, will lead a Poetry Workshop titled Gathering Local Inspiration, based on the current exhibition: “Oystering Then & Now,” on display right now in the Mayor’s Gallery, 2nd Floor at Norwalk City Hall, 125 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851.

Ticket holding participants in the Poetry Workshop will gather at 3 p.m. in Room 231, then proceed to the Mayor’s Gallery at Norwalk City Hall with curator Melissa Slattery to view and discuss the display on Norwalk’s WPA oystering murals, by artist Alexander Rummler. The display includes facsimiles of Rummler’s source photographs, as well as oystering artifacts and photographs from a recent tour of Norwalk’s oyster beds.

Then Laurel Peterson will share writing prompts with the group, based on themes inspired by the exhibition. Themes will go in many directions, and may include Norwalk’s seafaring environment, connections to the land and sea, persona poems, and then & now ideas. The Mayor’s Gallery is filled with interesting artifacts and images that are sure to inspire robust poetic exploration of local history, creativity, habitats, our local environment and the human condition. Participants will have time to develop their written drafts to share and discuss.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling will be in the Mayor’s Gallery for an opening celebration of “Oystering Then & Now.“ Workshop participants will have an opportunity to read their works in progress in the gallery at the conclusion of the workshop. Light refreshments will be served.

A $10 fee for the Poetry Workshop will be donated to the Norwalk Historical Society Museum. The Exhibition Celebration in the Mayor’s Gallery at 5 pm is free and all are welcome to attend.

For tickets to the Poetry Workshop, go online to Eventbrite by following this link: https://www.bit.ly/2un0bJG, or contact Melissa Slattery at [email protected]


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3 responses to “Norwalk Mayor’s Gallery to hold poetry workshop and exhibition celebration”

  1. Susan Wallerstein

    Kudos to the Norwalk Arts Commission for sponsoring the gallery and poetry workshop!

  2. Donna Smirniotopoulos

    The Sun was shining on the Sound
    Shining with all his might
    He did his very best to make the waters clean and bright
    And this was hard because the PCBs held on so tight.

    “If seventy men with seventy sieves
    Sieved it for seventy years
    Do you suppose, the Mayor asked,
    The oyster beds would clear?”
    “Regardless,” said the Oystermen
    “We’ll bathe the oysters here.”

    “O Oysters come and walk with us,” the Mayor did beseech
    “A pleasant walk, knee deep in muck
    Atop the slimy beach
    We’ll skip your shower
    It’s camera hour
    Let’s scrub you all with bleach”

    “The time has come,” the Mayor said,
    To speak of happy times
    Of fitness walks and photo ops
    With Murphy, Duff and Himes
    But of the sea and PCBs
    No comment on these crimes.”

    All rights reserved. With thanks to Lewis Carroll

  3. Notaffilated

    @Donna. Good stuff. Maybe we need a mural dedicated to black lives in Norwalk who are adversely affected by policies of sanctuary cities and all the illegals present and unaccounted for

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